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    Pilots, the FAA, and Alcoholics Anonymous- extortion

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    One pilot tells his horor story of how the FAA and AA are  in bed with each other. Join Monica Richardson for a 1 hour show with a pilot who will tell what happened to him. Other pilots may be calling in as well. Did you know if you are a pilot and you have issues with alcohol you are forced to go to an AA rehab and see an AA pyshciatrist charging you $1,500.- $2,500. for an hour session? Did you know that you may be required to sign a 3 page contract if you are a pilot that treats AA, its meetings, its sponosrs  and its steps like a treament program , wrapped into a police watch dog type system. Its outrageous. Join us live in the chat room. 



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    Pilots, the FAA, AA extortion, the HIMS Program and fighting back!

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    Join Monica Richardson for a 1 hour show with a pilot who is fighting back. Did the FAA require you to attend AA meetings. Were you sent to an AA psychiatrist and charged $1,500 + to see him and talk about AA? If you or a pilot you know has suffered loss of income, depression, made to be alcohol tested, forced into abstinance, you will want to hear this show. Join Brent Weyhrauch, a pilot, who is helping other pilots fight back being forced to attend a " highly religious " lay persons self help group that has not been updated since the 1930's.  weyhrauchlaw.com



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    Licencias FAA y Foraneas.

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    En este programa discutirmos el proceso que envuelve obtener las licencias FAA, asi como las conversiones de licencias de otros Paises.

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    How To Prepare For Any FAA Written Test

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    http://m0a.com When getting ready for an FAA Written test it can be a stressful time. However in todays episode I'll share with you some of my tactics to prep and pass any FAA Written test.

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    The Two Moms have researched the collusion of the banks, post offices and the courts and have found dots connecting that include the possible inclusion of Aviation. They continue to discuss the findings that, identity theft,  foreclosure fraud, money laundering and other issues appearing to be separate issues really may connect. LISTEN AND START ASKING QUESTION! WE MUST HOLD PUBLIC SERVANTS ACCOUNTABLE TO THE SAFETY AND WELL BEING OF OUR NATION. THIS SHOW IS POWERFUL AND ONE THAT WILL MAKE YOU QUESTION WHAT IS "IN THE AIR".....

    Are our nations pilots being used and abused in order to fascilitate financial gain for the greedy? We will discuss what it may take to protect not only passengers of the airlines BUT THE PILOTS TOO! We will discuss the HIMS program, Chemtrails, FAA corruption, Nat'l Security, among many other topics: 

    Did you read the story about the pilot who was fired for not signing away his rights when being forced to fly and tells about illegal Muslims being flown into the USA? The action was required on his part to continue his job with the company as a pilot. He alleged that the TSA wanted him to sign a waiver to "give up most of his constitutional rights, regarding security risk assessments as an United States, American commercial pilot."

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/twomomsonaborough/Our Sponsor: VIRUGARD/STOP VIRAL ILLNESS (EBOLA is VIRAL) https://www.facebook.com/pages/VFI-Humic-Acid/1509491052601357 /SHOW SPECIAL $40: reg $50/PROMO CODE: Two Moms /CALL: 714-331-8587 to order now 


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    Licencias FAA y Foraneas. (Segunda Parte)

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    En este programa continuamos con la segunda parte del programa acerca de licencias FAA y Foraneas.

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    Dr Melchor Antunano on Commercial Space. Medicine, Technology & FAA/CAMI

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    LIsten and join this lively discussion with Dr Melchor on his perspectives about the current developments and future of Commercial Space explorations and how  governments can  collaborate on an international scale to enable humans to live, work and one day colonize an off-world planet, such as, Moon and Mars. Topics covered will include the,changing trends in medicine with the increasing pace of integration in technologies and the evolving  roles of the FAA and CAMI, past, present and future.

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    Entrevista a Instructor Mexicano posedor de Certificado FAA.

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    En este programa tengo la oportunidad de entrevistar al unico instructor mexicano con licencia FAA que conosco otro que yo mismo. Estaremos platicando del proceso de como llego el a convertirse en piloto aviador e instructor de vuelo. Se que en este programa surgiran ideas que les ayudara muchisimo en sus crecimientos como pilotos aviadores.

    Es muy dificil convertirse en piloto aviador con licencia FAA debido a la limitacion del Ingles, pero es aun mas dificil convertirse en Instrcuctor de Vuelo. Esto y mas estaremos explorando en este programa de radio. Los esperamos.

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    FAA Furloughs; Internet Sales Tax

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    Travelers around the country are seeing thousands of flight delays, many up to 2 hours, the result of furloughs the Federal Aviation Administration started earlier this week following sequestration cuts which went into effect last month. The FAA, like many other agencies, are requiring their 47,000 employees - including 13,000 air-traffic controllers – to take extra unpaid days off, one day for every two weeks in this case.
    In addition to the inconvenience for travelers, per the Passenger Rights Act passed in 2011, airlines are expected to compensate them for delays and time spent on the tarmac. Airlines, as a result, are calling on the government to fix the furlough issue or, at least, give them exceptions while furloughs are in effect.
    It’s one of the first obvious effects sequestration is having on the general population, but if you are expecting Washington to do anything about it, don’t hold your breath. Rather both parties are pointing fingers at each other.
    Senator Pat Toomey argued the FAA could cut from less important areas. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers accused the administration of mishandling the situation.
    Democrats counter Republicans could have avoided the situation and only they now have the power to abate the impact. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Congress botched the job and the FAA had no choice but to cut back in labor costs to absorb the sequestration cuts.
    One thing everyone seems to agree on is that it will only get worse as we head into the summer travel season if no action is taken.
    We talk to Jim Marinitti, an Air Traffic Controller at Miami International Airport and Bob King, Energy & Transportation Editor for POLITICO.
    The we talk internet sales tax with Tracy Gordon, Fellow for Economic Studies at The Brookings Institution.

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    Airline Pilot Coercion to Alcoholics Anonymous-The FAA involved...Part 1

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    Shocking new information ...How deep is this rabbit hole? This last spring I met with a pilot who told me his story. When we drove away I felt how depressed and sad he was that he may never fly again. Why? Beacuse he has a problem with alcohol? No. Because AA members have infiltrated every nook and cranny of our culture and world only to tell them ...do it our way..reliious AA or the highway. To tell even Nurses they have to go to AA for 5 years ...WOW...WOW.... I am outraged....How can the FAA force a Pilot to attend an AA rehab ($40,000) and see an AA psychiatrist ( for $2,500.)  to regain their flying abilities?  Money and AA dont mix? Bullshit! 

    If you or someone you know has been coereced and forced to AA dogma, has lost your job, lost wages etc we are rallying to discuss a civil class action lawsuit. Please listen and share everywhere.