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    SHIFT: Tactic #2 - Re-Margin Your Business - Expense Management!

    in Real Estate

    When change affects your plan, plan effective change. Change isn't easy and significant change is downright difficult.  The market changes therefore you must change with it.  Are you ready to do so whenever necessary?  If not, this coaching series is for you and the National Best Seller, SHIFT by Gary Keller is a MUST READ.  Contact me for your free copy at carih@kw.com


    The first change that you need to make happen is the only one that can get you back into profitability the fastest - cutting costs!  The number one determinant of thriving is lead generation, but the number one determinant of surviving in a shifting market is expense management!  When markets shift, the first change a business must make is "re-expense" itself.  "Revenuing" your way out of a shift is iffy at best.  Generating more income may be impossible in the short run and take too much time in the long run.

    Today I will talk about this approach of re-margining your business so you can survive any shift.  This is tactic #2 and it is an important one!

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    What is Final Expense Insurance

    in Education

    We see all of the television ads about Final Expense Insurance. Ernest and Renate will discuss and explain the pros and cons concerning this specialty insurance. They also review different companies and options as well answer all questions concerning it, next on A American Legacy.

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    The Right Of Gays To Marry At The Expense Of Blacks Loss Of Voting Rights!

    in LGBT

    Once again yet another classic conversational exchange from the Heavens above we have our beloved Dr. Ramona Brockett sharing her unique thought provoking and life changing perspectives that are sure to stir the senses.

    In this particular segment of our ongoing series of relevant discussions, Dr. Brockett speaks on the 14th Amendment and the double standards of this society as the Supreme Court tackles the Rights of Gays to Marry at the expense of the Blacks who are at the same time losing their Voting rights.

    As always there is a lot of information shared abundantly and your thirst for true knowledge will be quenched over and above 99% of what's offered in cyberspace today.

    I must say that I feel like the most blessed man in the entire world to have such access to a rare brilliance from where I stand as I learn from her every single time we speak!

    Please leave your opinions and responses to Dr. Brockett's factual words of wisdom in the comment area below!

    Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

    The Boldest Man On The 'Net,


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    "Don't drown at someone else's expense"

    in Spirituality

    Often times others pay for the mistakes of loved ones, friends, and others. You end up being the one who is hurt left in the mess and they have moved on with their life. If this is you, you don't want to miss this episode on Kingdom Connections. You will be empowered and develope skills so that you won't pay for others mistakes. I will be broadcasting live tonight at 8:30pm.

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    What is an Annuity and is it right for me?

    in Self Help

    Many are neverous when they hear the word Investing, or competitive savings options after the economic boom of 2008.  Understandly, many Americans trusted people to invest our hard earned money wisely but it was not.  After the dust has settled since the scandal in 2008, many are still left wondering what options are available outside of their 401K.  This call will help answer what a safe investment is and isn't, how the insurance companies are able to do it and if it's the right option for you and your family.  

    If you are looking to roll your 401K into another plan, this call is for you.

    If you have money saved up and it's growing sloooow, this call is for you.

    If you have come into some money like an inheritance, this call is truly for you.  

    Join me live and get your questions answered about this tax deferred plan that will help you build your account while elinimating the risk of loss.  

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Janet Green of Guiding Inspiration

    in Self Help

    Chicago, IL – Making a change is often fraught with fear, which causes people to resist change and continue down the familiar path. If you really want change, the support of a professional coach can be invaluable.

    Janet Green is a professional intuitive, holistic breakthrough coach and the founder of Guiding Inspiration where she teaches women how to empower themselves.

    “I love working with others who have been pushing for change in their lives but need that extra support to help them find the key that reconnects them to their passions and unique gifts,” says Janet. “It’s so amazing to see people create miracles in their lives after coaching them.”

    Janet noticed that all women across the board were struggling with the new idea that you can have it all: career and family. We are in a new paradigm where it is entirely possible to destroy the limiting beliefs that have held women back from accessing their infinite possibilities.

    Indeed, Janet says tapping into our infinite wisdom is a process of remembering. Before we grew up, we had a lot of dreams, ambitions and ideas of how life was going to be. That’s the sweet spot. “What was it like when you still had the wonder of a child?”

    Janet says her favorite client is a woman who has devoted herself to serving others for much of her lifetime, often at her own expense, and is now ready to serve herself as well. Janet wants to help women find that place where they can actually be happy making money, having a great relationship, and being healthy while doing what they love and making a difference in the world.

    That could be considered a tall order, but women are expert multi-taskers and do it all the time. Janet’s coaching helps them finesse their transformation.

    For more information on Guiding Inspiration, visit www.guidinginspiration.com

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    Super Bowl Prediction & One Important Question that May Change Your Life!

    in Entertainment

    Denver Broncos & North Carolina Panthers - Who will take the win??? Tune in for Ms. Gina's prediction! Also, if someone offered you the chance of a lifetime to own your own business, have a state-of-the art studio (no expense too much), own your own restaurant, hair salon, or car dealership...whatever your fancy! The catch? To present your business plan blueprint with all details included, WOULD YOU BE READY????? How big are you willing to dream? Join me!


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    Big Picture Health Care Trends & A Legislative Update

    in Business

    On this week's show, hosts Andrew Dietz and Doug Field talk with special guests from copatient, Brighton Health Plan Solutions and TASC.

    The first guest is Tom Torre, CEO at copatient, a health care expense management company. In this segment, Tom joins the hosts to discuss the big health care trends that copatient is seeing in the market today and why copatient exists. As an industry veteran with past executive roles at FIS Global and Alegeus Technologies, Tom will also touch upon copatient’s medical bill review and negotiation service and out-of-network claims management service and what benefit these services have to health plans, employers, brokers and TPAs. 

    The second guest is Simeon Schindelman, CEO of Brighton Health Plan Solutions (parent company of MagnaCare). The traditional health care system fails to align the interests of the key players, doesn’t put consumer care first and also underserves other key stakeholders, such as care providers, plan sponsors, families of patients and brokers/agents. Educating plan sponsors and plan participants about options and tradeoffs, while developing trusting relationships so they value advice being offered, will improve their ability to access and use the health care system most appropriately. In this interview, Simeon and the hosts talk about thoughtful approaches to lowering health care costs, improving quality and increasing the satisfaction of all participants in the health care system.

    The final guest on this week's program is Jason Westphal, legislative analyst at TASC. As head of TASC’s Governmental Affairs team, a member of ECFC and former chief of staff in the Wisconsin State Assembly, Jason will provide listeners with insights on legislative issues pertaining to compliance for the small employer, document storage, sharing and tracking, the Employer Shared Responsibility Mandate and ERISA.

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    Changing The Games People Play

    in Motivation

    Kathy talks with her guest, Motivtional Speaker, Ricky Kinartail (aka Coach Rick) about how he became a "Game Changer!" His purpose to motivate and move people to pursue the life they dream of.  Everybody has a dream of being something and living a great life.  Some people go in full pursuit of their dreams, expecting no handouts, just focusing and doing the work to get there. Then there are people who live to manipulate and strategize at the expense of others to get what they want. Yet they still don't have any goals or desire to elevate themselves to live a better life. Some people are purpose driven while others are just existing. The difference between the two is the way they think. Whether you are the culprit or the casualty, the predator or the prey, you are one decision away from "Changing The Game!"

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    ShyRosalind Presents: Fandom & Fanart-Still for Fans?

    in Entertainment

     Fanart-should it become “mainstream” or stay off the radar?

    The last few weeks there have been issues about fanfic writers and artists solicited to enter contests. The contests are designed to generate buzz, but at the expense of the artists losing control of their work.

    Also, there is a big problem with the Trek Fan Movie “Anaxar”. CBS (who owns the rights to Trek) have sued to stop the production. Seems the Anaxar crew received so much support through crowd funding it is now seen as a for profit competitor.

    Has fandom's passion been gentrified? After fan authors and artists enduring years of ridicule, now it's cool?

    Then the theory regarding paparazzi: PR companies "tipping off" paps to generate (or keep) their client in the spotlight.

     Join ShyRosalind as she discusses this and other related topics.

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    Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

    in Business

    EES Consulting provides turn-key energy efficiency and sustainability solutions based on the principles of building science.

    EES specializes in light commercial and industrial businesses in one or two story buildings without their own sustainability teams. EES believes that each building is different and requires a customized set of solutions to reduce their energy consumption, water consumption and waste management expense. EES strives to make energy efficiency manageable for even the smallest of businesses and for that reason, presents solutions with typical paybacks in the 1-3 year range.

    EES Consulting’s mission is to build a coordinated network and culture that enables technology for value-based solutions that positively affect People, their Pocketbooks, and our Planet.