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    Chill OUT: Pets and You

    in Spirituality

    Pets are a huge part of our lives yet, interstingly enough, in some instances we do not communicate with them and assume they have no say in what's going on in their lives!  Would you like someone to treat you that way?  If not, is now the time to change how we deal with our animals?

    What challenges are you facing with your pets?  How would life be different if you were to change the way you communicate with them?

    Join us as we discuss this topic today @ 6:30 p.m. (EST)



    Guest Call In (323) 375-0849 Press 1 to talk to us!!

    Also, are you looking to create the future you DESIRE?

    Check out my video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFgNbuplFLjEr_AlLXbYahg

    It assists to:

    Create personal power and acceptance.
    Unlock your inspiration and enthusiasm for life.
    Develop your personal gifts and to excel at life once more.
    Rid yourself from past anxieties.

    But ultimately, the CHOICE is yours!

    Is NOW your time?

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    At Eye Level - Don't Privilege on Me

    in Entertainment

    It's gotten to the point where a person can't just be offended by anything without being accused of some sort of privilege. What's up with that? Why does the fact that you piss me off make me privileged? What's a cranky old fart supposed to do? What's with you kids today, anyway?

    If you're a regular listener, you've probably realized by now that we're being sarcastic here. We understand the concept of various types of privilege and how many are blind to it. We joke a lot about "loading a case of Evian into the Escalade and heading to the summer house" but it's not too far off from what it's like. Too many people don't realize how good they have it and think that life is just as easy for everyone else as it is for them. It even breeds contempt for others, because the privileged person can't see the obstacles the other person has to overcome.

    So, if you're not feeling too privileged, join us and share your experiences. What types of privilege do you enjoy?

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    Podcast From A Farr - Pilot Episode

    in Entertainment

    From A Farr - Pilot Episode

    What can I expect "From A Farr"?

    Headlines in News, Sports, Entertainment, and so much more
    Weekly applicable and relavent Bible messages
    Exciting specialty programs (Fine List of Nine, Coach Farr's Press Conference)
    Very, few fart jokes (Crap...I can't make promises)

    Remember, this is only the beginning and it's probably going to end up a lot worse than it seems.

    Please visit my blog at https://fromafarr.wordpress.com/ and follow @FromChristofarr or @Coach_Farr for all of your tweeting desires.



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    Turn the Page with Kayla Greenwell: Focus on Small Prestivus

    in Writing

    TURN THE PAGE Host Kayla Greenwell interviews the literati and oddball creative-types with a focus on DIY and grassroots initiatives. This week, Kayla will interview Julie Demoff-Larson, the creator of "Small Prestivus," a two-day literary festival being held in Griffith, Indiana on August 1st and 2nd, bringing in writers from all over the region and from across the country. Adam McHenry Nicholson will be calling in to share the latest about Sala, a professional association for creatives. Last, but not least, call-ins are encouraged in the second half of the show..ask a question, tell us about your latest project or event etc., share some of your literary goodness ..

    Julie Demoff-Larson is one of the founding editors and currently the Managing Editor at Blotterature Literary Magazine. She is the chief organizer and curator of “Small Prestivus,” a two-day annual literary festival aimed at promoting the diversity of small presses and the writers they represent. Julie has a B.A. in English Literature from Purdue University. Her dedication to the writing community is second only to family and friends. Her short stories have been published in Mangrove, Ricochet, Epiphany Magazine and in Good Morning, Justice an anthology from Brine Books Publishing.

    Adam McHenry Nicholson is an apostate academic who sometimes makes noises about being some kind of writer or artist or something, but good luck finding much evidence of it. He is currently editing an anthology of strongly visual multimodal narratives for Twelve Winters Press (https://twelvewinters.submittable.com/submit/38543), to which you should submit your work, and is founder and executive director of the nascent Sala Creative Association (igg.me/at/sala), to which you should sumibt your money.

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    The Family SHOW: Greg and James Personality Personified Edition

    in Comedy

    The Cohosts that you love the most return to their adoring fans in Lewisburg, Tennessee! As usual there are a few naysayers as there always is when greatness SHOWS up. Listen as we break down the night's events and talk about the high points as well as some of the lower ones. The wonderful fans welcomed the Fuzzz and Travis Champion while the haters SHOWed their jealousy we kept it a family friendly environment. So give us a listen and enjoy the hosts with the most as we ventured into the backwoods of Tennersee! 

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    Bill and Justin in the morning

    in Entertainment

    Bill and Justin will discuss how the new trade agreement will affect the world economy.i am just kidding they will be making sex and fart jokes

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    Talking in Circles: Austin Dillon's new crew chief, XFINITY Recap, Truck Recap,

    in Sports

    Cup- Slugger Labbe new crew chief for Austin Dillon. Replaces Gil Martin. Dillon is 23rd in the points with just 1 top 10 finish. Has 2 wins in XFINITY in 11 starts this season. Thoughts?


    Future crew chief changes? Chad Johnston, Jay Guy, Bob Osborne.


    XFINITY- Erik Jones wins, nice weekend for the 19 year old driver. swept both the truck race at Iowa and the XFINITY Series race at Chicagoland. Jones is showing he is a top young driver in the sport right now.


    Ryan Blaney finished 2nd. He was the fastest car there. Went from the rear of the field after crashing in happy hour and finished runner-up


    Chris Buescher manages a decent finish.  5th spot, stayed out on a caution when NASCAR opened/closed pit road. Big benefit for him. Got track position, never gave it up.


    Buescher now leads Ty Dillon by 29 points. Dillon finished 9th. Gotta do better in an X-Only race.


    Lap 151- Dylan Lupton brings out caution and NASCAR race control calls Pit Road Open. The problem is the flag man either didn’t hear it or had a major brain fart and failed to make the light green coming down pit road. What happened was drivers went down pit road with the red light resulting in a penalty for those drivers. Craziness and sad we even had to deal with it.


    Next Xfinity Series race- Daytona, after off weekend.


    Trucks- Erik Jones wins as I mentioned before.


    Brandon Jones finished in the 2nd, Reddick 3rd, Crafton 4th and Christopher Bell 5th.


    Truck points-


    Landon Cassill misses X race- good move?

    Jamie Dick’s team closes down. Viva Motorsports- sign of things to come?


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    Episode 44- Guest Tony Boswell

    in Comedy

    TONIGHT ON THE CHARLESTON COMEDY PODCAST WE HAVE GUEST COMIC TONY BOSWELL! HE IS HEADLINING THE COMEDY ZONE IN SOUTH CHARLESTON THIS WEEKEND AND HE IS LIVE WITH US TONIGHT! In 1986 he began performing stand-up comedy. Since then he has appeared in over 35 states and Canada with more than 3000 performances to his credit. He has been featured in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, The Seattle International Comedy Competition, The New Orleans' Comedy Festival, The Boston Comedy Festival and on Comedy Central, Comedy on the Road, KSHB's Kansas City Comedy Hour, Night Shift, and National Public Radio and in the films, The Babe and Meet the Parents. TUNE IN TONIGHT LIVE AT 11 PM EASTERN TIME!!! CALL THE SHOW AT 347-308-8648!! EMAIL THE SHOW AT CHARLESTONCOMEDY@GMAIL.COM AND LIKE US ON FACEBOOK..YOU CAN ALSO LISTEN TO THIS SHOW FOR FREE ON ITUNES!

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    Are We Really Looking For Love

    in Lifestyle

    In today's society "Are We Really Looking for love or are we trying to satisfy some emotional Brain Fart that as soon as it passes, we are looking for something totally different. True love is not catagorized by feelings or the emotional  traumas caused by our sudden mood swings or the weather forecast at that time. The host of Let's Talk Truth and her guest will attempt to put a face on this thing called Love. Is it sharing or controlling? Dial 347-843-4945 tonight, Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 7:30 pm (cst) and share your thoughts.

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    Beyond Smoke & Mirrors presents ‎Eric Fury Paquette of NHPA

    in Spirituality


    We are a paranormal investigating group

    Long Description

    We are a paranormal investigating group established in 2014. We are a non-profit organization with the goal of helping people understand the paranormal. Founded by Eric Paquette in 2014 ...I have been intrigued with the paranormal for yrs .. I was part of a paranormal group back in the late 90s early 2000s... it's my dream to help out people the best I can so you feel safe in your home or business.


    To help those in need of an explanation of things you can't explain(noises that shouldn't be, etc...) We are here to help determine if it's real or unknown. And will attempt to put peoples worries and fears to rest.

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    Readings with Psychic Medium Sue Massari

    in Spirituality

    Normally, Sue and I appear on the first Sunday of each monthbut had to reschedule. Sue Massari will be available to offer FREE Mini-Readings to callers on Sunday, June 14th at 11:00 am Eastern. We’ll take as many calls as we can in one hour to help you gain clarity in a situation.

    How it Works: Ask one specific question on a situation or specify who you'd like to connect with on the Other Side. Sue will connect with your loved one if they're available and relay the information you need to hear. If you plan to call in, you MUST ensure you are in a quiet environment free of conversations, noises, traffic or wind. Have a pen and paper ready to take notes.

    In 2013, Sue and her husband Tom released their self-empowering and transformational book The Art of Reclaiming Your Intention and Power, According To Abram, The Mayan Shaman, a personality whom Tom has been channeling for more than 40 years. It is a compilation of insightful messages as Abram explains the power of thought, the laws of the universe, the principals of manifesting and much more. Abram gives you techniques to create balance, health and money in your life.

    Tune in to our segment with Abram to hear a hour-long discourse on The Future of Reality.

    Book a Private Consultation with Sue or Abram at www.MediumshipUnplugged.com. Check their Calendar of Events for public sessions!

    Spiritual Insights Digital Magazine will launch this year. Visit www.SpiritualInsightsRadio.com to learn more and review a complete list of show archives organized by cate

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