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    RUN FROM False Teachings ~ False Prophets ~ Liars

    in Religion

    There is so much false doctrine out here. One, if they didn't have the Holy Spirit, or doesn't really have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, could easily be duped.

    In this season of listening to those who teach the "Gospel", we must know that we know that we know what is false teaching and what is true teaching. 

    There are many wolves in sheep clothing and there are also many have a zeal without knowledge. It is our job to call on the Holy Spirit to help us to discern real from false. We must not put our complete TRUST IN ANY MAN OR WOMAN, but we must rely on God, through the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us to all truth.

    Matthew 24:24
    Mark 13:22
    1 Timothy 4

    What is the New Gospel? Is it God's Word or is it something somebody made up to sound good, but is far from God?

    Let's talk about it!!!




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    True & False Conversions

    in Christianity

    Episode 42 True & False Conversions

    with Guests: Remember Ministries (John Eckel & Tim Alexander)

    Ever wonder why so many people profess to be a Christian with very little to no understanding of the most essential biblical truths necessary for understanding salvation. Many people today will tell you they are a Christian and will go to heaven when they die and many of these people even attend Church every Sunday morning. Sadly when asked to share essentials from the Christian faith many of these professing believers cannot. Does that mean they are not Christians, well what does the bible say about this. How can we know if someone is truly a believer of a false convert? More importantly how can you know if you are a true believer? Well join me on this episode as I am joined by John Eckel and Tim Alexander of Remember Ministries as we take a close look at this very important issue to discuss of true and false converts.

    During the first hour of the show I will be opening the phone lines to hear your answers to a question we will be asking during the day on the G220 Radio facebook & twitter pages. So dont be afraid to call in and share your answers.

    Sermon Jam of the Week (.....)

    Open Air Preaching Spotlight (.....)

    Plus some Christmas music throughout the first hour of the show.

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    Should Religions Be Taxed?

    in Current Events

    With all of the rhetoric coming from religions concerning politics, is it time the United States put a tax on their earnings? Please call into the show and let Mr. Rusthoven know how you feel on this heated question! 

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    in Religion

    There are false brethren in the Church of the living Christ who are wolves in sheep clothing ravishing the Church just as there are false jesus's and false churches.  It is time for the Apostolic and Prophetic voices to begin to bring reproof and correction into the body of Christ.  If you do not, you will stand before God to be reproved and rebuked with ultimate rebuke. It is time out for the weak, it is time for the strong, harden Christian soldiers to appear and begin to prepare the Church of God, which looks like a social club for the most part, rather than a center of instruction unto all righteousness.  Gird up your loins in this present darkness and speak forth the prophetic voice of God to this generation that they may repent and be saved.

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    The Narcissist's Marriage To The False Self

    in Relationships

    This radio show is an in-depth look at why narcissists would rather be "right" than "happy", and why no-one can compete with the narcissistic versions of reality that they think.

    You will learn in this radio show how and why a narcissist is married to his or her ego.

    You will also discover the truth regarding the narcissist's behaviour according to this union with the False Self.

    The later part of this radio show is information regarding how we can escape the illusions and pain of narcissistic abuse by marrying our True Selves - and what that union looks like, and what is creates.

    To see the transcript of this show, you will see it on my blog at blog.melanietoniaevans.com.

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    Bible Study in Judges 10: Israel Worships False Gods & Terror in Sydney

    in Religion

    Yesterday the world was put on notice by another apparent terrorist threat in Sydney, Australia.  This time, a number of hostages were taken as they also held a flag with Arabic on it.  We'll share the latest.

    Today we also continue our bible study in the book of Judges, chapter 10.  We will look at the two leaders Tola and Jair, who led Israel in peace and after God.  Then we'll see how Israel, once again, followed after false gods.  What can we learn?  Join us for discussion in the chatroom.

    Email the show at http://www.biblenewsradio.com and take our survey too!. Thanks.

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    Faith Friday - Do All Religions Believe In The Same Creator?

    in Religion


    Talking all things faith, including faith-based current events (and sometimes even that dreaded political overlap, YIKES!) Tune in!

    Imagine that you are standing in front of a flagpole with your eyes closed.  There is a flag flying in the wind.  The person next to you asks, "Will you pledge allegiance to this flag?"  What will you answer?  You will most likely answer that you can't pledge allegiance to the flag until you open your eyes and identify which country the flag stands for.  You can't give your oath to defend that country and to live under its rules until you know which country it is.  To do so would be foolishness.  Similarly, how can you give allegiance to an elohim (g_d) whose name you do not know?

    “As a man who grew up Catholic and was lost in New Age theology for 20 years, I can say that I was never taught that G_d has a name and that He wants it known and proclaimed,” says Peter Miller-Russo who, along with his wife Linda, is a non-denominational Christian.  They co-authored “Proclaim His Holy Name: Uncovering YEHOVAH’s Will for His Name,” (www.proclaimhisholyname.org). 

    Linda continues, “Believing that all religions worship the same Creator may sound nice and politically correct, but in reality the Bible is explicit. Not everyone worships the one true Creator.” 

    “Throughout the Hebrew Tanakh  (the Christians’ ‘Old Testament’) as well as the Christian New Testament, the Bible names YEHOVAH as humankind’s one true Creator. In fact Exodus 3:15 clearly states what the Creator’s name is.  Scriptures of the other major world religions simply do use YEHOVAH’s name for their creator,” Peter says.

    Click here to chat with us during the LIVE show broadcast!

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    Religions of the world, Are they of Christ? Are they for the so-called Negro?

    in The Bible

    We will discuss the religions of the world and why they are Not for the so-called negro(Israelites)... Bro Mikha'El will do a breakdown of the major religions of the world, their origin, and whom they belong to sarting with Islam.... aka Ishmael! Part 1 of 3!!!!

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    False Repentance

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever felt a struggle to over coming a particle sin? Ever fought for break through but never really completely got through? Isaiah 30:15 will bring you into the awaking of false repentance and lead you into the truth of real repntance. Listen in on the 7 catorgories of false sin based on a teaching from "Craving Grace" by Ruthie Delk

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    World Religions - Sexuality 18+ (Rating) -The Paranormal World

    in Spirituality

    Visit our website: Radio MBS International and follow the links for today's shows

    World Religions Host: Jon Green - Duration: 1 Hour

    We all have in one form or another been brought up with some form of religion, here we will explore the religions of the world and what their faith has to say and guide their followers of them.

    Sexuality 18+ Host: Brian Krall -  Duration: 1 Hour

    This program is dedicated to helping people live a fulfilled balanced life in their own sexuality. Our Sexual Dynamics Instructor Brian, will give interviews and take calls and give you the best advice that is our there today. 

     The Paranormal World Host: Wendy James Guest - Daryl Morgan

    The fascinating world of the paranormal is one that has kept people in suspense for hundreds of years, our paranormal investigators will chat, interview an enlighten on this subject.


  • The Truth About Predeterminism: A Historical and Biblical Evaluation

    in Christianity

    We will discuss the historical and philosophical foundations of predeterminism. Also, does the Bible make a case for freewill? 

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