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    Wombanist Views Expat Women of Color Feature

    in Women

      WombanistViews is excited to feature ChaJones, Founder and CEO of Expat Women of Color, an internationalnetworking association that provides personal and professional development andresources for women of color who live, work, study and travel abroad;as well as create online and hands-on products to encourage success through expat living.


    The association’sultimate goal is to provide services and programs to encourage women to havethe best lives no matter where they are in the world. Cha Jones will join us toexplain how they go about doing this, as well as discuss what type of programs, services, andadvice they offer.


    Thinking about becoming an Expat?? Then this is an episode ofWombanist Views that you will not want to miss!


    Wombanist Views, created, produced,and co-hosted by Cherise Charleswell, is dedicated to broadcasting the voicesof women who are doing positive and exciting things in their communitiesaround-the-globe.


    Call In: (347)945-5922 


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    Lisa Falours Bizarre Expat Exploits in France

    in Travel

    I talk with Lisa Falour a United States Expat who has lived in France for almost 20 years. Lisa's artwork is in the permanent collections of female artists at MoMA and in many other major museum permanent collections around the world, such as the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden and The Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, as well as smaller museums such as The Amarillo Museum of Art in Texas.  She has had more books published under a variety of pseudonyms than she recalls offhand, and in the past 25 years has appeared in many book anthologies.She writes in English, French and Italian and has written articles published all over the world since the '70s.  A former FM and AM radio show host in the USA, she most recently appeared as a guest on FRANCE CULTURE at Radio France in the "Mauvais Genres" series, and France recently voted that out of all the guests for 2013, the segment with her in French was the one they requested to be replayed by popular demand.  She has modeled, done movies, television, been a visiting artist in Tuscany, Italy, and semi-retired, enjoys travel and sharing fun things she discovers -- especially bargains and unknown places. 

    You can contact Lisa through her website: http://www.cutecatfaith.com

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    Travel Today - The Athenaeum London

    in Travel

    This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from The Athenaeum in London. Situated just steps away from St. James Park, this family-owned establishment is one of Peter’s favorites. He’s been going there for more than 30 years, and it started because of Sally Bulloch, the electric, dynamic general manager—and at the time the only woman to hold that post in a London Hotel. We pay tribute to Sally this week, as we’re joined by Tim Arthur, CEO of Time Out, who gives some of his off-the-brochure secrets for visiting London.

    Also joining us is London travel writer and U.S. expat Amy Laughinghouse who talks about the best walking tours in London. All of this and more when Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from the Athenaeum in London.

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    TRUNEWS 03/25/15: Simon Black and Tom Doyle

    in News

    SovereignMan.com’s Simon Black gives Rick an update on the Justice Department’s instruction to bank tellers to consider calling the police on “suspicious activity” such as withdrawing $5,000 in cash. In Part 2, church planter Tom Doyle talks about his book Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It's Not Safe to Believe.

    Wednesday March 25, 2015

    Simon Black | Sovereign Man

    Tom Doyle | e3PARTNERS

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    Expat New Yorker Chat

    in Lifestyle

    Sites where you can find and order American products, cosmetics, snacks. I also briefly discuss online based work possibilities while living abroad.

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    The Expat Experience

    in Work

    Have you ever fantasized about living and working abroad? Curious about what it takes to get international experience under your belt? Are you unsure about HOW to land those assignments and grow your career? Are you afraid of the unknown and turned down opportunities to work abroad? Deciding to accept an assignment and move abroad is an exciting but sometimes frightening experience, especially the first time you decide to do it. In a time of a global technology and mobility, and uncertain economy, many people are looking for ways to boost their careers and visibility within their companies. Because of such a pronounced shift in the way the world does business, international assignments are becoming a necessity for the upwardly mobile professional who is looking to rise within their field. Today my guests will discuss not only their own experiences, but also what to consider when engaging in expat assignments, how to navigate culture shock, how to prepare for the move, expectations in your new role and surroundings, how to make the most of your new experience and translate that into career success and resources for the Expat Woman.

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    Martice Sutton: Girls Going Global

    in Travel

    If anyone could travel the world in 80 days without breaking a sweat, it would be Spelman alumna Martice Sutton. The 25-year-old globetrotter’s passion for all things international has taken her from Johannesburg to Istanbul to Paris and back. 

    Sutton has worked in Hyderabad, India as a social enterprise consultant for Hyderabad's Affordable Private School’s where she worked with education entrepreneurs to develop a blueprint for change. Her greatest accomplishments in India include a TOMS shoes giving event in which 700 students of Grace Model School were given a pair of school shoes as well as championing the first place Design for Change International Education Competition.

    It was while working to create better experiences for young girls in India, that Sutton realized young African-American girls in America, needed someone to champion their causes too. Sutton's fierce desire to explore every inch of the planet also serves as the catalyst for her new venture -- Girls Going Global, a growing social enterprise designed to expose African-American girls to the cultures of the world. To date the organization has hosted a Passport To the World global engagement summer camp in Philadelphia, sponsored first time passports for girls 10-16, and have created two educational travel experiences to Toronto, Canada and Turrialba, Costa Rica. In July 2015 GGG will be embarking on it's third international travel experience to Belize!

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    Etiquette Every Expat Needs To Know

    in Business

    Living or working in a foreign culture can be daunting and difficult if you feel you don’t fit in.  Knowing the etiquette of the culture and how to handle yourself in any situation can make the experience easier and more fun.  Cynthia Lett, certified protocol & etiquette professional, speaks with Dr. Paulette Bethel during the Lost in Transition Summit on October 24, 2013.  
    How to dress, what to talk about, how to make friends, greetings and managing expectations are topics that will be discussed.  Cynthia shares tips and experiences which make the points pulling from her experience doing business in 102 countries.
    To learn more about doing business in foreign cultures and how Cynthia Lett can help your group do it better, visit The Lett Group website.

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    ExPat in Prague-My Take on Sports from Abroad

    in Sports

    Tune in to discuss the fall sports season including football, Am. football, baseball, tennis and more!

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    Down the Rabbit Hole / 7:30 Gringo Locker Room

    in Current Events

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    What is really happening to our state, to our country and to our world? Will there be an economic collapse? Will our educational system continue to dumb down our children?  Will America become George Orwell’s “1984?” 

    Are you ready to look behind the curtain, to know the truth, to pierce the veil? Then prepare to go “Down the Rabbit Hole”. Politics, Economics, Religion, Culture and History will be just some of the topics to be explored as we peel back the layers to find the answers to all we seek. 

    Gringo Locker Room

    Join U.S. expat Kurt Haskell every Friday from 10:30 PM to Midnight EST during the NFL season to discuss who will win each NFL game, and more importantly, who will cover the spread. With 35 years of NFL gambling experience, Kurt has become an NFL guru. Every season, Kurt watches every play of every game for every team. Over the years, Kurt has developed winning strategies on how to make money on NFL gambling. Every show, he will help you do the same. Tune in and listen or feel free to call in and chat about your favorite team.




    Support our network by joining us to listen and chat at FreedomizerRadio.com

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    Nadine Hays Pisani’s Happier Than a Billionaire

    in Writing

    Nadine Hays Pisani, a native of Elizabeth, New Jersey, who attended Rutgers University, resides in Costa Rica with her husband and dog, Clementine. Nadine is the author of the best-selling series, Happier than a Billionaire.

    She shares her weekly adventures on her blog: www.happierthanabillionaire.com where she writes, “All I can tell you is that I was one of those individuals who was burnt out from the rat race. Maybe that was my addiction as well. It’s easy to become a workaholic. It can sneak up on you disguised as the American Dream. The interesting thing about my journey is that I still have a strong work ethic, however it has taken on a more creative form. What I have discovered is that when I do creative things, work no longer feels like work: I finally feel like I have a life that fits.”

    When not writing, you can find her at the beach, on the back of a scooter, or frantically tossing scorpions out of her bed. Join her  on her blog as she navigates living as an expat in the sometimes confusing, always beautiful, country of Costa Rica.