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    Will and Carly show

    in Television

    Willy&CarlyShow is honored to present :
    Paul Walker Theme Night
    Call In & Share your favorite Paul Walker moments & if you ever met him definitely call in !
    * Trivia...
    * Insightful Movie Review
    of #MazeRunner
    * Audio Debut of
    " Summer Heights High "
    Online FanFics Series
    Episode 1

    Join us ..
    7pm Pacific
    9pm Eastern

    Dial : 347-850- 8721
    Press #1 to Speak with Hosts
    Willy & Carly

    * Chat Room Closed *
    * No Blocked Calls *

    Thanks for listening! See More

    Feel free to listen in and call in involving questions  you may like to ask involving this series or many others I write ..

    #SupportOurTroops !

    Sat Sept 27,2014 See More

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    The Best Twilight Fanfics Ever!

    in Comedy

    Tonight we bring you some of the greatest Twilight Fanfics that we have ever had the pleasure to read.

    First up is Happily Ever After by BlueLuteedwardfan


    Second is Anal Lovins by EdwardlovesJacob


    We recommend following along on Fanfiction.net.

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    Anime-Eden; Introductions; Topics for next show

    in Culture

    Introductions; what makes Anime-Eden a great site; what makes anime a good anime; hodge podge of topics.

    I had written this last week and scheduled a show and it was removed or the time slot was bought so now I have to do an improtu change and hope everyone can still attend.

    This show will be the official first show of the Blog/Ezine at anime-eden

    if you have a wordpress you can go and follow us at www.anime-eden.com/wordpress

    if you aren't a member of anime-eden's forums you can find me and other hosts of this show at www.anime-eden.com/forums/

    please like us on facebook at www.facebook.com/AnimeEden

    and follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/AnimeEdenOnline

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    Castlle Fan Radio Awards 2011: Best Fanfics

    in Entertainment

    CFR 2011 Awards - best fanfics are announced after fan votes are tallied.

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    Making Beautiful Music Together - "Pitch Perfect"

    in Movies

    It’s a rare day when a movie comes to F4F Radio’s attention.  Of course there was “The Devil Wears Prada”, which we discussed in 2009.  But generally speaking, a hit Hollywood movie – a couple hours and it’s done - can’t generate the same level of enthusiasm and the same number of devotees as a hit TV series – creating hours and hours of new material over a period of several years.  Tonight, however, we’ll be visiting the world of the movie “Pitch Perfect”, which has already generated hundreds of fanfics since its release in the fall of 2012.  Sort of a mix of “Glee” and “Bring It On”, PP tells the story of Beca (Anna Kendrick), a reluctant college freshman who is drafted by an all-female acapella group and becomes the unlikely key to their tournament success.  The person doing said drafting is senior Chloe (Brittany Snow) and, well, let’s just say it involved no clothing whatsoever.  The chemistry between Beca and Chloe is what caught the attention of fans all over the country, some of whom happened to be fanfic writers – and we’ll be interviewing two tonight.  Our guests will be first-timer Novel Concept, who wrote stories like “Storytellers and Legends” and “The Harmony That Kept Me Sound”, and the returning GilliganKane, author of “Your Body is a Wonderland” and “Song Beneath the Song”.  Joining me as cohost will be former guest Misty Flores, and together we’ll discuss Beca and Chloe, not to mention Aubrey (Anna Camp), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and the other ladies of the Barden Bellas who occasionally catch our fancies.

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    Radio Rewind: Favorite Fanfics 2009

    in Entertainment

    Re-aired recording of some of my favorite stories from 2009.

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    Game Shows With the Lubber Episode 13: WITWICS VILEHeadquarters.com fanfics

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we talk about the updates on our Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? fanfics.

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    Too Many Fandoms! - Authors Tamoline & Louisa

    in Writing

    For tonight’s show F4F does something it hasn’t done in a while and focuses not on the TV show or the fandom or the webseries or even the author within the fandom, but solely on the author. While some great past guests have spent years writing within a single universe – Chris Dee being a perfect example – others have created a body of work where the number of stories they’ve written is matched only by the number of fandoms they’ve sampled. From Harper to Fembuck to Della Street, these writers have created fanfics in too many different worlds to cover in a single show. Tonight’s guests, Tamoline and Louisa, are more recent discoveries of mine. Tamoline is probably best-known for her “Kalicia” stories in the “Good Wife” fandom (which is still MUCH smaller than it ought to be), while Louisa, a Kalicia writer herself, has spent more time on “The Vampire Diaries” fanfic. But they’ve also done excellent work writing in the worlds of “The Avengers”, “Criminal Minds”, “X-Men”, “Ultraviolet”, “Chronicles of Amber” . . . shall I go on? Whatever world they choose to inhabit at any given minute, we’ll be talking about it tonight.

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    Brony Beat 1

    in Podcasting

    Just talking about news, fanfics, and other stuff that matters to us bronies.

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    Let's Get Medieval - "Dragon Age" Femslash

    in Video Games

    As a part of this busy stretch in September where F4F will air three live shows in just 16 days, tonight we will be revisiting the world of video games.  In the spring we discussed "Mass Effect", the successful Bioware trilogy which allows players to not only choose the gender of their character, but also have romantic relationships with various characters, including lesbian relationships with women like Liara T'Soni.  So it's quite appropriate that we switch focus to another successful pair of Bioware titles, the fantasy RPG "Dragon Age: Origins" and its followup "Dragon Age 2".  Much as in "Mass Effect", gamers can play as either a male or female character, and if you make the right decisions, you can potentially have a lesbian romance with Leliana in "DA:O", and either Isabela or Merrill in "DA2".  UNLIKE "Mass Effect", you can also select one of 6 different backgrounds for the main character in "DA:O", such as Human Noble or City Elf.  All of this adds up to a goldmine for "DA" fanfic writers, who have as many as FOURTEEN different femslash pairings to choose from between the two games.  And THAT'S just the canon pairings.  Noncanon femslash fanfics with Morrigan from "DA:O" are almost as prevalent as those with Leliana.  Tonight we'll have on 3 fanfic authors, all of whom have worked with different pairings in one or both "DA" games.  Sisirongana is known for her FCousland/Morrigan epic "A Series of Completely Unrelated Events".  Leogrl19 paired FHawke with both Merrill and Isabela in "Priority One" and "My Tornado".  And KalenCaelli wrote the angsty FTallis/Leliana fic "The Last Dance".  We'll be joined by cohost Rae D. Magdon, who like Sisirongana was a guest author for my "Mass Effect" interview.

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    Mass Appeal - "FemShep" and Mass Effect Femslash

    in Video Games

    This week F4F Radio will boldly go where it hasn't before, to a galaxy far, far away.  That's right, for the first time we're going into space - to play video games.  The "Mass Effect" trilogy is one of the most successful console game series of the decade, and "Mass Effect 3" has certainly been the most prominent, most controversial game of 2012, thanks to an ending that has frustrated nearly everyone to beat the game.  Once you get past the hoopla, though, you get a vastly entertaining action-RPG game that allows the player to initiate romantic storylines between the male (or female) hero, and various male and female supporting characters.  Yes, that's right, since ME1 the female Commander Shepard could become involved with, among other people, the asari Liara T'Soni.  Which, coincidentally, is the main pairing we'll be discussing tonight.  Two of tonight's guests are best-known for their fanfics pairing "FemShep" with Liara - Rae D. Magdon, writer of the "Can Wait" series, and N.Q. Wilder, who wrote the "All Things Must Pass" trilogy.  Our third and final guest has also written FemShep/Liara, but Sisirongana has spent more time on stories like "Blood From a Stone" for an (unfortunately) noncanon pairing, FemShep/Miranda Lawson.