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    Reality, Delusion & Shedding Our Ego - Beth Green

    in Spirituality

    Beth Green joins Ari Kopel for a candid discussion about being immersed in this reality, our delusions and the importance of shedding our ego.


    Beth Green is a counselor and teacher of tremendous depth and breadth. She fearlessly confronts traditional beliefs that don’t serve, lends her powerful intuitive skills to piercing people’s facades and helps liberate them from destructive and self-destructive patterns. To achieve these ends, Beth has developed many innovative and original modalities and tools that help individuals and collectives achieve greater wellbeing and awareness.

    Also to be discussed are:

    Manifestation Consciousness
    How to become engaged in Higher Consciousness
    New Age Movement challenges

    Join us for this spiritual, reality-check Saturday, February 7th at 6pm PST/9pm EST

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    The many Facades of death

    in Movies

    Join me as I talk with Phil Nichols of Facades FX Lab. We'll be talking about the gooey stuff!

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    Why the idea of trying to make a good impression on a man or woman is a mistake

    in Relationships

    "Upfront & Straightforward" Host Alan Roger Currie conducts another one of his entertaining "Open Forum Discussion" format shows, with this one centering on the drawbacks and weaknesses of attempting to leave men and women with a "good impression" of yourself in a first conversation and/or a first date

    Get a FREE copy of Alan Roger Currie's "Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking" on Audible.com

    Get a FREE copy of Alan Roger Currie's "The Possibility of Sex: How Naïve and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly" on Audible.com 

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    Empathic Seeker: Tips For Thriving During This Current Wacky Energy

    in Spirituality

    Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses ways to thrive during this current wacky energy.


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    Author Mahogany Brown: "My Soul Looks Back And Wonders How I Got Over!"

    in Women

    I had the absolute honor and pleasure to indulge in one of the most compelling conversations with author Mahogany Brown who has completed her dynamic book, "My Soul Looks Back And Wonders How I Got Over"

    What make Ms. Brown's work so touching is that it doesn't contain any false superficial facades as it shoots straight from the hip about the many phases and levels of her existence grabbing life by the horns and letting the chips fall as they may.

    Mahogany bares her soul in the bravest manner and places her life up as a sacrificial lamb in order to free those brothers and sisters from those same shackles that caused her to deal with a wide range of the demons that are so ready to become a part of ones life when a person appears to be down.

    Enjoy our exchange and feel free to leave your responses, thoughts and comments below.

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    Field Punishment Number One

    in Spirituality

    All sacrifice at length, is Christ, manifest both in us, and through us.

    God will give a witness to Himself; He will be shown and seen.......He will bring into its fullness, all that is manifest in His Son.......this is the shaking.......the shaking will loose all that is not of Him; and leave only that which is Christ. We often think of this last shaking out as judgement, or punishment.......but in reality, it is so much more.......it is God setting things in His perfect order, according to who people are in Him. In seismic waves of Light and Truth, He exposes all for who they are to Him. When God reveals, all the games are over, all the masks come off, and all of the facades will, at last, fall down........His, will be His.......Truth will be fulfilled.

    It all depends on whether we are willing to step into the Light.......it depends upon whether we want the Truth.......and the truth is, that when we are crushed; Christ remains.......like a balm of restoration and healing.

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    Social Media in 2014 - Instagram and Beyond

    in Motivation

    Welcome to my show "Social Media in 2014"

    Where I talk about where social media has taken our generation since MySpace days to Facebook to Instagram. I'll be talking about social media facades, real life issues, social media pet peeves, crazy habits of social media, what would life be like without social media?!?!?

    You don't want to miss this show! It's going to be as usual... REAL... Unscripted... LIVE...and always hilarious!

    Listen to my archived episodes at www.blogtalkradio.com/missdagmara

    Instagram: @missdagmara

    Twitter: @missdagmara

    Facebook: Real Talk with Miss Dagmara


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    LIVE! with Cathi-Sochi, IT'S OUR TIME!

    in Fitness


    Did you know it doesn't snow in sub tropical Sochi.

    Olympic games begin Feb 6 in Sochi Russia.  A shining new $635 million dollar highway on the outskirts of Sochi stands next to a crumbling slum apartment block with a RED 'SOS' banner on its roof.

    Russia says 'IT'S OUR TIME' but at whos expense. What hides behind the Olympic facades is distrubing.


    Sochi's DARK SIDE...etc.

    Many residents without running water...etc.

    Communal outhouses had to be...etc.

    Slums are one of many facets...etc.

    From dysfunctional Soviet Leviathan to...

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    in Religion

    This evening's broadcast is about INTEGRITY. There are many people within the Body of Christ who are NOT operating in INTEGRITY. They scam, flimflam, deceive, manipulate and put on facades. Today, we will discuss the importance of INTEGRITY for a Follower of Christ. Does INTEGRITY REALLY MATTER? 

    Definition of Integrity:  the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.  Sentence: "He is known to be a man of integrity"

    Questions to ponder:

    1. Do I walk in Integrity?
    2. What does my FRUIT show?
    3. Do I only do "good work" or "live right" when I think someone is watching?

    Memory Verse: Proverbs 10:9  ESV Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.

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    Chapter 10: Is The White Female The Devil Too?

    in Self Help

    The Brothers have done an amazing job getting the word out about who the devil really is, but do they only have it HALF correct? Let's explore this.

    White Female Babylon Whores Are Slated For Destruction By the Cosmos

    They want world peace(but only under white hegemony) --> Matthew 10:34
    They are pro-abortionists --> Exodus 20:13
    They are for pro-gay rights --> Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-27
    They supports gay marriage --> Romans:1:26-27
    They are environmentalist (& pioneered modern feminist materialism) --> Matt 6:25
    They promote feminism --> Timothy 2:12-14

    Revelations 18 - Whore of Babylon.

    The White Female = Whore of Babylon = Statue Of Liberty = USA.  These entities are 1 and the same in many respects. They allow all to come, flow into her without discretion, they are all known for materialism, decadence, hedenism. They pride themselves on control / facades.

    Her wine (philosophies, mental seductions, manipulation) entice many from all nations. She thinks herself untouchable: REV:18:7 "for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow."

    Self evaluation is the key here for both BM and BW. Evalute your surroundings, evaluate yourself, evaluate your friends. Put them to the test. Try them to see if they are like gold. Do this by putting yourself and your people first and by prefering your own nation, your own nature, your own culture and check any snide remarks or actions with truth - You will then see TRUE colors.

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    Stephan Labossiere

    in Entertainment

    Motivational Speaker and Author Stephan Labossiere a friend of The Sy Effect dicusses his new book, "God Where Is My Boaz"  as well as provide relationship tips. Seen, heard and chronicled in national and international media outlets including; the Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Examiner, ABC, and Huffington Post Live, to name a few. Stephan is highly sought-after because he is able to dispel the myths of relationship breakdowns and obstacles–platonic, romantic, and otherwise—with fervor and finesse. To coin a phrase by an individual who attended one of his speaking engagements, “he’s definitely the relationship guy, all relationships all the time.”

    With an international following of singles and couples alike, the name Stephan Labossiere is synonymous with breaking down relationship barriers, pushing past common facades, and exposing the truth. It is this understanding of REAL relationships that he brings to everyone he encounter


    Follow on Twitter: @StephanSpeaks

    Order "God Where Is My Boaz" on Amazon