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    My Fantasy Commish | Basketball & Hockey

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    Chris Sternal - MyFantasyCommish.com Co-Founder

    I studied Business at Indiana University, Bloomington, and completed a Bachelor's Degree in marketing communications at Columbia College Chicago in 2008. My professional work experience is in outside sales and business development for both IT and recruiting firms. I have been playing fantasy sports for over 10 years and have experience with football, basketball, baseball and hockey.  I'm a strong believer that fantasy football requires the least amount of skill, a great amount of luck, and that prognostication and coverage have been watered down over the past few years because of the amount of resources available to players.  

    Jace Cosentino- MyFantasyCommish.com Co-Founder

    I'm a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, first and foremost; the Blackhawks follow, trailed closely by the Bulls. I graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in psychology (no, I don't read minds). I have been playing fantasy sports for 10 years and running leagues for just as long. I'm an all around sports fan and am always interested in learning new sports (became a huge Premier League fan 3 years ago). Since my glory days of playing high school sports are gone, you can usually spot me watching a game, doing something athletic, or trying something new. In the narcissistic driven culture of pro sports, I'm still a huge believer and fan of  athletes playing for "the love of the game".  

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    Fantasy Hockey X: Stop With The F***IN Injuries Already!

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    The fantasy hockey world needs some shaking up! Here comes a quartet that will turn it on its heels! Neil Parker, Michael Clifford, and myself will span the world of fantasy hockey. There will be daily talk, season, keeper, and much much more!

    If that is not enough, then we will bring you more surprises including guests from all over the fantasy hockey industry, including friends from the FSWA and more. Expect our friends from Dynasty Sports Empire to jump aboard among many others.

    The point is this. You want to win your fantasy leagues and we want to help. Each week will feature all sorts of topics and questions you may encounter. Hangouts are great but we will interact with you every step of the way. Not only that but with all your disciplines covered, we can cover the nuances as well. 

    Every Monday, we will also have your night's key matchups, start/sits, late injuries/scratches, look aheads and more. We will take you on a tour and help the fantasy masses all at the same time! Let's go!


    Tonight we talk about injuries, more injuries, so many damn injuries, and the final two weeks of the fantasy hockey season plus line combinations and more all starting at 10pm ET! The phone number to call in is 1-347-826-7358.

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    Fantasy Hockey X -- Winter Wonderland

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    There are only two weeks until Christmas so like a good Christmas shopper, we try to help you with your Fantasy Hockey league -- both DFS and dynasty. Also, the show is back here on The Program and I wanted to thank the folks at ProjectRoto for being able to use their platform the first couple months. 

    Tonight, we take a look at some of the daily stories that have rocked the fantasy world, injuries, and yes the mumps and the flu. These are not easy topics but we take them on head on. 


    -- Intro

    -- Scoring Updates

    -- Some show times and notes

    -- Experimenting with lineups

    -- The Brodeur Effect? 

    -- Looking Ahead

    -- Those "Wassel Hunches"

    -- The Not So Great Chicago Stack

    -- Parting Shots

    -- Aloha means GTFO!


    The phone number is now 1-347-826-7358 and yes the show will be here every Tuesday normally unless I am on assignment. Thanks for listening and bring those fantasy hockey questions to the table....we are ready!

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    Fantasy Hockey X: In Remembrance Of The Veterans

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    Veterans Day is always a special time but tonight there is hockey as well. We talk about the veterans that make it possible for us to do what we do and then the veterans that make or lose us money. It is a special edition that expects to feature more of the same fantasy hockey and DFS talk from myself, Michael Clifford (Sportsnet), and Christopher Pacheco (RotoExperts). 

    What do we have on tap for tonight? There is the usual information plus injuries, latest news, looking ahead, etc. Here is the outline:

    -- Intro
    -- Veterans Day (Remembrance Day) salute
    -- Enter The Milk Carton (Ales Hemsky)
    -- Live scoring updates 
    -- A hearty congrats to Mr. Clifford in order
    -- A DFS guest weighs in....surprise time!
    -- The "Wassel Hunch" of the week 
    -- The 3 on 3 in Overtime.....would it work in the NHL?
    -- Looking Ahead 
    -- Parting Shots
    -- Short Archive Then Escape!


    Remember everyone! The number to get in on the action is 1-347-826-9195. It should be a jammed pack show tonight and we hope you can find a way to listen on in. If not, you can always catch it later, tomorrow, or over the weekend. Thanks for listening as always!

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    Fantasy Hockey X

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    Join Michael Clifford (@SlimCliffy), Chris Wassel (@ChrisWasselTHW), and Chris Pacheco (@TheNumbers_guy) as they kick off the fantasy hockey campaign with the season premiere of Fantasy Hockey X!

    The guys will be talking rankings, training camp injuries/battles, and anything else related to fantasy hockey. 

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    Fantasy Hockey X: Blame WHO For The Mumps?

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    On this episode, Chris Pacheco, Michael Clifford, and myself break down the crazy fantasy hockey world and especially the DFS wing. Daily fans it has been nuts but profitable and as we get closer to the end of 2014, we begin to look ahead to 2015. 

    However, we will looks at the mumps epidemic too and the fact that no one outside of the NHL really cares about this but it does affect our fantasy bottom lines. No one is really sure when this will end because just when you think it is going to, someone else contracts it. Sidney Crosby had it, now Duncan Keith may have it. You get the idea. This is impacting your daily rosters because a player has to be isolated, according to the CDC, for at least five days. Ouch!

    Tonight the show starts at 9pm ET and I do believe our friends from Loverino should have the archive on their site. Do not forget that you can download the show off iTunes also and Stitcher. We may even talk about "The Dink" who won the Millionaire Maker last night on DraftKings (NFL). Us hockey guys can hope for something close in DFS someday....someday.


    The Phone Number is 1-347-826-7358 and bring those damn questions! We have nothing to answer if you don't. Thanks again for listening and being apart of a fantasy hockey show that is for the fantasy hockey player. 

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    Fantasy Hockey X: December, The Flu, And You

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    Hey! We welcome December the only way we can on Fantasy Hockey X. As always, Michael Clifford and Christopher Pacheco join me to talk all things fantasy with a focus on daily fantasy. There is going to be a lot to get to on tonight's show and only sixty minutes to do it. With a ten game slate and lots going on (on and off the ice), this shapes up to be a show you will want to listen to. 

    As usual there will be the normal daily debates. We will have a heavy focus on injuries, the mumps, and yes the flu. I will also talk about some new things I am up to because it is important for our daily fantasy hockey fans to know that hey, we have your back. 


    So join us at 9pm ET tonight...the phone number is 1-347-826-9195. We promise a fun and crazy show full of the ecstasy and agony of fantasy hockey. Come join us and yes always bring your questions! We will answer them...we will not hide!

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    Fantasy Hockey X: Dr. Quack and Coach Misinformation Please!

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    Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Fantasy Hockey X tonight at 9pm ET with Michael Clifford of Sportsnet and Christopher Pacheco of RotoExperts. We three wise men will bring you the latest hard hitting daily fantasy hockey information, feed you some good stuff, and hopefully win you some good old fashioned cash!

    Tonight we talk about the following (Not always in order):

    -- Intro
    -- DFS hockey update!
    -- Scoring updates as they come in
    -- Digging into Neil Parker's charts (lots of incredible info here)
    -- Goalie Streaming Options (late week and weekend)
    -- Team Doctors and the coaches who hide the injuries
    -- Josh Harding goes from all world goalie to extended rehab stint in Iowa. Does he play in Minny again?
    -- Parting Shots
    -- Aloha means archive


    The fun begins again at 9pm ET...with at least a full hour of fantasy hockey questions, answers, and more. The phone number is 1-347-826-9195 and you can always contact the three of us via Twitter. WE WILL ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS! WE DO NOT HIDE! Bring the heat an we will find a way to cool the jets. Let's rock hockey fans and thanks for listening. 

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    Fantasy Hockey X -- Halloween Trick Or Treat!

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    It will be a scary, good time tonight on Fantasy Hockey X as Michael Clifford, Christopher Pacheco and myself take a look at the latest fantasy hockey news around the league. We delve deep into the DFS so you don't have to and maybe even offer a sneak peak at our chosen Wednesday DFS lineups. 

    As always the chat room will be open and you can call in at 1-347-826-9195. We'll repeat it a few times during the show and you can tweet your questions to @ChrisWasselTHW, @slimcliffy or @TheNumbers_Guy and we will answer them on the air.

    Here is the episode outline for tonight:

    -- Intros
    -- Spooky injuries of the NHL
    -- Nightly score updates and break-ins
    -- Anatomy of "That 70's Line"
    -- The unbelievable week Dennis Wideman and Kris Russell had
    -- Our Wednesday DFS picks
    -- Your questions and more
    -- Parting Shots
    -- Just a little extra archive for our listeners


    I can never thank our listeners enough for being so loyal. Hopefully soon, that iTunes thing will work or something. Until then, we bring you the top fantasy hockey advice you can find with a little humor too all at 9pm ET....be there!!!!

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    Fantasy Hockey X -- The First Week

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    It may be Episode 2 but it is week number one of the NHL season. Michael Clifford (@slimcliffy), Christopher Pacheco (RotoExperts), and myself bring you fantasy hockey talk like no other. For some, there has been a sizable gap between draft and actual season. 

    Tonight's one hour show will have the usual season long fantasy hockey talk but naturally there is going to be a hearty helping of DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) and much much more. Week 1 presents a lot of challenges and always brings the crazy. Do not forget, Center Ice is free for the first week and a half usually so there is no excuse on missing any hockey whatsoever. 

    Here is what is on the show tonight:

    -- Introductions 
    -- Opening Faceoff  (Likely to be injury talk)
    -- DFS Talk as we bring on Neil Parker (The Fake Hockey)
    -- Latest News and Notes for your fantasy team (who made it who did not).
    -- Expected best and worst from Week 1
    -- Question And Answer Time
    -- The Final Shots
    -- Time to make the escape!


    Yes we are ready for hockey and fantasy hockey so call on in at 1-347-826-9195. The chat room will be set up and ready to go! Get in there and see you tonight at 9pm ET for an hour of power!


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    Fantasy Hockey X: DFS Decision Time!

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    So the Election Day results are in and fantasy hockey fans, we have some news for you on a special Fantasy Hockey X. That's right! Tonight we are going to talk DFS as usual with some dynasty and non-keeper thrown in. Also, we will touch on some of the best and the worst of the month. 

    This expects to be a very tense episode that is full of fire. We have a couple announcements too along the way and as always it should be a good, albeit rum flavored show.

    The outline for tonight is as follows (we'll try to follow it...honest):

    A DFS Interlude
    Latest score updates
    Best And Worst For The Month -- Cue the turkey
    Announcement Time
    Injurious Bastards!
    The Devils Won A Shootout!
    Parting Shots
    Archival Gold


    As always the phone number is 1-347-826-9195. We take on any and all questions as we hide from nothing. Michael Clifford, Christopher Pacheco and I start at 9 pm ET and take you all the way to at least 10. I recommend listening to the archives and as always enjoy the show. Thank you!

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