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    How Can You Recognize False Teaching?

    in Religion

    The bible speak of False prophets shall rise,and deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the Love of many shall wax cold. The key to false teaching is all ways ;selfishness,they push,sell,promote  worshipping wordly,pride,lust,and materials things.Jesus continually remind us that God is love.And that love is for all people because he love people the most.False teacher focus on selfish gains .

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    1st Peter P29 - False Teaching On Obscure Teaching - AW Tozer

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     (1 Peter - Part 29): False Teaching On Obscure Teaching by A.W. Tozer

    Topic: False Teaching
    Scripture(s): 1 Peter 3:18-24  
    Description: A critically important theology lesson designed to armor the people of God against heretics who use certain hard, obscure texts from the Bible to teach things that the Bible never says at all. In “False Teaching on Obscure Teaching,” A. W. Tozer demolishes several dark misrepresentations of First Peter 3:18-24 and 4:6, by shining upon them the brilliant light of the rest of God’s Word. “Let me give you a good working rule for the understanding of Scripture: if you haven’t more than one verse to support it, don’t teach it. Because if it isn’t found in more than one verse of the Bible, the chances are it isn’t found there, either.” Pastor Tozer preached the 29th part of his 34-part series on First Peter in Chicago, Illinois, on June 13, 1954. Its length is 34 minutes and 43 seconds. Please check out our website @remnantxradio.com and send me a friend request on facebook!

    It is recommended that you follow along with the [url=http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/articles/index.php?view=article&aid=18521]text transcription[/url] of this sermon, as the sound quality makes listening difficult in some places.

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    The Differences between a False Prophet and a False Person

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    In order to truly understand my purpose in penning this article is to first understand my definition of what a false prophet and a false person is.  A false prophet is one who claims to be all about religion and the lessons of the New Testament while doing nothing but providing those who wish to be atheists the best evidence in the world to never believe.  A false person is one who goes about their daily lives looking to be whatever the situation calls for in order to avoid being detected as false.  Now before we go any further, you need to know that my definition of these types of people may not be yours and that is alright because we all must be left to choose our own destiny and make our own choices.  All that I ask are you learning to respect another person’s truth even if it is and may never be yours.  Nothing says you ever have to agree with it nor do you have to support it but only an unsure person will refuse to respect it.

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    in Education


    LEARNING BIRD presents the author of a wonderful new book entitled 'Yo Miz (1 teacher +25 schools = 1 wacky year)", Ms Elizabeth Rose is our guest today. I hope HBO is listening.

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    What does it mean to "WATCH OUT for FALSE/ FALLEN SHORT/ FOOLISH/ DECEPTIVE / FLATTERING PROPHETS?"   (Mat.7:13-28)   Let us be wise to SEEK the MOST HIGH as true to ALL that is HIS WORD, lest we find we have relied upon CON-MEN who EXPLOIT by HIDING the TRUTH from YOU!   They FLATTER YOU that you esteem THEM as WISE; even to NEVER KNOW the MOST HIGH as HE IS!    For indeed, to exalt a LIAR is to worship a DEVIL!    The Most High sends a TRUE PROPHET not to persuade after what pleases MEN.    A TRUE PROPHET comes to speak the BLESSED TRUTH of YAH that OTHERS will NOT!

    The TRUE SERVANT-FRIEND of YAH is him who will seek YAH with ALL his HEART, MIND and SOUL for ALL HIS WILL, that NONE among us fall victim to BABYLONISH CONFUSIONS!   For there should be NO PRESUMPTUOUS SELF-RIGHTEOUS DIVISIONS among US!  (John 15:14, Galatians 1:1-8, Isaiah 48:1-<14-18>-49:6)     For if RIGHTEOUSNESS/ SALVATION/ PEACE/ DELIVERANCE/ REDEMPTION beyond EVERY LIAR/ HYPOCRITE/ FALSE PROPHET/ FALSE RELIGION comes by means of FALSE RULERS who BLIND to DIVIDE this WORLD, then the SAVIOR came and DIED in VAIN! (Gal. 2:21, Romans 14:10-12)  For indeed!   The SAVIOR gave HIS LIFE and ROSE that men discern they MUST EXCEED the UNRIGHTEOUS MISrule of MEN .. to at last trust in a RETURN to FAITH beyond ALL DEBATE, DOUBT and CONFUSION .. unto the EXCEEDING RIGHTEOUSNESS of YAH! (Mat.5:14-24, Acts 2:36-38)

    ISRAEL 2000 years ago was a subjugated  ROMAN SATRAPY whose PRIESTS were HYPOCRITES catered to ROMAN AUTHORITY. (John 19:15, Luke 12:1-3, Mal.2:1-3:9)   WHAT and WHO is the FLAW, the FALSE LAW /MISRULE that MUST be overcome in  REMEMBRANCE of the SURE ETERNAL LAW of YAH? 

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    Wed. Night Addition: Is There a Difference Between Catholics and Protestants?

    in Christianity

    Survey of article that claims differences between the two religions of Catholicism and Protestantism. 

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    Excellence in Teaching & Learning

    in Education

    Education expert Bobbi DePorter - Co-founder of SuperCamp & President of Quantum Learning Network (QLN), along with co-author Barbara K. Given Ph.D., discuss their new book 'Excellence in Teaching & Learning: The Quantum Learning System’. This book demonstrates how the integration of the Brain’s Natural Learning Systems with the Quantum Learning System creates an impact that transforms the way teachers teach and students learn. This comprehensive approach empowers teachers to achieve the desired goal that students leave high school prepared for success in college and career with strong character and citizenship traits.

    Mark Reardon - QLN's Chief Learning Officer, and Jeff Miller - QLN's Education Manager, also join conversation to discuss the 8 Keys of Excellence Character Education Program that guides young people toward a positive future full of confidence, motivation, creativity, team work, leadership and valuable life principles.

    This interview originally aired on June 12, 2015, as part of Big Blend Radio's Quality oif Life show that broadcasted live from the Quantum Learning Network Conference Center in Oceanside, California.

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    Elijah and the False Prophets BBC6-17-15

    in Christianity

    BIBLEBOOKCLUB: OT: 1 Kings 18:1-46, NT: Acts 11:1-30, Psalm: 135:1-21, Proverbs: 17:12-13

    Elijah and the False Prophets BBC6-17-15

    In today's OT scripture, Elijah spoke and the rain stopped for 3 years which caused a severe famine in the land. In the third year, God told Elijah and told him to tell the king God will restore the rain. He told the king the rain stopped because of the king and people worshiping idols. Elijah made a test between the idol's prophets and God's prophet. He told them to make an altar and ask the idol's prophets to call upon their god to burn their sacrifice. However, no matter what they did, their sacrifice was not consumed. Then Elijah made an altar to God and placed his sacrifice and God sent a fire from heaven and consumed His sacrifice. FRIENDS, NO OTHER GOD CAN STAND BEFORE GOD BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER GOD IN HEAVEN OR IN THE EARTH OR BENEATH THE EARTH!

    En la actual OT escritura, Elías habló y dejó de llover durante 3 años que causaron una gran hambre en la tierra. En el tercer año, Dios le dijo a Elías y le dijo que decirle al rey que Dios restaurará la lluvia. Él le dijo al rey la lluvia se detuvo debido al rey y el pueblo adorando ídolos. Elías hizo una prueba entre los profetas del ídolo y el profeta de Dios. Él les dijo que hacer un altar y pedir profetas del ídolo hacer un llamamiento a su dios para quemar su sacrificio. Sin embargo, no importa lo que hicieron, su sacrificio no fue consumido. Entonces Elías hizo un altar a Dios y puso su sacrificio y Dios envió un fuego del cielo y consumió su sacrificio. AMIGOS, hay otro Dios pueda estar delante de DIOS PORQUE NO HAY OTRO DIOS EN EL CIELO O EN LA TIERRA O DEBAJO DE LA TIERRA!

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    False Christs in the Evangelical Church and The False Prophets who Promote Them!

    in Christianity

    Do you know Jesus?  Does Jesus know you?  The Bible clearly teaches that in these last days "many will be misled"...Many will believe that they know Jesus but they don't.  Many will think that they're saved but they aren't.

    On today's broadcast pastor Brad uncovers several false Christs being presented by false prophets in the evangelical church today...

    that are misleading the multitudes...

    Just as Jesus warned.

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    Catholicism and Protestantism: Why are Both False Gospels?

    in Christianity

    This is the homework to prepare for the show: watch this video -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L14UNjaZJm8  JOIN THE DISCUSSION!

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    false prophets and the spirit of deception

    in Religion

    God said the spirit of deception would increase in the last days. This bible study will enlighten you on what to look for as the day of the Lord appraches.