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  • Fakers and Impostors - #blacklivesdontreallymatter and #trumpfruad

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    Frustration and anger has left us open to be manipulated by those that mean this country nothing but harm.  Frustration about the disentegration of race relations in this country has left us open to the angry voices of communist led organizers of #blacklivesmatter ( G. Soros). People that have been out of the national spotlight like Louis Farakahn are now making noise that get him noteriety and attention too. 

    Conservatives frustrated with Republicans like MItch McConnell and John Boehnor are now hanging on every word that falls from the lips of donald Trump as if is perfected angry white guy candidate. People that have been solid conservatives have left their principles to support a person that doesn't have any. 

    Tonight we talk about what we are seeing.  I hope by the end of the hour we can come to some point of rationality. 


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    PARANORMAL FAKERS WHY DO THEY FAKE IT? + "Scariest Places" Berni Hubbard

    in Paranormal

    Join Kurt Logsdon and Mickey Gocool for a night of PARANORMAL CHAT & TOPICAL DEBATE LIVE on NLPI RADIO.


    Also Joining us LIVE is a British Commedien Berni Dieu Hubbard who plays "Evette Fielding"  in the Take The Cake Production Most Hanted Spoof "Scariest Places"  Her Sidekick Michael Dee plays a character called "Merrick Alora". 

    (Berni)" I believe that in life the only person stopping you from doing anything is yourself, so Me and Michael merged our thoughts and have been working hard together towards our goal of creating a very successful comedy production company where we are the ones who make the decisions.

     I have performed with names such as Archie Kelly, Dave Spikey, Paul Merton and John Bishop, this then lead me into writing, I have had my own comedy sketch show aired on BBC Radio Merseyside and also done some writing for BBC Radio 4.

    And that's me."

    Michael Dee  - Merrick Alora "Over the past 4 years I have had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in comedy, such as Sarah Millican, Peter Kay, Ken Dodd, Reginald Dee Hunter and Jimmy Carr. All of which have given me inspiration and kind words to helping me achieve my goals in life and for that I am truly grateful to them."

    WHEN MERRICK meets  Derek Acora https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yArLpVsKrOY



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    SEASON 8 PREMIERE - LIVE Psychic Readings FREE - Ghost Fakers Called out + MORE!

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Season 8 of SpookHunters Radio.  This Season SpookHunter Owen takes a step back to persue other projects demanding the time of the Worlds Most Successful and CREDIBLE paarnormal investigtor of ALL TIMES…ever.  Slipping into the command chair will be Migidy Mike broadcasting from SpookHunters Studio’s South.  Nicknamed ‘The SandLot’ because there are no rules.


    Psychic Steve will be taking some time today to give LIVE Readings to callers.  Also, he may try to channel a spirit through him.  You don’t want to miss this!  Call in Early, Call in Often!


    SpookHunter Owen will be part of the show today.  He has a beef with a local paranormal investigation group that has been faking experiences and charging people for them.  We want to hear your opinion!


    CALL IN NOW!  646-716-581

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    Money-Fakers and Money-Makers: Separating the Two

    in News

    Money-Fakers and Money-Makers: Separating the Two

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    Two Bionic Men

    in Comedy

    Celebrity Siri and fakers...

    Episode 194 “Two Bionic Men” John’s selling real estate with Lifesavers, a faker with a cane, Marc’s hearing voices, the guys are both bionic, food stamp debates, a stealth Facebook posting, little known science facts, a fish in the dark, Celebrity Siri, and the Howard Cosell Game!

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    Why Do Black Men Prefer Light Skinned Women? With Guest Rashida Strober

    in Culture

    We have a very good topic tonight and guest Activist, Rashida Strober. She has come under fire for these words: 

    “Well, well, well would you looky here. ANOTHER FAKE CONSCIOUS MUTHER F-KER EXPOSED. I will never support him nor his music with one dime of my money and encourage all dark skinned women not to either!” she wrote.

    Strober’s comments gained traction with folks who either fully support the “Dark Skin Is Beautiful” campaign founder or didn’t share her views on Lamar. In response to her nonsupporters, Strober posted the following response:

    I see calling out and exposing self hating fake black men who speak about consciousness but date and marry NON DARK SKIN WOMEN brought you haters to my page. WELL SHARE THIS MUTHERFUKING POST!!! These type of fake coons are the worst of the worst. DARK SKIN is the essence of true blackness and if these fakers were really and truly conscious they would MARRY DARK SKINNED WOMEN!!! You pissed ?? GOOD!!!

    Since 1998, Rashida Strober has been known as an advocate for people with darker complexions, according to her biography, which mentioned that her cause was inspired after years of bullying from classmates who put her down because of her complexion. Stage plays created by the Florida native include “A Dark-Skinned Woman’s Revenge” and “Ice Cream Lady’s Dream.”

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    Prosperity or Vain-glory?

    in Radio

    Is it really prosperity, or vain-glory? Tune in tonight to NHISIMAGE Man Hosts Kel & Drew 6:30 pm EST. as they talk about Celebrity Preachers, true giving from the fake, and more! 

    This ministry bonds men and women by providing a place to share, reason together, and gather toward the flame of the LORD that brings about life transformation. 

    We offer solid Christ centered broadcasts, resources for spiritual growth, also in the future ample occasions for fun and recreation. 

    You can hear our broadcasts every Wednesday at 6:30 pm EST. on SpiritSoul Radio Network [SPSN]www.spiritsoulradionetwork.blogspot.com/to email comments, questions, or even topics you want us to discuss email nhisimageman@groups.facebook.com 

    Pass the word on about us https://www.facebook.com/groups/nhisimageman/ because we are growing, ministering, and supporting one another while being molded NHISIMAGE!


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    Paranormal fakers for profit

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we talk about people who fake paranormal activity in order to profit .
    Some suggest Amytiville was faked and played on some say Enfield was exaggerated to sell papers .
    We talk about a Hull couple who faked paranormal activity just to get a house move !
    Not to be missed !

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    Have Fun, Nancy Drew! We'll See You Soon!

    in Lifestyle

    Nancy Drew's best friends explain to her the conclusion of catching them dirty thieves. Those fur fakers are finally caught but won't confess to anything. Oh, Nancy will think of something clever. Let's find out what happens next for the conclusion of The Mystery At The Ski Jump.

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    in Relationships

    Attention ladies and gentleman,

    It's time to walk the walk and stop talking. You've heard it all, from I like you to I love you. You've heard you're the one but yet there are others. You've heard I mean, but then they lied. We should be doers and not fakers and liars. It's time to believe the actions and not just what they say. It's not time for selective hearing, seeing. God gives us dicernement for a reason. He shows you sign for a purpose, He invented GPS because He know we will get lost. Let's talk about it.

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    in Religion

    There is a TRUTH written throughout the scripture, that if a man be without it, he can only LIE!   This world therefore has made LIARS of MEN!   And you RULERS have NO INTENT to HELP YOU TO STOP!

    What a man BELIEVES is a god to him.    There are some 45,000 denominations across some 280+ nations on this earth today.     This alone is evidence that mankind is being grossly exploited by many fakers, fallen from grace wherein men have refused to discern this has all been the schemes of mass exploitation.   Your rulers were all con-men.   Offering false promises they made you pay to promote their lies.   For indeed it is not after the presumptuous will of men that anyone shall be made true unto the peace of Kingdom YAH!   In fact, in spite of all that men have commercially imagined, Messiah will yet come to perform ALL that is PLEASES YAH!   What is really going to be SHOCKER, it that man will find in that day that what true to the scripture has always been DIVINE EXPECTATION, they NEVER KNEW!   Men have been thouroughly ripped off of their very souls, with no one to come back to sue for damages.