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    The Comeback...

    in Paranormal

    Discover Fabian Starrs latest and strangest offerings for you, after a long hiatius Fabian returns to the Blogtalkstage to

    inform, delight and share his latest musings... This show is not to be missed...

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    Live Chat with Fabian Marley but is he the First Born for BOB MARLEY as He Claim

    in Music

    Live Chat with Fabian Marley but is he the First Born for BOB MARLEY as He Claim

    Fabian Marley was born on the 27th of July 1968 to Raphie Munroe and Bob Marley,in Kingston 12 At a later age Fabian and his mother relocated to Eastern Kingston,

    His first encounter with the music was with the Rainbow Band where he met with The Skattaliets and learn music the orthodox way from people like Jonny Dizzemore Roland Alphanso and other members from the band his first instrument was the Harmonica then he learn to play the piano and further on he went on to play other instrument's. The band sounds of rainbow start creating their own album they took one single from their album and started their own distribution, then they had a miss fortune, a few of the members past away leaving only Fabian the drummer and the lead guitarist, they found members and at this time Fabian became the lead singer. In the band then they re-recorded some of the tracks from the first album with some new ones.

    Fabian Marley started recording with the All Fruits Studio in Rock fort, Cave Man Studio and Afari Studio which is located in the constant spring area ..... all the mix and mastering has been done at the Tuff Gong Studio and Anchor Studio, Fabian's vision is to continue the work that his father started spreading the gospel of reggae music all over the world. in the future Fabian wishes to build a solid music industry, where we can teach the younger generation how to play instrument's and how to sing on keys And to appreciate the roots reggae music like the rest of the world, Fabian's hope is to start charities to help the disable and the unfortunate children.

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    Fabian Calvo of Fabian 4 Liberty on The Economy and The New World Order

    in Current Events

    Fabian Calvo is very passionate about promoting the principles of our Constitutional Republic and economic liberty as well as exposing the corrupted New World Order political establishment. Education and awareness is the only way we can defeat the criminal elite from taking our liberties.

    Website: Fabian 4 Liberty

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    Fauna.net With Josh Fabian

    in Pets

    Join HTR for a great show with Fauna.net.   Fauna.net is a great place to find a special herp or to sell herp...  find out more on the show

    Check out Fauna.net  http://www.fauna.net/listings/recent

    "It's not like me to do this. I have NEVER photographed and posted animals dead on the road before. Yesterday I went to the Wabashiki area along RT 40 at West Terre Haute Indiana with Louise Slaughterbeck from the Wabashiki Turtle Research and Rescue group. The dedicated members of this group are out there along this busy major highway rescuing turtles every single day. When I was there, the weather was cool and we didn't find any living turtles. But the highway was littered with the corpses of smashed turtles. In just a two hundred yard stretch of highway I photographed these thirty three dead turtles. People need to know what is happening here! The really sad thing is that engineering students from Rose Hulman University have drafted a very detailed and feasible plan to put in a system of culverts under the highway with drift fences guiding wildlife to the culverts. The Indiana Department of Transportation has turned down the plan. As things stand now, there is a severe danger to the turtles that affects the Wabashiki ecosystem and there is also a danger to motorists on the highway. Please contact the Indiana Department of Transportation at: http://www.in.gov/indot/2330.htm and tell them that you would like the plan developed by Rose Hulman University to be implemented at the Wabashiki area along RT 40." - Justin Guyer


    Find out more on HTR tonight.

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    in Books

    Erica's Tripod: A Book about a Girl with Muscular Dystrophy:

      What Is Muscular Dystrophy? Muscular dystrophy or MD (pronounced mus-kyoo-lur dis-troh-fee) is a degenerative muscular disease where the muscles of the body get weaker and can stop working. For people who have MD, the proteins in the body are not made properly, and without these proteins, the muscles break down over time, so people with MD have problems with the way their bodies work. Erica has MD and she sometimes struggles with day-to-day problems, but she is learning how to manage her growing pains with the help of her new pet, Tripod the dog. It isn't easy for Erica, as her new dog Tripod is a brand new challenge. Erica's mom has brought home many pets over the years that needed homes. But this time it's different, this dog has challenges of its own. Can Erica make friends with the new addition to the family? Cynthia Fabian is an author and speaker who resides in New Jersey. She spent most of her life as a teacher of English and ESL. Though she no longer teaches, she continues to help children to cope with all types of obstacles in their lives. "It is a joy and pleasure to help others find a way to climb new obstacles and accept older ones. I only hope that children and their families can find happiness and acceptance in their lives." Her other books: Second Hand Art, a community survives a hurricane using recycled art. Orchestra in Our Brain, a story about a boy with epilepsy and the music our brain creates. Can't and Able, an inspirational story about two stars with an anti-bullying theme. Publisher's website: http://sbpra.com/CynthiaFabian

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    In Touch Interviews with Author Sue Fabian and her book Birthing Death

    in Spirituality

    8/11 In Touch Interviews 1-2 p.m. Author Sue Fabian will be joining us to discuss her book Birthing Death. Topics include: Being more deeply equipped to insure the best medical care for your loved one even at death’s door, seeking solace in sometimes suffocating grief, learning survival and advocacy tips and more!


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    2015 Preseason Interview with Hilbert Hawks Hitting Coach Jared Fabian

    in Sports

    Hilbert Hawks hitting coach Jared Fabian joins us to talk about the upcoming season for the Hilbert Hawks, what its like being a hitting coach and talks about his experiences as a baseball coach in the past, present and future.

    Jared also makes a bold prediction and discusses his goals for the Hawks in the upcoming season

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    in Pets

    Bully Talk with Zeb Pits is a show that goes one on one with people in the American Bully Community. Zeb Pits will go one on one this week with Fabian Chichester. Fabian is the founder of the world famous Remyline Kennels and the founder of the RKC (Remy Kennel Club). We will go indepth to learn more about him, Remyline, the legacy of Remy Martin, and the RKC Movement. Stay Tune. You do not want to miss this 60 minute interview.

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    The Lone Blogger: Fabian Sanchez

    in Entertainment

    TVGrapevine's Sammi-T talks to DWTS alum Fabian Sanchez.

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    Fabian Calvo--Fearlessly Pursuing Freedom For All #2340

    in Finance

    Fabian Calvo is very passionate about promoting the principles of our Constitutional Republic and economic liberty as well as exposing the corrupted New World Order political establishment.


    He believes that education and awareness is the only way that we can defeat the criminal elite from taking our liberties.


    We stand together against the Federal Reserve & Americas foreign resource wars. We both present an alternative to the lying and dying mainstream media. The birth of the new alternative media is here has finally given people a choice.

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    Writestream Tuesday with guest host Declan Finn and Karina Fabian

    in Writing

    Join Writestream this Tuesday at a special time, guest host Declan Finn (author of A Pius Man, A Pius Legacy, co-author of Codename: Winterborn, and commentator at The American Journal) will be filling in for Daria Anne at a special time, 9PM, EST.

    The very special guest this week is author Karina Fabian, who has created Dragon Private Eyes, Zombie Exterminators, Catholic aliens, and interstellar rescue nuns. They'll be talking about zombies, dragons, the Catholic Writer's Guild, audio books, the events of the day, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

    Tune in to Writestream Tuesday with Declan Finn and Karina Fabian on May 27 at 9 p.m. Eastern!