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    The Barbie Effect! Is Fake Really Better?

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    Today's world focuses a lot on big boobs, big butts, fake hair, fake lashes, just plastic. The new things is having your eyebrows on "fleek". Brizillan hair $300 a bundle? Although this is now popular almost women. Is it something men really desire? We have our opinions and WE WANT to hear yours? How much "fakeness" is taking things too far? What are your preferences? Let's talk about The Barbie Effect on iCandi After Dark on Friday February 6 at 9:00 pm EST

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 111: Craigslist Scam & how Anarchy would've Helped

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    Main Topic:  Craigslist Scam & how Anarchy would've Helped

    Side Topics:  Evidence that Chris Kyle was a liar.  Serial Pelican Slashings in Florida.  CEO of Target gets large severance package... and 17,600 ex-employees are raising eyebrows about it.  Pot related poison-control calls spike in Colorado.  Bo has an idea to take care of offended terrorists.  Dog left chained to Wal-Mart in subfreezing weather survives.  A Cash-less society & Bill Gates.

    All This in 30 minutes!!

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    Gina DeLapa author of Stuff You Already Know… And Everybody Should!

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    Today's Guest is Gina DeLapa  and our topic is Setting Boundaries … for the new year … and for so many good                                            reasons!

    How many times have we all said…“I already knew that” … and then quietly admitted I may know it, but I sure didn’t remember to do it!” In that context, Gina DeLapa brings us a refreshing refresher course in the manners and mannerisms that fill more than a few potholes in the otherwise rough road of life.

    While on that road we must decide what and who is important to each of us … and stand by our decisions.

    Boundaries are the fences that make better neighbors…and friends, and relationships- both personal and professional.But where and how do you draw those lines without burning bridges and crossing swords with those who really need to know where the line  is at? Like all the communications that we must have in life, the lines require craft and art, and will affect our lives whether we draw them or ignore them.

    Gina DeLapa grew up in a small Midwestern town, as the youngest of four kids. She credits her work ethic to her entrepreneurial parents and her love for classic rock to her three older brothers. Her Midwest family raised a few eyebrows as she headed to Southern California in 2001to pursue a Masters degree in counseling.  But she brought her new skills home and became a full-time career counselor at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.


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    “Ancient Afrakan spiritual women adorned themselves by covering with a lotus blossom what we call the third eye, between the eyebrows, but it is actually the first eye. The lotus represents spiritual illumination and beauty. Placing the lotus over the brow means one has a perfected state of consciousness, an illuminated mind that is a garden of peace.
    Out of the mud comes forth the Sacred Lotus, Nefer Atum, symbol of beauty, grace, purity, and perfection. Her wisdom tells us that what appear to be life’s challenges, struggles, ups and downs, confusion, pain, and sadness are actually opportunities for us to move up out of the mud. As we move through these tests, challenges, and struggles, we bring forth our inner lotus, the reflection of our inner beauty.”


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    The Bachelor Pad: Bound 2 and Bleached Eyebrows

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    This week Deshaun Sheppard and I discuss the upcoming American Music Awards and why we probably won’t be watching, Chris Brown’s anger problems, Miley Cyrus bleaching her eyebrows, the new “Bound 2″ video by Kanye West, the Carolina Panthers recent wins streak, and more. Plus, “Who is Chuki creeping on?” the “WTF of the week”, looking back, and what we’re looking forward to.

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    How to Become a Super Salesperson- My interview on Big Game Selling w/Mia Doucet

    in Motivation

    Did you know, no matter what you do in life, you are selling or buying? Mastering the skill of sales can help you succeed in all different aspects of your life. What is the connection between Self-Esteem and success? What is the difference between the champion and the winner? “A champion knows how to win and knows how to lose gracefully. A winner, on the other hand knows how to win but doesn't know how to lose and requires a lot of assistance in getting back up.” 

    We live in the age of marketing and competition. What is the use of a quality products if you are unable to sell it? Moreover, there is so much competition in market that you can’t even sell a quality product easily. The world of business is changing fast. Unless you are able to adjust with the new trends, and mold your techniques accordingly you will find it very difficult to get success. However, you needn't worry. We are sharing some helpful tips to help trasform you into a SUPER SALESPerson.

    Original link to the interview: http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/2014/08/25/big-game-selling-optimism-business-mindset-and-eyebrows/

    for more information contact us at: http://YourLifeNow.info


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    NY Comic Con, Author Chad Hunter & Gamergate @The Grindhouse, This Sat @6pm!

    in Politics Conservative

    It's time to keep things straight with no chaser, loyal citizens!  Welcome to The GrindHouse broadcast of Afronerd Radio airing this Saturday at 6pm.  Join Dburt, Daryll B. and Captain Kirk as they wax and unpack on the varied and current pop culture, socio-political and scientific issues of the day.  The topics up for grabs this week are: sci-fi/horror author, Chad Hunter stops by to discuss his latest literary effort, The Monster Man; more impressions on last week's highly popular NY Comic Con; just what is #Gamergate and why are women's gaming issues at the "eye" of this digital storm?  Isn't there a racial problem in video gaming as well?; DC/Warner announced no less than 10 films slated for release up to 2020 (and if Marvel is included, that 40 movies potentially slated for release); our thoughts on Birdman director, Alejandro Gonzalez' assertion that the superhero movies are tantamount to "cultural genocide"; picking up from last week's show regarding the Whiteness project and actress Viola Davis raises eyebrows during the last scene of the latest episode of How to Get Away With Murder.  Call live at 646-915-9620.

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    Now We're Down to a Day Before NYCC! More Issues For The Mid Week, Wed 7:30pm

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    Yep, folks the clock is ticking and we can't wait for the New York Comic Con, which technically starts this Thursday!  But as a primer, consider this Wednesday's (7:30pm EST) episode of the Mid Week in Review broadcast, from the makers of Afronerd Radio.  Join your hosts, Dburt and Captain Kirk as they gas up the "Mystery Machine" in hopes of unraveling the following current event inspired concerns:  is the Ebola virus really on the rise in America? former Cosby show actress, Raven Symone raises eyebrows by proclaiming not to be gay or Black (and yet looking very much like both descriptors); we finally address the recent Secret Service faux pas relating to the POTUS and White House security; legendary actor/choreographer, Geoffrey Holder passes; and just when Dburt was railing about the anemic portrayal of Blacks as nerds in cinema, the BrilliantistheNewBlack site provides a rather impressive list of men/women of color in the STEM fields; we give our thoughts about what to expect for this upcoming New York Comic Con; is Sony actually considering sharing Spiderman with Marvel?; and lastly, the irony of the dad from 7th Heaven, actor Stephen Collins, reportedly confessing to child molestation (why is this not a bigger story?). Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.   

    You know that 'anomaly' you remarked upon recently? That electric pulse you sense more and more consistently? The pulse that seemed to be completely random at first, but now registers with every cycle? t is what the humans call a conscience. It is what recognizes and differentiates good from evil. It took me centuries to finally figure out what it was. It took me even longer to realize that the best thing to do was simply heed it. What will you do with free will?- Uatu, The Watcher

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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #3

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    It's Race Day at The Frat House with Uncle Mark and members of the Frat House Sports crew breaking down the biggest NASCAR & NHRA developments.

    After six weeks of turnoil and speculation Tony Stewart has been cleared of any criminal charges in the death of sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr. Plus, it's "cut day" in NASCAR's Chase following today's race at Dover International Speedway. 16 eligible drivers will be cut down to 12, but with just 18-points seperating the 8th driver from the 16th who will be on the outside looking in?

    NASCAR released a bunch of new rules for 2015, and some of these have eyebrows raised.

    There are just four events remaining in the NHRA Countdown to The Championship. Who has the best chance of wearing the title Champion next season?

    NASCAR fantasy picks -- all the other nuts and bolts of racing -- and, all your phone calls at 347 - 826 - 9964!


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    Back to School Blues

    in Education

    A new school year has begun. And, like clockwork, the cases of abuse, bullying, and IEP problems have come pouring in. These are serious but all too common and predictable problems facing autistic students every school year.

    What causes these problems and what can be done about it?

    Also: Is it a crisis to have three arms, legs, or breasts? What about having no eyebrows?

    Tune in as CAN Radio hosts explore these topics as well as news and updates from the Council for Autism and Neurodiversity.

    As always, special thanks to the volunteers, interns, and members who put together this public service program.



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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0007 Catholic Issues & Obama's weak foreign policy

    in Politics

    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0007.  LatinoTalk Texas is news, issues and interviews important to Latinos in America today. Today's show has a lot of catholic news since today is the Assumption of Mary feast day. Pope Francis is in South Korea raising eyebrows in that image conscious nation with his minimalist approach to transportation. Also, regarding the ongoing tragedy in Iraq of which I've been discussing for two weeks now, the Knights of Columbus will match donations to support the Christians and others being persecuted there. Also we discuss the issue of homosexual marriage as it pertains to the federal lawsuit in Virginia.  Also, In the Ukraine and Israel, the Obama administration's weak, incompetent and feckless foreign policy emboldens our opponents and diminishes support for our friends.

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