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    Troll (1986)

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    A wicked troll king in search of a mystical ring that will return him to his human form invades a San Francisco apartment complex where a powerful witch lives.  That's right!  We are going to tackle the 1986 movie, Troll!  Troll stars, Sonny Bono, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Noah Hathaway, and Michael Moriarty!  Troll was directed by John Carl Buechler!  Join us for Troll!

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    The Hoax of Black Lives Matter - An Exceptionally Fake Movement.

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    The Fake Black Lives Matter Movement. How this movement is all about subterfudge and trying to trick people. While some people real Black Americans might be protesting because they don't understand what the movement is doing and they think is for Black Americans, you may want to understand that the entire movement is subterfudge for the democratic party.

  • The Real Deal or Fabulous Fake? How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome.

    in Motivation

    Sometimes, when we're going big and stepping into our authenticity we can feel like a fraud.  "Impostor Syndrome" effects up to 70% of the population according to studies. The outside world can say, "yes, I see who you are and you're so awesome!" and something inside us wonders how we were able to fool them.

    In this episode, host Jessica Nevins & co-host Therese Tucker dig into what is underneath "Impostor Syndrome." We will take a look and see if it's modesty run rampant or the not so pretty lack of self-acceptance.  We'll be here to hold your hand through the process, so call in with your questions when we're LIVE!

    This show is brought to you by the most EPIC 8-week telecourse out there: “Create a Red Carpet Life with All Access to Power, Purpose, and Wealth.” YES!  We’re keeping the doors open, but only for a few hours!!! We're doing this just for you 'cuz we want you have these goods!  And the price point is a serious no brainer.  Get yo’ access here: http://bit.ly/1Ke3O90

    As always, if you want to hang out with us after the show or just say hi during the week, holla at us on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/divineitgirlradio

  • People Get Fake When Shit Get Real

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    The Burka BigMouth

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         The Burka Muslim Terrorist BIG MOUTH felt she hated America so much  she can open her Muslim Terrorist Mouth and make DEMANDS on CLOSING THE SCHOOL FOR get this MUSLIM TERRORIST HOLIDAYS. 

    No CHRISTIAN STOPPED HER or her TERRORIST friends at the school board meeting. 

    You want respect? CHRISTIANS must demand respect by any way it takes, Even if it means defending Christians and getting your hands dirty. Nobody stopped her or called the Cops or told her to shut the hell up.

    It is TIME to take the gloves off and FIGHT FOR CHRISTIANS worldwide.

    God did not make you to be a DOORMAT to Muslims so stop acting like one.


    I got a responce for her and her Muslim Terrorist community

  • Anchors Away With Admiral Lyons

    in Television

    Please Share Episode #331: Welcome aboard Voices of Global Freedom featuring Admiral James ('Ace') Lyons, US Navy (Ret.) provides a clear comprehensive overview of Muslim Islamic Jihad Terrorist threats throughout our homeland.

    First Segment:  Admiral Lyons Served in the U.S. Navy for thirty-six years as a Surface Warfare Officer including as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet based out of Honolulu Hawaii.Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of LION Associates.

    We are going to expose the diversity undermining our culture.

    Second Segment: Voices of Global Freedom hosts Backpack and Yoda talk about his new book Looking Glass Shattered: Cubicle Commando to Constitutional Conservative Leader.

    Don't miss this high energy, entertaining, informative show covering current threats to our liberty and how to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times..  

    Voices of Global Freedom archives:




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    SASDogs Episode S1013 05OCT15 SHTF Week Monday

    in Politics

    Join Joe tonight for Shit Hits the Fan Week day 1 leading up to 10/10 as prepping in your immediate neighborhood is discussed along with the usual rantings and callers. Special guests to be announced. If the player doesn’t work, right-click it and open in mew window.  Sworn American Sheepdogs with Joe Sworn. Call in or listen by phone at 845-277-9220 SASDogs is an uncensored call-in broadcast for Americans who are like-minded concerning the direction of the country’s future and what we are doing right now to get it there. If you think that America is a social and political mess, then SASDogs is your kind of show. SASDogs is not politically correct so if speaking bluntly and frankly is not your thing then this is not your show. Calls are not screened so expect the unexpected. SASDogs is for patriots, preppers, military enlisted and vets, young and old, cops, security, firefighters, and fired up civilians or anyone else who is their brother’s keeper. SASDogs mount up!

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    Dem Boiz in Da Hood! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Brotha Haroon!

    in Education

    Tune in to Str8up RealTalk Network for Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Haroon! Tonight at 8pm cst/9pm est!

    Join us tonight for "Dem Boiz in Da Hood"!

    It's no coincidence that Black communities are now plagued by militarized police and other agents of colonialism while the so called 'violence' among the people and police terror against the people in the hoods has increased..

    Who's causing the rutcus? Who are the terrorized and who are the terrorist? Is it Da Boiz in Da Hood or Dem Boiz n Our Hood..

    Log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk

    or call in to listen/comment/question @ 347-677-0917

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    Welcome to the FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Radio Network…

    This broadcast is rated PG-13

    We will NOT be using the BTR chat room tonight, but tonight we will be using the Mixlr Chat Room for the broadcast but broadcasting both on BTR & simulcasting Mixlr.




    Listen close as the Host will make an announcement and at the top of the hour for the break.

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    in Current Events

    Matthew Burke is a retired Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force  Safety Superintendent for an Electronic Combat Group encompassing over 2,000 personnel and $1.5B in assets. Prior to this, he oversaw traffic management, safety, aircraft maintenance, and was an anti-terrorist taskforce leader overseas. Matthew is currently engaged in a doctorate study with Walden University. He is a social scientist seeking a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration with an emphasis in Emergency Management.His background includes various duties in Emergency Management Services, security, firefighting,culinary arts,agriculture,adolescent development,ministry,human resources,student instruction,base operations,safety, and aircraft maintenance.Had deployments to Oman,Kyrgyzstan,Kuwait,and Afghanistan.

    Donny O'Malley should be an award winning actor based on his 6 year performance as an Infantry Officer in the play, "Marine Corps," which has been running since 1775. Donny was injured on set and was medically retired. Donny lives in his grandma's sunroom in a senior citizen community. His nextgig is a role starring as the President of a non profit organization in the show "Irreverent Warriors." He kindly asks that you read all his work and... watch all his shows before you kill yourself, and if you still decide to pull the trigger, please leave a suicide note that says,You failed me Donny,"or something to that effect.

    Paul Bristol with BC40 is expanding to take veterans on other outdoor adventures throughout the country. BC40 currently offers hunts in Colorado, Kentucky, and an epic fishing trip in British Columbia.BC40 has grown to provide a special place for our nation's veteran's to rediscover and reflect. BC40 is expanding to take veterans on other outdoor adventures throughout the country, BC40 currently offers hunts in Colorado, Kentucky, and an epic fishing trip in British Columbia.

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    The Best Hookups Happen When You Visit Another School

    in Comedy

    Jared is joined on this week's episode of The TFM Podcast by comic and cast member of truTV's Friends Of The People, Josh Rabinowitz, to read your emails and answer questions about how to get with a girl who's out of your league, whether or not to keep dating a girl who might have mental health issues, how to handle a girl who broke up with her boyfriend after you hooked up with her, thoughts on how to crush your 30th birthday in New York City, advice on getting through initiations, dealing with the desperation to get over your ex, and what to do as a high school kids with fake IDs looking to hook up with college girls. All that, plus news from http://totalfratmove.com with ManSamp. Check it out!

    Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/JTrain56 ... twitter.com/Josh_Rabinowitz ... twitter.com/ManSamp ... twitter.com/StandUpNYLabs

    Watch live on YouTube, Mondays at 3:00pm:

    Subscribe to TFM on iTunes itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-t…id672249013?mt=2

    Listen to all our other great podcasts at http://standupnylabs.com!