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    Americas Most Unwanted - And The People Who Find Them

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    The world of Bail Bonds is a complex one. This week on the program we will be looking at several aspects. Sonoma California has decided to change the rules, if these changes are replicated in other areas there could be seious implications to the industry. Joining the panel this week will be Dale Miller, owner of Romelli Bail Bonds in Somona to offer his views.

    If I was a cynic, I might be tempted to think that in some ways this move is tied to the Pre Trial Release initiative,

    Another subject up for discussion is state to state extradition. Lets face it, its a mess.

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    The Cranial Emissions Show - The Return of Sancho

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    The Triumvirate are back with a new episode after an amazing ordeal involving the extradition of our beloved producer Sancho back to the States.  Exactly who was behind the scrupulous act of having him deported?  Olympic hockey rosters have been revealed and boy do we have our opinions on that!  College football, NFL playoffs and a whole lot of odd news to discuss as well in this week's show!  Don't miss it!  LIVE from ESB Brewing from 7-9PM.

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    Wako begins extradition of Okemo and Gichuru

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    Attorney General Amos Wako has begun the process that might lead to the extradition of Nambele MP Chris Okemo and a former Kenya Power and Lighting Company) CEO Samuel Gichuru to the island of Jersey to stand trial for allegedly laundering Sh900 million acquired through corruption.Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere has also said the force will arrest the two once the AG gives them the go-ahead to do so.And lending weight to the importance the British government is attaching to the matter (Jersey is British territory), the AG received the extradition requests for the two British Minister for Africa and the United Nations in the Foreign and Commonwealth office, Mr Timothy Le Cocq when they met on Monday...Should Okemo and Gichugu be extradicted to Jersey to face trial..?..Whats your comment on Bonny Khalwales big win in I kolomani By-election..? Starting 6.00 PM ECT lets hit the road..Call 347 857 1206

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    Detained in Mexico! Leonard Padilla Discusses Dylan Ryan Johnson

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    Dylan Johnson was arrested on February 7th,  2012  for a alleged crime that occurred in Guanjuato, Mexico in 2003.
    No evidence. No DNA. No motive. 
    Police report estimated victim’s age to be 27, not 16, as some unofficial sources claim. 
    A corrupt photo array containing five photos of Mexican men and one American male (Dylan). 
    Sole “witness” interviewed 6 years after the crime.
    According to the witness’s  description, the assailant had blonde hair and blue eyes. Dylan has brown hair and green eyes. 
    The license plate, make and model of the truck was never reported, yet Johnson’s truck was seized illegally based on color alone. 
    6 months in solitary confinement in the U.S. , being denied medical care. Denied hygiene products and medical care in Mexico.
    Writ of Habeas Corpus dismissed, due to late filling by public defender.
    Rapid extradition without legal notification. Extradited without proper identification, Dylan has no ID in Mexico. 
    Admitting to no signs of sexual activity, Mexico dropped the rape charge.
    April 9, 2013 Dylan is sentenced to 13 years.
    May 25, 2013  13 year sentence is vacated. Retrial is immediately started. 
    September 15, 2013 Dylan is sentenced to 13 years. 


    November 8, 2013 13 year sentence is vacated for the second time.

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    CelebrityCourt: The Show Where Law and Hollywood Meet!
    Hosted by criminal defense lawyer Elizabeth Kelley, CelebrityCourt counts down the top celebrity legal stories of the week.  In this episode, she talks with Kevin Curtis, former president of the Washington Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers, about the appellate court's upholding the conviction of Barry Bonds and the charge against Lamar Odom for DUI; Richard Jaffe, Birmingham-based criminal defense lawyer and author of "Quest for Justice: Defending the Damned" about the settlement between Harper Lee and her former agent' and Matt Belloni, senior editor of The Hollywood Reporter, about the outcry in Bollywood about violence against women in India and Roman Polanski's risk of arrest and extradition by appearing at a Polish Film Festival.  http://www.elizabethkelleylaw.com  @CelebCourt. 

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    The "High Dome Hour" sets the record straight.

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    Amanda Knox is back in the news. Knox may be retried. What are the chances of Knox being extradited to Italy? A battle is brewing between American authorities and Italians. Join us as we discuss extradition and how it will affect Amanda Knox.

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    Jodie Emery Interview

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    Canadian Citzen Jodie Emery tells Pressure Point Radio tells Pressure Point Radio about her Husband Marc Emery's (also a Canadian Citizen) arrest and extradition to the United States by Canadian Authorities because of his fight to legalize marijuana

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    These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For!

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    The State, Spying and Conspiracy.
    On tonight's episode of the Annoying Peasant Radio Show we take a look at where we stand with Edward Snowden.  Will he be extradited?  What will happen to him?  Who is helping him?  Anybody?
    If we can get to it, we might chat about a number of items including the TWA 800 crash.
    So tune in, join the chat or give us a call and share your thoughts.  The more the merrier!

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    Chinese workers hold American CEO Hostage

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    When the slaves have had enough!
    American Chip Starnes, CEO of an American Specialty Medical Supplies company was taken hostage by his Chinese employees demanding a severance package. Seems the profiteer Starnes decide to "outsource" their jobs to India. Pretty ironic. I think.
    Barack Hussein Obama Backs Down From Russia and China on Edward Snowden extradition/threats if they didn't obey Obama! Tries to dismiss Snowden as "a 29-year-old hacker"

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    Prophecy News; The Bottomless Pit, Part 2 (The Prophet Daniel's Report #290)

    in Religion

    Signs of His Coming: Snowden extradition controversy strains U.S. ties with China and Russia | Anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe | After flooding, Calgary could be without power for months

    Prophecy Bootcamp: Our topic for today is titled "The Bottomless Pit, Part 2" from Dr. John MacArthur's book "The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ."

    Action Point: Listen to Jack Van Impe on the importance of Christians being on guard against false doctrine creeping into the church

    + Plus, listen to Etta James singing "Down by the Riverside"

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    Make A Run For The Border. The Dylan Ryan Johnson Case

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    In the mid 90s, Taco Bell introduced the slogan "Make a Run For the Border.  At almost every commercial break, channels were flooded with campaigns with a desert backdrop, supposedly the Mexican border and people running into Taco Bell to buy the .49 cent taco.  The slogan put Taco Bell on the map as a mainstream fast food restaurant.  Some 13 years later in 2003, Dylan Ryan Johnson made a run for the border, but not to Taco Bell.  He literally entered Mexico to help with construction on his mother's house, who had moved to Mexico.  Dylan, by name is obviously an American.  "Gringos" as white americans are called in Mexico typically stand out, especially in the small town of Empalme Escobedo.  On Sept 7th 2003, a 16 year old resident of Mexico, Hilario Garcia Rosales was killed inside of a hotel room at the Hotel Villa Empalme.  The hotel was known to  register each guest license plate.  The only information at the time was a "gringo" with a  green truck.  On Sept 11th, 2003, Dylan's visa was expiring.  So rather than pay for the extension of his visa and since his mother was not ready to move into the house, Dylan flew back to the US.  Dylan was unaware that he was a suspect of a murder and possible rape.  He married and started a business, without a second thought.  Six years after the victim's body was found, police return to the hotel with a photo array.  However, the photo array only had one "gringo", Dylan.  The rest were mexican men.  The staff at the hotel of course identify the "gringo".  In  2012, US Marshall arrest Dylan who then sits in a cell for 8 months before extradition.  Dylan was later convicted of murder and is in a Mexican prison.  No DNA, No motive, No eye witness, 6 years before a photo line up.  Join us this Wednesday.  Get Dylan back across the border.  

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