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    **Year End Review/** Poetry Party/** BornDay Celebration **

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    Please tune in to the last Sunday show of 2013..From all walks of life* an awesome line-up of Brothers and Sisters bringing their gifts and talents.. Giving you a taste of some of the line-up**  Kelvin Grayco Gray X, Nasir Shabazz Mutah Muhammad, Arian Nicole, Problem 13, Raashidah Bilal, JahStayingElevated, Godzulu, Tahirah L Souljah Gyrl, Afiya Funkysoultress Bey, YourSister Alexis, Face2Face, Lachele Muhammad and many more :-) ...  Call in # 424-243-9523

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    ** Poetry Party 2 ** Yall Ready For This ? !!!!

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    Thanking Allah for the success of my first Poetry Party,, which has inspired a continuation of extraordinary Poets and Musicians to come on and showcase their talents..... THE LINE-UP : AMBER ANN LYONS, FACE2FACE, CHARLES D.BROOKS lll, ROBBYBABYDARKPOET, PROBLEM 13, NAM OSHUN, KNOWURENEMY, WIL FULLER, HARK THE POET, DARREN MUHAMMAD, ROMEO D'NATI ..  ;- )  !!!!

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    **Marc King** LatinHipHop from Peru

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    Marc King , latin hiphop artist out of Lima, Peru  is bringing great Conscious hiphop music that is sure to wake up the youth and bring about change.. He has collaborated with artist such as Stean Fight, Imstone (Ghana),Face2Face (Cote dIlvoire, West Africa) and more..Tune in to hear great music and the message he is conveying.. Joining the program to help with translation is Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad (popular blogtalk host from Black Whole Radio talk show).. We're doing it Internationally **  Yall Ready For This ????    ;- )

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    Networlding College Student Leadership Series

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    Join me, Ilana Greene, Ric Landry and Melissa Giovagnoli.
    Ric Landry is the founder and chairman of  Face2Face Digital, a 21st century model for individual and corporate outplacement. 
    Melissa is one of the world's leading experts on the development of networks. 
    Ilana Greene is an active reporter for Forbes, Chicago Now (Tribune blog), WSJ and many others. 

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    Business InSight with Rick Krigel

    in Romance

    I showcased Rick Krigel from Face2faceexperts.com. His segment started ten minutes into the show. Please listen in to learn more about how you can either become a "Face2Face" expert and get paid to do it, or how to find experts on most every subject you can think of, and be "Face2Face" with them online. Then at 25 minutes into the show, Rosalind Sedacca, CCT was interviewed about her work as a marriage, divorce and relationship coach. 

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    Interview with animal communicator Asia Voight

    in Self Help

    Asia Voight is an internationally known Intuitive Guide, Animal Communicator, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host and Author. Asia connects with animals on a soul level to help resolve emotional and behavioral issues and assists them in deepening their bond with their human companions. She also helps people to reconnect with their own intuition, healing ability, potential and life’s purpose. Throughout a fifteen-year practice, Asia has assisted over 60,000 animal and human clients. In her Animal Communication and Intuitive Development Workshops, Asia generously shares her skills by guiding course participants to connect with their own intuition, allowing them to uniquely opening up to total brilliance in their lives. Asia’s work has been featured on ABC, NBC, and Fox TV as well as countless radio interviews like the Rick Lamb Show and Hay House Radio. Asia is published in three books, including, Extraordinary YOU, The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life and Pearls of Wisdom, 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now with Jack Canfield. Watch for Asia on the big screen, as her powerful story of fire and transformation will be highlighted in a full-length movie, entitled Face2Face.

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    One Heart at a Time

    in Prayer

    Since I began this show, the focus has been America. We have discussed the issues and problems, and we have discussed possible solutions. I have had some wonderful guests with whom I have talked a great deal about taking America back - God's way..

    There is still so much to say regarding what we can do to effect change in America, but I have felt that we need to change the format a bit, and the show will be undergoing a transition in the next few weeks.

    I am going to take time during each show to reach out to listeners that need prayer, counsel and prophetic ministry.

    On this episode, we are going to have the TRANSFORMATION Apostolic-Prophetic Council minister to listeners. This council is a group of seasoned, mature, dedicated apostles and prophets who have a heart for bringing His love and life to anyone who asks.

    Do you need God to touch your heart in a particular way? Do you need prayer? Are you in need of a word from God that will set you free? Do you need counsel?

    Join with us and get blessed... whether you are listening or being directly ministered to, you will be touched.

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    Take Back America - God's Way. Who Are We Voting For?

    in Religion

    This is a special 2 hour show dedicated to getting to know who we might be voting for in the upcoming elections. What do they really stand for? Do they put their trust in God? How do they plan on making things better?

    This show is set in a forum format We have invited several candidates who have a strong relationship with Christ, and who will talk about how they plan to do their part to turn things around in our state, and in our nation.

    The confirmed guests we have so far are Texas congressional candidates Donna Campbell and Clayton Trotter, and Andy Barron, a write in candidate who is running for Texas governor.

    It's not too late if any more candidates would like to be heard. Just call in to the show and identify yourself.

    Please don't miss your opportunity to hear the hearts of these people, and ask them questions we all need answers to.

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    Take Back America - God's Way. What are we doing to reach out to our city?

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    This Tuesday I have a guest who understands the concept of the Church of the city, and she - along with the organization she works for, are definitely doing their part to reach their city for Christ.

    Her name is Dania Heffington. Dania currently works at Austin Bridge Builders Alliance,(ABBA) as the Citywide Ministries Coordinator. ABBA works to unite the Body of Christ in order to meet the needs of the city so that every man, woman, and child sees, hears and experiences the love of Jesus.

    Dania is a UT alumni, wife, mother of twin teenage girls, and worshiper of God. Growing up, Dania saw acceptance of all Christians – without regard to denomination, social status, or ethnicity – worshiping together in her parents’ home every week. So to her, there truly was no male nor female, Jew nor Greek in the Body of Christ.

    Imagine her surprise when as a young adult, she suggested to her pastor that their youth group partner with another youth group for a social event and was told “we don’t do that.” That was the seed from which grew a desire to live a life that was intentional about helping others look beyond the things that can be perceived as barriers to coming together with other Believers.

    Dania believes, most things that initially prevent Christians from fellowshiping with one another become nonessential when you gather together in prayer to seek God’s heart on things. “Bottom line,” she says, “is that Jesus is coming back for his bride – not Brides plural. I’m really looking forward to seeing how beautiful that Bride will be.”

    You can learn more about them at www.abbaconnect.net.

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    Will Islam Succeed in Taking Over America?

    in Islam

    I will be interviewing Rev. Majed El Shafie, ex muslim who is now radically serving the Lord. He has an amazing testimony of miraculous survival during imprisonment and torture in Egypt.

    Our topic of discussion will be the invasion of the radical Islamic agenda in the United States, and how we can reach out with the love of Christ to the Muslim community.

    Visit his website: http://onefreeworldinternational.org/?q=revmajedelshafie
    Watch his interviews with Sid Roth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVKRTezphW

    You won't want to miss this one!

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