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    Auction and BOI Groups On Facebook

    in Pets

    OK so let's talk about Auction and BOI groups on FB. Do You love them or Hate them. Do you think these kinds of groups are good for the hobby? Call in and let us know. What you take on things are tonight. This should make for a fun show. I myself have some negative thoughts toward all this. But that's is just me. So hang on for some fun tonight. This should be a great show and I can't wait to get some folk's on the air to talk.

  • Support Groups Matter - Survivors Matter - with Craig Sicilia

    in Radio

    Brain Injury Support groups save lives, build communities and give meaning to a life affected by brain injury
    Many who think about groups, think it may just be coffee and a donut but they are so much more than that, groups for many are the only connection to society, any connection to any other person that is not a medical profession or pharmacist dish out medicines.  
    Groups get people into the community if their facilitated right, doing healthy activities such as yoga, meditation and nutrition and exercise.   They can help survivors and their families find a purpose that has meaning.  Even after years of being stuck in hopeless mode.  It saves lives, for many survivors who first discover others who have the same challenges, it can be the first glimpse of hope.  Hope that life is not only about loss and pain.  Hope that life can have meaning.  No other services available to those living with a brain injury can inspire hope like peer support.
    We are doing this episode to share with any and all who ever want to limit support groups, we need people to understand the power in Peer support groups, the power to rebuild life, and dreams..
    #supportgroupsmatter    #survivorsmatter 


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    Beauty Talk Panel Discussion on Facebook Makeup Posts

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    Tonight on Beauty Talk, we answer some of your Facebook Makeup posts. Join our panel discussion as we try to tackle some of your makeup concerns tonight at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT. Join the conversation with your comments and questions at 914.803.4399. Tune in at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/BeautyTalkwithIllusions. Follow us on Twitter @Beauty_Talk and follow the conversation by using the Hashtag #BeautyLounge and #BeautyTalk.

  • Denial: The New Facebook

    in Christianity

    People say, "Lord, Lord, but deny Him behind Facebook and all other types of social media. Cowards hide, but true soldiers of the Lord stand face to face and toe to toe in the face of the enemy. Which one are you? Listen to this message and either you are all in or not. Either you will be offended or motivated. The banner reads "We Are Never Scared!

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    The Facebook Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    I will be dicussing Facebook,what are the pros and cons of Facebook? Is Facebook having a negative affect on Americas society? If so how is it affecting users? Do you know facebook conducted psychological test on their users without their consent? Lets have some real talk.

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    What do U really look like on Facebook-Certified Coach Cheryl A. Pullins shares.

    in Motivation

    Good Deeds presents Cheryl A. Pullins. Cheryl is an internationally acclaimed Certified Coach, Amazon Bestselling Author and award-winning speaker in the areas of branding, personal development and leadership.  

    Cheryl knows what it takes to overcome and transform lives because she started with her own.

    For more than twenty years Cheryl climbed the corporate ladder as a Human Resources professional, but had an epiphany that because of her personal experiences she was to play a bigger game. She decided to step into her power, embrace her authenticity and use her voice to make a difference in the world. With a leap of faith she started her own business, and in less than two years she became an influential thoughtleader in her industry, and a voice to women about how to turn their trials in triumphs.

    Since taking that leap, Cheryl has received both national and international recognition for her work and commitment for helping elite level women entrepreneurs go from invisible to irresistible, and become "best in class" in their industry.

    As a lover of all things branding, Cheryl's passion is centered around teaching highly ambitious and influential women how to turn their ideas into an iconic brand of choice, so they can enlarge their presence, expand their influence and elevate their income while making a difference in the world.

    Cheryl is an internationally acclaimed Certified Coach, Amazon Bestselling Author and award-winning speaker in the areas of branding, personal development and leadership.  

    Cheryl A. Pullins Bombshell of Branding + Strategy Whiz + Storytelling Sensation

    Founder of The Iconic Legacy Biz & Branding Boutique


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    #266 Tips for Treating Small Groups of Young Children with Autism

    in Parents

    Join speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP of www.teachmetotalk.com for this week's podcast. 

    Today's guest is Monae Mayurama, SLP from Las Vegas. She's developed her own interactive books that she uses in small group sessions with preschoolers. I learned about Monae from an SLP I met several years ago while teaching one of my courses in Georgia. She sent me this glowing email about Monae's work:

    "I started to work in the schools this year and work with an amazing speech therapist Monae. She has taught me so much about working with autistic children, especially in a small group setting.  This has always been a challenge for me, but she has a true gift.

    She has authored and designed an entire series of interactive  books and uses them so beautifully in small group lessons to target so many language goals. She has an amazing way of including imitation and receptive targets in her group sessions.

    I told her about the work that you do... I also thought she would be an AMAZING guest on your podcast to explain how she is able to target language goals in a group setting and how she is able to work with children on so many levels at once since this is an area of difficulty for many of us." 

    I'm excited to hear Monae's strategies and I know you will be too! 

    Here's the post at teachmetotalk.com with more information about her books and favorite songs:





  • Ten Ways How To Build Thousand-Member Networking Groups

    in Business

    Networking Event Profits (www.networkingeventprofits.com) has unveiled a comprehensive online training course that teach individuals how to build thousand-member networking groups.

    Steven David Elliot is a successful entrepreneur, realtor, guerilla marketer and the creator of the largest face-to face business network in North Carolina. He is available for interviews.

    Steven willl discuss:

    How to get your first group off the ground and running quickly
    Meetups Money Strategies and how to get people to not just sign up, but show up- position yourself as a leader
    How to find strategic partners who will recruit members into your network and how to recruit “ambassadors” who will create viral buzz about your network
    How to make your networking events profitable, how to receive regular referrals for your business, and gain massive visibility for your products and services
    How to use “satellite” events to boost your visibility even further and planning and running profitable special local events
    How to have venues clamoring to give you space, food and beverages for free.
    How to help those in your business network grow their business and how to support local charities.
    How to make your events THE must attend events
    How to set up alliances with influential people who will make your network go viral
    How to leverage your network to create an abundance of leads and referrals

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    Poppa L Old School Flava Sunday Battle of The Groups

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    Here we go as promised the battle of the groups Isley Brothers and BloodstoneAugust 16th 2015 at 4pm with Poppa L. and CM Dub. It's going down so tune in. The Isley Brothers are known for jams like Between the sheets and It's your thing. Then we have Bloodstone with hits like Natrual High and We go a long way back. Well all i can say is make sure you have your ears locked on Poetic Designs Radio this Sunday call in and shout out. And the best thing is we have shows all week so listen in and get your PDR fix. Be a friend and tell a friend you can call in and listen 657-383-0107 or on the net at poeticdesignsradio.com. So sit back and relax and enjoy this sweet trip down memory and your day will never be the same

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    How to make more money on blogtalk radio by using facebook!

    in Entertainment

    I tell you the real money making secrets to making more money with blogtalk combined with facebook. Learn all about it!

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    Talley Cafe Live Facebook Radio Now

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    Talley Cafe Live Facebook Radio Now