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    Diets and Fads

    in Entertainment

    How many of us have been on some sort of DIET at least once in our lifetime?  I'm sure 8 out of every ten are on one right now, What is it about us that makes us spend our hard earned money on different fads and diet programs and contributing to this billion dollar industry, instead of taking the traditional route of changing bad eating habits and exercising?
    Join us in our weekly forum on Tuesday, November 5, at 8:00pm on Blogtalkradio.
    Our panel will be discussing why we are so addicted to "quick fix" fad diets and why it is a multi billion dollar industry.

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    Neknominate and other deadly fads teens are participating in

    in Blogs

    Do you really know what your kids are up to on the Internet? There are many deadly fads making their way across the airways. These fads are killing many young adults. What are your kids doing on the web? It seems the latest craze is neknominate, a deadly drinking game that has killed five young men.

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    Urban Therapy with Sun #68 Disturbing Fads and Trends in Pop Culture

    in Lifestyle

    Call it a sign of the times or call it a form of expression or sometimes call it fruity or even ugly. Whatever you might call it, it's going on today whether you see it on t.v., at a concert or on the street and more than likely you won't be able to keep from staring or making sure you protect yourself.

    Here's what we're going to be covering this week on Urban Therapy with Sun.

    Young people tatooing their faces.

    Male rappers wearing skirts

    Women with kids who switch from being straight to being bisexual

    The knockout game

    Genital shaving

    Social Media Meets and Greets

    Dressing half neckett at events

    Taping fights fights and posting to YouTube and World Star Hip Hop

    How have camera phones and social media affected all of these things? Would people be as passionate about the named fads and others if the cameras weren't rolling and the pictures weren't gonna be posted?

    Is all of this stuff new or has some of it just been remixed?

    Let's take a hard look at this stuff and let's try to figure some of it out.

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    Curtis Harwell and Kim Duke Discuss Fitness Fads The Good and The Bad

    in Fitness

    Wacky workouts

    It used to be that hunting for things to eat and running from the clutches of wild beasts was enough to keep the body fit. Then there was farming and the basic manual labors of life to keep us trim. But sometime after the industrial revolution, conveniences became plenty, we moved to cities, and we started getting weak and pudgy — which also contrasts wildly with the wisdom of the experts and the Western ideal. What to do? Exercise! But fitness for its own sake is so abstract and unattractive to so many that we’ve come up with no end of novel ways to get motivated. Consider the following

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    The Multiverse and Chaosphere from Michael Moorcock

    in Radio

    On Thursday March 5th, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will
    have a discussion on the magical heroic fantasy fiction of British
    literary lion Michael Moorcock. Moorcock. Although Moorcock did not coin
    the term Multiverse he did much to popularize it in his Elric of
    Melnibone series. H.G. Wells used it in Men like Gods, and Richard
    Shaver's Red Dwarf called it the "Simultane." Parallel Worlds is perhaps
    the best description of it. What Moorcock did coin was the "Chaosphere"
    that mace-like symbol of the black ball with eight spearheads emerging
    that was adopted by Peter Carroll as the symbol for their Chaos Magick
    system. Moorcock's literary concept of the Chaos world is presented as
    an ocean of swirling colors and energies dashing against the cliffs of
    his fantasy world -- and periodically invading and claiming lands ruled
    by the Lords of Law. The Lords of Chaos, one of which is Elric's patron,
    play a constant game with men as the pawns. Moorcock was perhaps
    influanced by Vance's Cudgel, to create his anti-hero The Albino
    ex-emperor Elric of Melnibone, who struggles to overcome the sociopathic
    heritage of his race and finally secumbs to it under the influence of
    his black-magick sword which is a vampiric weapon with a evil mind of
    its own. This was a perfect fictional character for the darkness that
    followed the era of the flower children, a presage of the current goth
    and black metal fads. Moorcock describes himself as an anarchist and is
    a controversial literary figure in Britain. He is presently writing a
    Dr. Who novel, his first using someone else's character. So if you want
    to discover the magick of Michael Moorcock tune in and we'll navigate
    the multiverse.


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    Overweight, Obesity, Eating Disorders: How Can Hypnosis Help?

    in Health

    Our culture today has become obsessed with diets. Instead of that word simply meaning, "that which you eat", it has become a word that implies deprivation, starving, restriction, and sacrifice. There are so many fads and theories about how to achieve that perfect body, (whether realistic or not), and yet more and more people are suffering with allergies, digestive disturbance, and more serious conditions like cancer, celiac, and Crohn's Disease, as well as eating disorders such as anorexia, bulemia, pica, and Pradar Willi Syndrome. Despite the media and the quest for the perfect figure, the obesity epidemic continues and we know all too well (hopefully) how this condition can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, not to mention other conditions like arthritis that are complicated by increasing weight.  

    Last time, we discussed how Ayurveda views food as medicine and how to incorporate Ayurvedic principles to achieve perfect weight and balance. Today Nick and Joanna will be discussing how hypnosis can help manage and heal the myriad of eating disorders that seem to affect us today.

    Is it a matter of willpower, or are we powerless to make the changes we need to make to live a happier, healthier life where we can live longer and prevent disease before it starts?

    Whether it's a matter of a few pounds you would like to lose, or a more serious problem of obesity and/or a related illness, hypnosis can help, along with a sensible diet and lifestyle that decreases stress, and brings some ease and sanity to this epidemic problem.  

    Find us always at www.thekalyanacentre.com / www.drjoannacarmichael.com or 484-412-8815.  

    Receive 20% off an initial consultation with Nick or Joanna when you mention this show! 

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    Vaccinations: Truth vs. Myth

    in Moms and Family

    Follow this link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/twinstripletsandmore and join Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy and Erin Castro January 30, 2015 1:30 pm PST for their weekly show “Raising Twins, Triplets, Quads and More” Ronda and Erin both mothers' of triplets discuss daily life of raising multiples. Discussion of fertility, pregnancy, loses and general advice and money saving tips. This week’s episode " Vaccinations: Truth vs. Myth"  There has been a lot of talk about the benefits and dangers of vaccinations, join us in a healthy debate of both sides of this issue.  If you have questions or comments call 347-855-8206.

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    Boundaries: Energy attracts like

    in Spirituality

    We live in & participate in a world that spreads news, trends, and fads daily. Distribution of information is often intense and enthusiastic - for or against - events, people, & ideas. How does this affect us & our boundaries? Our brief talk is followed with a guided meditation to practice setting boundaries.

    Challenged by stress, weight & health, energy, or finances? Get help via:

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/divine-healingpaq Free Podcasts

    http://www.healingpaq.org/self-healing.html Self-Healing Class (by Tel)

    http://www.healingpaq.org/services.html#eamen 1-on-1 Assistance (by Tel)

    * healingPAQ: 2013 & 2014 Five Star rating by GreatNonprofits.org




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    Matt Fitzgerald: Diet Cults

    in Health

    Matt Fitzgerald -- author of Diet Cults: The Surprising Fallacy at the Core of Nutrition Fads and a Guide to Healthy Eating for the Rest of Us -- stops by discuss the "scientific schtick" lying at the foundation of today's popular diets. 

    Topics include:

    * Why the ancestral paleo diet is actually one of the "newest" diets around.
    * Why Matt thinks gluten-free diets are B.S.
    * The 3 things successful weight losers have in common.
    * A lot more! (A whole lot more...)

    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.




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    "Same Old Song"

    in Fitness

    Well its a new year, and a new you yes? Here come all those new trends that will be coming your way, and those magic bullets to weight loss. So how many of those will work, and how many wont? Join hosts Laurie Towers and Elite Ziegelman as they welcome guest Brandon Overstreet and discuss the effective route to those New Years fitness resolutions.

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    @Ms_Terree aka The Frugal Foodie

    in Cooking

    A little about me: I've been a finalist in a cooking demonstration competition, prepped and plated up food alongside some famous Food Network chefs, volunteered at large food and wine charity events, and judged at World Food Championships competitions in California and the Finals in Las Vegas. But my greatest passion is for quality food that doesn't bust the average family's budget!

    I am not a vegetarian, but I do like to balance my diet by eating healthier during the week. So, I observe #MeatlessMondays and #FishFridays because it's not just healthy, but also economical (and good for the environment)! If you're a die-hard meat-eater like me, you won't give up meat for even one meal a week unless the dish tastes great. So I search out dishes where you don't feel like it's missing something or lacking flavor!

    I will also talk about what you can do with things on sale, or re-purposing leftovers. I once fed a hungry group of 20 poker players a corned beef & cabbage dinner on St. Patrick's Day, (yes, mostly men) for only $20. And a few went back for second and third helpings!

    I have met some very cool, fun people in the food industry,and I hope I'll be able to share their stories - -  starting with my own! I'll also tackle some of the food news or trends that pop up and share my take on these fads, while sharing information and recipes.

    I have no formula set in stone about how this show will go moving forward, so if I get a lot of interest, I may address questions on air that you send to me! So please tell your friends about this show and let's have some fun while we save money!

    @Ms_Terree aka The Frugal Foodie