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    What to Expect in Employment Agency Hearings

    in Legal

    Hearings with agencies are usually performed with the parties, their attorneys, and the administrative law judge over the phone. Administrative law judges handle issues strictly pertaining to employment and are well versed in rules and cases relating to their particular area of law. Sometimes attorneys are involved and other times clients represent themselves pro se. Generally speaking, an employment hearing is like a mini trial where you will present your witnesses and cross examine the other side’s witnesses. You are able to submit documents which you may wish to enter as evidence in advance to both the judge and opposing party. It helps to have these clearly identified and readily accessible during the hearing, especially considering its telephonic nature. You are usually able to have both a closing and opening statement as well. Do not expect a decision at the conclusion of the telephone conversation. The decision will come in writing and it could take several months before any such decision is rendered.

    Tune in to this podcast with Heidi Kuffel to learn more about what to expect during an employment agency hearing. 

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    Things To Expect When Doing Internet Marketing

    in Entrepreneur

    In today's episode, I share with you somethings you can expect when doing internet marketing. Sometimes, these things that I will share with you do get overlooked but expecting them before they happen will give you a great advantage when getting results and success in your internet business. 

    Watch my personal story how I was working JOBS i hated to making money completley online here


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    in Spirituality

    Abraham says that most of we humans think, feel and say, "I want it BUT....then we argue for our limitations and explain why we don't have it! It only takes a short time of practicing, "I want it and I expect it," to change that old resistant habit. If every morning following awakening and choosing a HAPPY thought or put on Pharrell Williams "Happy" and sing along and clap and dance along, then meditate to stop thought, thereby releasing resistance, then make your list of "I want it and I expect it!" You then have a jumpstart on your day and you live an unconditional life...meaning you can be happy under any conditions. It's going to be a fun show today at 11, favorite listeners.Love, Linny 

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    Eclipse season March-April 2015 -What to expect!

    in Spirituality

    Astrologers Leslie Hale and Liz Houle discuss upcoming eclipse season along with other major planetary events (Uranus square Pluto, Saturn retrograde) and make predictions on what to expect!  They cover Prince William and Princess Catherine's second baby due any day now and what day the baby may be born.  Ebola outbreaks, terrorist attacks, Amanda Knox, Bobbi Kristina, and more!

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    Expect. Employ. Empower on The Empowerment Zone with Les Paul

    in Education

    Expect. Employ. Empower! The Empowerment Zone with Les Paul

    This is National disability Employment Awareness Month and I say lets kick it up 10 notches and go change the World for people who wish to go back to work…

    We also want to discuss what is on your mind what can we all do to make life better for people with disabilities everywhere in every way so let’s put on our thinking caps and come up with some really cool and innovative ways to help empower people to be the best we all can be and overcome the barriers to employment, Independent Living, and Empower the World!!!!

    We are here for you and encourage you to bring your Ideas, and Friends as well.

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    What to Expect in 2015!

    in Spirituality

    Join us this week as Maryann talks about what's ahead in 2015.  She'll examine the upcoming year astrologically and what the major aspects will be to look out for.  She'll take a look at the numerology for the year and what the to expect with that vibration.  Maryann will also pull tarot cards for the coming year and share her intuitive insights on what she expects in respects to our collective growth process.


    This show will be 90 minutes long and Maryann will start taking calls around 8:30-8:45pm until 9:30pm.  Please call in at 1(714)888-7516.


    The show is sponsored by Rosalea and the members of The Psychic Meeting Place at www.pmp-advisors.com and Blended Herbal Treasures at www.blendedherbaltreasures.com.


    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*

  • What to Expect in 2015

    in Current Events

    2014 brought about a lot of social and political change. From the protests in the US and abroad against police brutality to the sweeping losses in the congressional election, there were numerous times the "Rod Stevie Show" had to turn an episode into breaking news. This final episode will recap the year and discuss what to expect in 2015

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    What Do You Expect From Your Employees?

    in Business

    Take 5 minutes from your busy business day and listen to expert business advice to grow and improve your business with Howard Lewinter.

    In today's 5 Minute Business Strategy Howard talks about... What Do You Expect From Your Employees?

    CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners across America trust Howard Lewinter's business advice to solve business problems, increase business profits and live their entrepreneurial dreams of running a successful business with less stress.

    For more business tips, follow Howard on Twitter: @HowardLewinter - or connect with Howard on LinkedIn.

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    The Wise SOTSS Expect the Best

    in Self Help

    Have ever dreaded doing something or talking to someone because you were sure it wasn't going to be a positive experience? Well, the Wise SOTSS teach you how to expect the best in those situations and give you examples of how this has worked for them. It will work for you too.

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    Expect a Miracle...

    in Christianity

    A miracle has been defined by Merriam-Webster as, "An extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs."  This could be anything from an avoided accident to a complete healing from cancer.  If a miracle is a fulfillment of a divine law, like others say, do we search for them within our lives or like Zacharias are we bound by disbelief because of present circumstances?

    Listen to this broadcast as we learn from the past to look for extremely outstanding possibilities...


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    What to Expect for 2015 Readings and Channeling

    in Paranormal

    Today Mary and Janice are sharing our wisdom, knowledge and channeling about what to expect in 2015.  Today's topic is "What to Expect for 2015 Readings and Channeling"  Our topics are very personal and touch on things that either we both or one of us have felt recently.  Each week we have special guests and/or take callers and answer questions.  It is all about our spiritual growth/soul level and the signs and guidance that we receive and how to recognize them. If you have suggestions, comments or questions feel free to contact Janice at janicepatricehart@gmail.com or Mary at MaryAnswersNow @ gmail.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.

    Janice Patrice Hart is a transformational coach getting your life to sparkle and a healer certified in Basic and Advanced Theta Healing, Quantum Touch I & II, as well as a Quick Pulse practitioner. She is also an intuitive artist.  She is the author of a children's book, "Henry's Wild Adventures, Henry and the Oranges".  

    Mary is a transformational and elite spiritual facilitator, intuitive, channel and medium.  Her work is profound.

    Notice:  We are now on Stitcher!  You can now listen to us from your mobile device on Stitcher!  We look forward to meeting you there!

    We are very pleased to introduce our new lower priced line of  Ambassador of Peace as well as other energized Peace and Love Products at The_Peace_Zone

    Thank you so much, we appreciate you!

    Many Blessings,

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