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    "SIT & SPIN with KAT PAT" Episode 60

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    This show is brought to you by our Sponsor of The Month http://www.JaremyJess.com


    01- "Have A Shot"- sponsor Jaremy Jess Erickson

    02-"Gypsy Cowboy" www.JaremyJess.com

    03- CHRISTMAS PROMO by Doug Briney

    04-"Deja Vu All Over Again" by Doug Briney

    05-"It's All Country" by www.DougBriney.com

    06-"Not Pretty Enough" by www.JoseyMilner.com

    07-"Dead flowers" by www.JoseyMilner.com

    08-"I DO" by www.JoyCollinsMusic.com

    09- "(I Want You) Unhappy" by Joy Collins...

    10-"Country Star Blues" by Gayla Graves

    11-"Better Than That" by Gayla Grave

    12- CHRISTMAS PROMO by Amy Rose

    13-"I Just Want You To Know" by Amy Rose

    14- (Redneck Reunion) "Party Like A Redneck" by Amy Rose

    15-"A SOLDIERS LOVE" by Ashlie Rae-Music

    16- "UNDERCOVER COWGIRL" by Ashlie Rae...

    17- "Dashboard Family" by JAREMY JESS

    18-"God Bless The Falllen" by Jaremy Jess




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    Giants from Our Past: Nephilim and Alien Visitation

    in Paranormal

    Giants from our past? What did they look like? Are giants Fallen Angels? Or where they actual beings from the skies called fallen angels? We will discuss their existence on our planet tonight. Have we been visited? OPEN LINES, time permitted. If you like this show, Visit our Sponsor.

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