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    50 shades of fame & fortune Angie Bowie with Valery & Holly

    in Lifestyle

    Angie Bowie style icon, author, performer, counselor, former wife of David Bowie and role model for outsiders everywhere She was only five when she first realized she felt different to other people, but says: “I liked it and I think I adjusted to being an outsider more and more as the events that formed my life unfolded.As well as good looks, Angie is blessed with fierce intelligence. She is well read and well informed, independent and self-sufficient. The foundations of her cosmopolitan perspective were laid during her early life, particularly when, at the age of nine, she was sent to St George’s School in Switzerland. It is an international school, full of wealthy girls from the ruling elite. Angie learned how to survive and flourish, despite her significantly different socio-economic background. Angie is truly one of the great outsider icons of the present age.Angie came to England in 1967 to study at Kingston Polytechnic, a college renowned over the years for producing figureheads of the avant-garde.  Although only on a student visa, Angie got caught up in swinging London and somehow contrived to stay. She met David Bowie in 1969, when she was 19 and he was a fledgling rock star in his Space Oddity phase. They fell in love, married in 1970 and had a son who they famously called Zowie.She has often been referred to as the power behind the meteoric success. The cultural impact of David and Angie Bowie in the 70s and beyond cannot be over-estimated.&a

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    "How To Be A Songwriter" On The Claim Your Fame Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    This is the show you've been waiting for...just click play and listen

    Join The Claim Your Fame Radio Show today 9/25/15 at 6:00 PM EST Hosted by Sharon "Ladee Storem" Acres & Delores Walker Burke with special guest Songwriter/Producer/Vocal Coach Jasmine Denham and Songwriter/Producer Murray Daigle from Toronto Canada. The show topic will be "How To Be A Songwriter." A special shout out to Camilla Terrell who is a host for the CYFame Radio Show as well. Attention all Songwriters and Producers you need to tune in and get some important information about songwriting and producing tune in at 6:00 PM EST on Blog Talk Radio:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/claimyourfameradio and Spreaker: http://www.spreaker.com/user/claimyourfameradio

    *The Claim Your Fame Radio Show* is the show that keeps "U" connected!!
    On the CLAIM YOUR FAME NETWORK........

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    The White Lie: Fame & Humility, Praise & Meekness, Fortune & Peace - WHAT???

    in Religion

    The White Lie, Crying COFAH: Jubliee Living -  Fame & Humility, Praise & Meekness Fortune & Peace - WHAT??

    Yahya Bandele was the Founder and Chairman of The C.O.F.A.H Network and the Creator, writer and director of the best selling Documentary on amazon.com "Hebrew or the So-Called Negro"

    The brothers will discuss current events, history, science and Geo-politics from a scriptural Hebrew Ysralite scriptural perspective. We also encourage caller participation and feedback

    View Yahya's feature films by clicking link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=FLdws1o2agoBw-nqaYBjG9Yg

    View Yahya's Daily Video Blog https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv4Ov4g0N91ikDd5zHMAmvxr2Fyhf9s7v

    Yahya's Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/yahya.bandele

    To learn more about COFAH log on to http://www.cofah.com


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    Fame With Fortune -- Speaking & Getting Paid For It

    in Business

    Vickie Sullivan, Principle of Sullivan & Associates discusses with listeners how to move beyond fame with no fortune to fame and fortune.  She will give us the top mistakes leaders make that drive fame but no fortune.  Vickie teaches leaders how to differentiate themselves in an otherwise crowded market.

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    Fortune Teller Ruby Ann & Clairvoyant Karolyn

    in Spirituality

    email readings at fortunetellerrubyann@yahoo.com or Skype name: rubyanntarot

    Line up, Line up Everybody Line up come one come all, Enjoy the Magic and see what the Tarot holds just for YOU. Create your very own Mini Soap Opera with Daily or Weekly Readings

    Master of the Tarot and Fortune Teller, We have been doing readings all my life, it is How you ask the Question or Wish and what you do with {free will} the information revealed to you. Let me Entertain You with Wisdom from the Tarot. We will give you a very accurate and detailed readings on any and all subjects.

    Our ancestries are French and Cherokee Indian. As an intuitive Psychic, we have over 50 years of experience in the metaphysical arena. With this wisdom,  we we are able to unlock and open up the secret of the Tarot and guide you to your path in life for love, money, happiness and any other given situation. As a very young child, my granny taught me the art of fortune telling with the use of playing cards. After years of studying the cards, I was introduced to the magic of the Tarot. Now, I am a Master of the Tarot and fortune teller. I specialize in love, romance, friendship, children, work issues and hobbies. I'm able to give you the wisdom needed, and shed light on any given situation for the best results that will lead you to happiness and success. Let's talk and get started on your amazing journey to a better and brighter fortune.

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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame

    in Indie Music

    ORLANDO PRESENTZ: BEFORE THE FAME is a platform that initiated as a positive, Christian music movement created by Orlando Page. Inspiration for this platform from came from first hand experience in the difficulty of indie artists trying to get their music played on the radio on regular basis. Thus, Orlando created a network where newer, indie artist could have their own music absolutely free! In addition, his show "Before The Fame" also allows new, indie artists to guest on the show and share their testimony/story behind the artists, their songs, their goal in doing Christian music, and so much more!

    Orlando Presentz took off in 2015 with it's initial show "Before The Fame" hosted by Orlando Page with an extensive series of indie artist interviews and Gospel messages via BlogTalk Radio. Orlando based his entire network around Christian musicians for several reasons such as to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, help raise awareness of positive music that refrains from vulgarity, and to spread love and positivity of God throughout the streets of the world.

    Special Guess : Captian Kirt http://www.captainkirt.com/

    Special Guess:Azariah Jones Aka Z’s 


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    Orlando Presentz Before the Fame, Feature Friday Show

    in Indie Music

    SP is a Christian rap artist that utilizes his talent to reach the lost, recovery of sight to the blind and wins souls for the Kingdom of God.  SP has been involve in Christian Rap since 2004, and currently has four albums and three mixed tapes. 

    SP believes that music speaks to everyone and has no limits and through the power of God and social media, his ministry has touched lives all over the globe. His portfolio of events includes: church engagements, prison ministry, street ministry, birthday parties and family reunions, and more.




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    THT Ep#25 WWF Hall of Fame (1995)

    in Wrestling

    A Recap of the 1995 WWF Hall of Fame. Hosted by Renee Young & Mean Gene Okerlund (AUDIO) Please Subscribe & download to show your support. Follow us on http://Twitter.com/DramaMedia & our website http://Heelturnx.blogspot.com

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    The Clubhouse -"Fame...And Fortune"

    in Radio

    Special Guest: Victoria Christopher Murray

    Victoria Christopher Murray always knew she would become an author,she spent ten years in Corporate America before she tested her entrepreneurial spirit. She opened a Financial Services Agency for Aegon, USA where she managed the number one division for nine consecutive years. However, Victoria never lost the dream to write and when the “bug” hit her again in 1997, she answered the call.Victoria originally self-published her first novel, Temptation and in 2000, Time Warner published that novel. Temptation made numerous best sellers list and remained on the Essence bestsellers list for nine consecutive months. In 2001, Temptation was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in Outstanding Literature.Since Temptation, Victoria has written over twenty adult novels, including: JOY, Grown Folks Business, The Ex Files, and The Deal, the Dance and the Devil, and the popular Jasmine Cox Larson Bush series.  In 2012, Victoria joined ReShonda Tate Billingsley to write collaborations which pits Victoria's Jasmine character against Rachel Adams, a first lady created by ReShonda.


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    100% Free Fortune Telling with Guest Layla Master of the Tarot & Fortune Teller

    in Self Help

    By popular demand, we are going LIVE! We will be going LIVE featuring a very special guest speaker on Wednesday evenings 8-9pm CST on BlogTalkRadio. We are happy to welcome the one and only Layla Master of the Tarot & Fortune Teller. Layla has been my personal advisor for many years and her amazing accuracy has helped me with career choices, my love life, and other general topics. I really would not know what I would do without her guidance! Her accuracy WILL simply amaze you! Call in and ask Layla one FREE question any topic of your choice. Please join us and welcome Layla! Guest call in number is (213) 943-3643.

    Contact Layla directly via her website at www.laylamasterofthetarot.com or call her at (424) 281-9441.

    Follow our blog at www.thebeautifulnerd.com

    Twitter @beautifulnerd_

    Instagram thebeautifulnerd_


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