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    Facebook Freaks

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    Have you ever been fooled by somebody on Facebook? Even been sold a crock of bs from someboody you though you knew just because you bonded thru facebook? If so we want to talk to you.

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    SF #181 Happy Holidaze 2014

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    Mordant and Mcfall will tackle the holiday joys and struggles of this season that we all face. From the great gifts we get and give, to the lows of ugliness and other things we don't like. We are here to level up your holiday season and make it enjoyable for you.

    A dynamic team whose mission statement is “Help Others Be Awesome,” R. Mordant Mahon & Charles McFall use their energetic sense of humor and creative coaching style to inspire others to Level Up - their businesses, relationships, and their lives as a whole.  Whether entertaining and edifying on their comedic motivational talk show, Success Freaks or encouraging and challenging people to dance outside comfort zones via their galvanizing keynote speeches, Mordant & McFall always succeed in giving your mind and spirit something to chew on while putting enough laughter in your heart to make you smile out loud.

    Level Up Your Life - Mordant & McFall will speak about their own guide to Leveling Up Your Life. Our motto is HOBA - Help Others Be Awesome.  Helping others benefits everyone involved.  Enjoy their comedic spin on how to get the most out of your life and how to get out of your own way.

    Website:  http://www.successfreaks.com/


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    Facebook and Feelings

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    Why do we share our feeling on facebook. Be happy, sad, anger, subbing we get on fb and probably confuse more on it then we would to ppl we deal with on a daily. Why is it easier to type what we feel then it is to verbally speak to someone. Why has facebook become the voice for most of us

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    Facing the Book? Facebook!

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    Games, Requests, Notifications, and your VeRy Identity/ies? Open Facebook Chat about, of All things, Facebook!

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    Facebook Marketing Do's and Dont's

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    If you are doing your own Facebook Marketing and you are not sure what you should and should not be doing then you will want to listen in to this show. We will be discussing Facebook business pages, groups, events and ads.

    Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany of What's Up SWFL Social Media Bootcamp will be discussing and givng some practial tips on what you should be doing and what you should avoid doing when marketing on Facebook. This is for those who ar just getting started or are not having the results they would like to be getting.

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    Facebook Promoted Posts & SEO Awards

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    Today Fabio and I will disuss the changes happening on Facebook re: promoted posts and reach. What it means for you and your company / brand etc... And David has a bone to pick about "SEO Awards."

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    Mari Smith: Facebook Marketing Expert

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    Mari Smith is one of the world’s top social media thought leaders, widely recognized for her Facebook marketing expertise.

    She is the author of The New Relationship Marketing and co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.

    Fast Company described Mari as, “A veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz and Pied Piper of the Online World.”

    Forbes named Mari one of the top ten Social Media Power Influencers several years in a row, and Dun & Bradstreet Credibility named Mari one of the top ten Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter. 

    Mari’s background includes over twelve years in the fields of relationships, marketing and Internet technology.

    As a passionate social media leader, Mari travels the US and internationally to provide engaging social media keynotes and in-depth training to entrepreneurs and corporations.

    A self described “bubbly Scottish-Canadian,” Mari lives in San Diego, California.


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    SF#177 – Down The Rabbit Hole

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    Should you stay safe and comfortable in your life – especially since everything is working great?  Or is it better to seize the adventure, mixing things up and initiating the changes you’ve been yearning to experience?  When not “rocking the boat” means allowing complacency and lethargy to consume the time it might take to become […]

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    SF #176 – To Vote or Not to Vote

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    To Vote or Not to Vote – that is the question.  Is it true, as Dan Rather states, “Only votes talk, everything else walks”?  Or can you give voice to political questions without voting and have it still mean something?  With the 2014 Midterms boasting the lowest voter turnout since World War II (36.4%), it […]

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    Networking CEO: Sherri -Lee Woycik, Facebook Marketing

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    Since 2010, Sherri-Lee Woycik has worked with a variety of companies from book authors to auto detailers to gourmet grocery stores to large hotel chains to leverage the power of social media to help them tell their story, build their connections and drive customers to their businesses.

    Sherri-Lee works with her clients to create powerful Facebook marketing funnels that generate leads and create happy customers for her clients.

    Sherri-Lee is also a sought after speaker and trainer and enjoys connecting with a variety of business owners to help them leverage the power of Facebook for their businesses.

    She is a single mom of two kids who she home schools and enjoys creating adventures for them all to experience together.

  • Facebook Drama???????

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    Tonight is going to be a good show.  We are going to be discussing all the Facebook drama.  From he said she said to bullying to bully beat down.  Has social media gone to far?  Has social media given society a reason not to communicate face to face?  What is going on with kids and social media?  Do we put to much emphasis on social media?  Are we giving these social media networks too much power?  These are just a few things that we are going to dig in tonight and so much more, so tune in from 7pm to 9pm and call in at 347-308-8813 to join in the conversation.

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