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    What do you do when your manz talks to your ex?? Find out TONIGHT on Mental Images Radio @ 11PM Hosted By BamBam!

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    UMBRadio (Akiladahun, Nina, & Syncere)

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    Join us 9/7/14 for great convo & music.

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    Ken Butler Morning Show (Per Show) Episode 7

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    NYC Fashion Week 
    Joan Rivers 
    Celeb Nude Pic Scandel 
    Family Under Water Birth
    Brad Pitt & Angelina Married (EXS COMMENTS) 

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    Can you be friends with your EX?????? Inquiring Minds

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    While being friends in a relationship is awesome, when you break up how do you handle the friendship?


    stay a friend or let them go.

    Dani and I will be discussing this topic and hopefully giv you a bit more insight

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    Ken Butler Morning Show (Per Show) Episode 5

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    Hot Topics

    Rhianna watches Chris Brown play basketball at a charity event and toally ignors him as she sits in the front row. 
    Kevin heart proposes to his wife to be on the same day his ex wife Tori's reility show "Atlanta Exs" premieres.
    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are allegedly headed towards and sourses say it may because of Kim Kardashian
    Nicki Minaj Adaconda Video
    Iggy Azalea VMA drama 

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    A Serious Case of the Ex

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    So be honest, have you ever had a crush on a friends ex boyfriend? Better yet would you actually date them? Tonight we'll be talking about the rules and regulations about dating EXs! Also on the dockett is the recent California shooting (were women to blame) and lastly.... Have you ever checked out someones phone? Whats the worst thing you found (that you're willing to admit of course). Want an out of the box father's day gift? Men's braceletts are trending. Tune in to hear what other trends are happening this spring. And of course we have our hollywood hotspot news. Guess who tried to catch fade with Mayweather and why? See you tonight on Here's the Thing and don't forget to bring your friends.

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    jrilshow: Confessions: Saying something nice about your Exs!

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    Tonight is a special night! Dr Ril's mission is to spread harmony all over the world and his very first mission is to help people feel better about their ex boyfriends/girlfriends so TONIGHT...he invites  you to call in and say something nice about your exs!!! If you are an ex, you may want to tune in and listen to this most unusual show!!! COME GET YOUR LAUGH ON!!!!!

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    Reading the Signs

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    Reading the signs can be tricky, because we often find what we're looking for. Our brains our programmed that way. So, how do you know if something is a sign of you moving in the "right" direction, if there is such a thing as the "right" direction. How do you know when a sign is a sign vs you seeing what you want to be true? Lisa M. Hayes, and Cassie Parks are going to discuss that on today's show. We're going to talk about signs and evidence. We're going to break down what is a sign and how do you know. Is your ipod playing yours and your exs songs a sign? Or is it a symptom of seeing what you want? How can you learn to read the signs? What is the difference between signs and evidence? Lisa and Cassie will play with all these questions! Tune in!

    Do you want to know how to analyze if the one is the one? Check out Score Your Soulmate! Lisa has put together an amazing product to help you define what you're looking for and how to actually score the other person, so you're making an informed decision rather than leaving it up to the signs. 

    Join us on Love, Life, Law of Attraction for an amazing discussion!


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    Straight Outta Camden Radio Show 3.6, Start @ 7

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    Today show will be about: Who is your top 5 hip hop/rap artist of all time. Who is ur all star team. Dating your exs friend? Do you think thats cool?. Neighbors? You ever had a rachet, funky ass neighbor that was always loud? Being Positive? Do we get enough of that in our city. Come kick it with us and call in @ 347-215-9272

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    Coached 2 Love Radio

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    If all of your EXs marry the very next person they date after a relationship with you ends, and you are the only common dominator, then there is cause to stop and ponder your role.  Have you ever felt like you were a trainer that prepared people for the next stage of their lives?  When will it be your turn to walk down the aisle?

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    Straight Outta Camden: Haters? tired of them. Can you date one of ya friends exe

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    today we will be talking these haters out here, smh? can u date one of ya friend's exs? Also do you always attract the same type of person? Also we will talk about camden news whats going around the hood, we also got some new music, and ayo we ending somebody's rap career live, so stay tune

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