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    Mouse over image to zoom Nylon Lycra Spandex Fabric Material fuchsia blue orang

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    Design: tie-dye, striped
    Fabric Content: nylon/lycra 
    Colors: white with fuchsia, turquoise, green, and orange
    Fabric Type: "Rachel" fabric, which is called a 2-way stretch, but which actually has stretch in all directions. 
    Dimensions: auction is for piece "bathing-suit" fabric, which is 22 inches (≈56 cm.) long and 13 inches (33 cm.) wide.  Check your pattern before purchasing this fabric,   to make sure it will suite your needs. 
    Washing Instructions: machine or hand wash; line dry, or machine dry low heat

    Use this fabric by itself or combine it with some of our solid colored fabrics. It is great for swimwear, ice skating dresses, gymnastics leotards and horse hoods, and much more!!!  

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    There is a moral and social breakdown in the fabric of our, society today.

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    Sadly but truly if you are expecting help, if you are in need of it. You will find that it is not coming. You are more likely to find your whole attack cover on social media. Stop waiting for help take some action now.  Take some responsibility for yourself and those you care about.

    This link shows a women being beat by another women as her 2 year old son and other watch this happened today.


    Get his book share it don't be a victim: www.amazon.com/gp/product/1494832518

    Positive Self Defense for Women, Positive Self Defense for Men, Positive Self Defense for Motorcycle Riders etc..

    The number are on the rise. Many of the attacks are on women and men.  Many of the attacks on women are on and by other women. 

    Have a great day, and weekend. Be safe and care out there.

    Let's Talk!

    Zurriane Bennett is an author and speaker.  He is a radio show host and the director the Z Success Team.  If you would like to learn more about him and or have him speak at your event contact him.

    E-mail: zzsuccess@aol.com
    Website: www.zurrianebennett.com

    A person who can read and will not has no advantage over a person who can not read.

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    Today's New Bread-Winning Mom: They're Not All Cut From The Same Bolt of Fabric

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    Hello there! Welcome to the new Chloé Show. We've changed our name to Bread-Winning Moms With Chloé. After discovering our main audience and who listens to the show most we want to say, Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to all the ladies, and gentlemen too, who love and support us by listening live or to the podcast. 

    Today, Chantél Thompson of Sweet Job Spot and I discuss today's new breed of bread-winning mothers... from single breadwinners, married breadwinners, married co-breadwinners, breadwinners of mixed families and married with all the bread. Because of education, career advancement, a global economy and the desire to be independent and economically free, women are becoming responsible for themselves and their families in a way we've never seen before.

    Chloé Taylor Brown is a three time author, transformational executive coach, lifestyle coach, PEP coach practitioner, and an advocate and mentor for young women and girls. Her books are available at Amazon.com. Connect with Chloé @ChloeTBrown 

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    The Wisdom To Be Generous...Matthew 10:8

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    The thread of generosity has been inextricably woven into the fabric of which Christ teaches. We must apply these teachings in the giving of our time, love and our possessions. Christ sent the disciples out to freely give of the gifts he gave to them that all men would receive Christ's love.  

    I have been posed with many questions from new converts about why we should give in church. In our lesson today, we will discuss why Jesus says to give freely as you have received freely and why His servants should be cared for and supported.  God gives us abundance in many things that we don't even consider; yet we want more. Let's show God how much we appreciate the gifts he gives to us by giving to Him unselfishly.  

    Join me today on A Journey in the Word broadcast here on Blogtalkradio.com; The Wisdom To Be Generous.

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    Dinner Specials with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson...Live

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    Winding down 2014...we are lucky to snag one more Great Broad before we close out a year full of wonderful guests and unexpected surprises.  Rose Gross-Marino is stitched into the fabric of music history.  Her years behind the scenes as well as her late husband, mastering engineer genius George Marino, have a legacy that is unrivaled.  Her book, Assorted Hits: Music, Murder, Mayhem and the Mob is part mystery, part romp, and all Rose.  Join May and Cynthia as they welcome this great dame to the show...

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    Faithful: Can You Love the One You're With -- Write Stuff -- 12/16/2014

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    There are a lot of reasons why people get divorced but among them are the hot issues of infidelity. When a spouse finds out that their husband or wife is cheating on them, it rips apart the fabric of the relationship. Sometimes the tear is so wide and so deep, that it cannot be repaired. Instead, the only option for some is to divorce.

    Is being faithful a thing of the past? We've heard stories of couples who remained faithful through thick and thin, up and down. For some, the idea of having an outside fling would never cross their minds. What has changed in our society that being faithful seems to be a figment of the imagination?

    Among Christians there is infidelity and we're supposed to be the poster children of love, marriage, and fidelity. Yet, it's nothing to hear of the pastor with so-and-so while this person is doing that with someone else. When we make the vow, 'forsaking all others', are we merely doing lip service because it's tradition or do we really mean it? 

    Can we love the one we're with? Can we truly be faithful?

    On this year's last episode of the Write Stuff I'll be talking about this issue with Minister Yvette Tatum as we discuss my newest release, The Other Man. You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app today. Any way you, can join us. 

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    Men's Bespoke Apparel

    in Fashion

    Amir Arrahim men's apparel bespoke designer has studied and observed men's fashion since he was 12 years old. He says, "It's my life's passion to be very involved in this tradition and this industry. I have also designed many garments over the past 25 years in the style of Bespoke designs. My entire wardrobe is full of my own designs. In the very near future I will be introducing my very first apparel line. Everyday of my life is either spent writing, creating, studying, designing or imagining how I will be introduced to the world of men's fashion and apparel." http://www.examiner.com/mens-fashion-in-atlanta/amir-arrahim

    Amir Arrahim , topics will talk creating garments from start to completion. Choosing the right types of fabrication for the seasons. Also, measuring to get that custom fit et


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    The Script Behind The Film-The Trial 2020.

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    Abraham Doe is from NYC. MBA Int'l business, worked Wall Street and Corporate America 30 years. One 4 credit film class undergrad - fell in love with film. Wants to contribute to strengthening the fabric of America via TV and film. Dec. 7, 2014 - PHOENIX -- A new TV court drama, "Trial 2020," about America's challenges defining "right" and "wrong," is right-timed and catching attention. Private discussions about acquisition options have begun.The Script Behind The Film introducing you to great film makers. The Cast

    Nadine Jackson - Beverly Whittington

    Sandy Penny - Blanche Anderson
    Eva Louis - Judge Rhonda Sanchez
    Tim Helmstadter - Neely McClelland
    Mark DeBoer - Johnny Wood
    Mark Rose - Officer Jack Adams
    Marc DeCrosta - Luther Brock
    Julie Van Lith - Mandie Chadsworth
    Joseph Martin Jauch - Mitchell McLaughlin
    Abraham Doe - Atwell Jake
    Miles Koudelka - Detective Thomas Kennedy
    Sylvie Cohen - Court Audience
    Susan Jude - Court Audience (as Susie Laskorski)
    Susan Rienzo - Bar Scene
    Daniel Blunk - Court Audience
    Rebecca Shriver - Court Audience
    Jessica Daniels - Court Audience
    Ryan Van Sickle - Court Audience
    Matt Cluever - Court Audience
    Janet Boudreau - Court Audience

    Also  Author Rene Abril  joins us with our giveaways We will make a random call to someone in the United States letting  them know they have won one of his books .Our way getting the artist out there in America.  If you heard one of our live calls, you would know 95% it will go wrong .

    Join us live Fri.

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    A Galactic Perspective with Sierra Neblina

    in Spirituality

    This week we have guest is Joshua Thomas Vojtisek – Educator and Entrepreneur of THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY. We will be speaking to Josh about the future of MAGRAV technology (MAgnetic and GRAVitational field technology)! Josh will discuss his new approach to this educational technology based on the principals of 'The Resonance Project' (Physics) There is Torque in the fabric of space-time. The Haramein-Rouscher solution.

    The Spaceship Institute (Engineering). By harnessing the TORQUE of the universe with the Keshe Plasma Generator.

    Searl Magnetics (Engineering) Harnessing the TORQUE of the universe with the Searl Effect Generator.

    Join us live to ask any questions by calling into the switchboard at 646-478-3085. 

    Be sure to go to our home page and click "Follow" to recieve updates on all our upcoming shows. 

    You can also learn more by clicking on www.galacticU.com


  • Flip Show #142: How to find a good real estate investor club

    in Real Estate

    Great real estate investing clubs (REIA's) are critical to the foundation of the real estate investing fabric of America. A good REIA gives you confidence, helps instill an abundance mentality, and helps you meet your goals. Victor Maas shares more in this FlipNerd.com Flip Show interview.

    Thanks for joining the FlipNerd Real Estate Investing podcast, where we interview the most experienced real estate investors in America. It's an incredible opportunity to learn about rental properties, rehabbing, wholesaling and assigning real estate, flipping houses, creative deals, and overall real estate investing education. We're the fastest growing real estate investing podcast in America, check out all of our incredible REI content!

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    Foods, Drinks, and Holiday Traditions

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    Sweet bread, a cross between a rich bread & dessert, is made from yeast dough, thus requiring home bakers to work like elves all night long to mix, knead, & bake the breads. The sweetness comes from a combination of sugar & dried fruits, while spices typically include cloves, nutmeg, mace, cardamom, & cinnamon. Some bakers combine dried fruits like raisins, currents, & prunes in a large bottle & steep them in rum or brandy for several weeks - or months - before adding to the batter. Whole pieces of dried fruits, including candied red & green cherries, are artistically laid in the top of the dough to make a signature design.

    Traditionally, even neediest families had a big ham at Christmastime. This was either purchased from pennies saved or as a gift from a thoughtful neighbor, employer, or even shopkeeper. Decades ago, it was common for Virgin Islands' grocers to hand out hams to their customers in appreciation for their patronage during the year.

    Island residents today line up outside refrigerated trailers to purchase their Christmas pine imported from the U.S. main-land. Long ago, they instead went in search of an inkberry tree or the brown dried stalk of a century plant or agave that had flowered a few months prior. Both of these grew in the wild; the inkberry in the islands' forests and the century plant or agave on the arid eastern end of the islands. The trees or stalks were brought inside, propped up in a rock-filled container & decorated with items such as small candies, crepe paper or bits of fabric.

    Courtesy of www.virginislandsthisweek.com/articles/virgin-islands-holiday-traditions.html

    Download free recipes from: http://webpac.uvi.edu/imls/ces_uvi/hmeco/holidaycooking.pdf

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