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    What Would Life Be Like If Everyone Acted for the Greater Good?

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    Starland's first book UEES or Not UEES-That is the Question takes you in to a world where UEE membership ensures that you can trust doing business with, dating or interacting with fellow members because they share your values. It presents two nearly identical scenarios-one where Jane, the protagonist, experiences a day without UEE influence-and then the same day where she is supported by, aided and shares experiences with other UEE committed-individuals. This short novel is much like the film Ground Hog Day with a different kind of outcome!


    The Earth Citizen's Guide to Co-Creating the Greatest and Highest Good introduces UEE to the world-why it is necessary, what it stands for, the power of Lenergy-the love energy that drives the manifestation of all things, the vision for what UEE is to become, the poll-itical aspects of uniting people globally through majority vote to be a voice of clarity in support of humanity, environmental wellness, and the Common Good on many of today's issues and political campaigns. UEE members are able to identify each other by the proud wearing of the gold Exclamation of Love Mark (ExLo for short), the Registered Collective Mark of the UEE, symbolized by a heart atop a plus. The Earth Citizen's Guide is a road map to the future, showing how UEE can lead us forward, raising everyone's boat. With the book, Starland is beginning the process of enrolling people in the co-creation of this brave new world where love rules! For more information and/or to become a UEE Member, go to ExLo.org.

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    Nicholas Conlon The Last American Poet:

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    Nicholas Conlon was born Nicholas Daniel Farelli in 1975. Without elaborating on that too much; He was born in the infirmary of a penitentiary in a "town" that didn't exist. 10 years later he was adopted by his step-father Patrick Joseph Conlon. Before the adoption Nicholas grew up in Chicago raised by a single mother, his grandma and grandpa and older sister of 7 years 364 days. He has been painting and writing for over 30 years. Growing up in Chicago, Nicholas learned everything on the streets in a meat and potato, beer and shot, Guns, Gangs and Athletics type of atmosphere.

    Nicholas was also well educated in the Catholic and public school system including a brief stint in a Benedictine Boarding school in Arkansas, finally finishing his education majoring in Theater at Southern Illinois University. The type of work Nicholas Conlon does is beautiful from afar but up close it's dirty, torn, ripped 2 dimensional, back slash demented and it's all over the board. Not one theme, not one style, not one medium. "If I could talk like I write, if I could sing like I dance, if I could paint like I screw, I probably wouldn't be here right now giving my own artist's statement.

    I'd pay some slag a few hundred quid to make me look good. But I can't.

    So you got this. If I could only act the way I imagined" - Nicholas Conlon The last American poet, part autobiography, part Cadillac, part Yugo, all Nicholas Conlon 2013 If anything is misspelled; It isn't If any questions go unmarked; They are duly noted Nobody has been misquoted If there are any missing exclamation points And/or periods That's it. I'm done with this one Go capitalize yourselves - Nicholas Conlon

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    (Technical Difficulty at minute 45-47)

    Host & Crisis Dramatist Phyllis Helene Interviews REMY CHAUSSE Author of LIVING LIFE WITH AN EXCLAMATION POINT and Creator of the UNSTUCK REVOLUTION******************

    Getting Unstuck and Creating the Life You love

    Finding the Answers Within

    Tools that can be implemented to help young adults get unstuck from peer pressure via the unstuck philosophy.



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    Questionable Weather

    in Fun

    Ever seen an exclamation point after "Thunderstorms" on the forecast?

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    Geronimo! is an exclamation used by jumping skydivers or, more generally, anyone about to jump from a great height, or as a general exclamation of exhilaration.

    In today's Podcast we discuss the life changing experience we experienced at the Chopra Center for their Weekend Within program learning about Primordial Meditation, Yoga, and the truth of who we are as humans. We will also be talking about the ending of our democracy with the new TPP ruling and our upcoming life changing adventure involving the Ande Mountains, the Amazon, and Shamans. Let's go down the Rabbit Hole, Geronimo!

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    NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Steve Anthony joins us LIVE tonight!!!

    in Wrestling

    TONIGHT's guest on Pipebomb Radio at a SPECIAL START TIME of 9pm CST/ 7pm PST will be the NEW NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion, "The Exclamation Point" Steve Anthony! After a huge career win over the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger last week at the 50th annual Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas, what does the future hold for the new Jr. Heavyweight Champion? What can we expect from him going forward with the illustrious title around his waist? Find out TONIGHT when Steve Anthony joins us LIVE on Pipebomb Radio!

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    Exclaim!! Don't explain - Live life as an exclamation!!

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    Don't hold out on us ANY more!! We want to see and hear and experience the REAL YOU! Live your life to its fullest, exclaiming and laughing and boldly stepping out of your comfort zone! Follow your heart and share your true personality with us. Be proud of YOU and share with us

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    West Coast Bias Episode #06 S07

    in Sports

    West Coast Bias Episode #06 S07 – This week on West Coast Bias Double K and Mr Suave are back in the studio and at it again. The Warriors have made a big mark on this season and look to put a exclamation point on it with a NBA Championship and as one of the final 4 the boys will take a look at how the Dubs can bring it home in 2015!! They will also take a look at the baseball scene in the Bay Area as the Giants get hot and the Athletics have sunk to one of the worst team in baseball. All this and your weekly dose of Mr Suaves Take right here on your favorite Sunday afternoon sports show!! www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents

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    The Writing Rules according to . . . Elmore Leonard

    in Writing

    In this episode of Write Pack Radio, the Write Pack explores the 10 rules of writing according to the late great author Elmore Leonard:

    Never open a book with weather.

    What are some better ways to open a story?

    How should weather be used?

    Do stories explore and define humanity?

    Avoid prologues.

    Do prologues distance your readers?

     What are some other ways to get the “prologue information” into the story?

    What about the exceptions like Dune and the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

    Do readers skip reading the prologues? Do readers really need them?

    Should you never have a prologue?

    Never use a verb other than “said” to carry dialogue.


    Does using other things sound like writing?

    What about the ones that show action?

    Never use an adverb to modify the verb “said”

    Why should adverbs be left out?

    Can they distract and interrupt?

    Are there just words that should never be used?

    Keep your exclamation points under control.


    How many should you use them?

    Do they lose their power when they are over used?

    Never use the words “suddenly” or “all hell broke loose.”

    Is it self-explanatory?

    Use regional dialect, patois, sparingly.

    Do they make it more confusing?

    How can you use it?

    Avoid detailed descriptions of characters.

    How do you use details then?

    Don’t go into great detail describing places and things.

    What does the reader need to know?

    Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip.

    The most important rule

    And the rule that binds them all: If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.

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    Living Life on Purpose ~ Learn to Get UNStuck with Remy Chausse'

    in Books

    Living Life on Purpose features expert guests on a wide variety of topics including Sustainability, Spirituality, Optimal Health & Well Being and Inspirational Nonfiction Authors, Musicians and Entertainers.

    As a Spiritual Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Life Purpose Expert, I want each segment to give you  insights, inspiration and information to help you consciously live a more purposeful life with more choices and opportunities presented via my guests.

    My Guest from 12-1pm PST: Remy Chausse'

    Quite possibly America’s 1st UNstuckologist, Rémy Chaussé has x-ray vision for seeing the trouble-spots that exist in every frozen situation, and the creativity to transform it instantly. She is the best-selling author of “Living Life As An Exclamation Point!” and creator of The Get UNstuck Revolution!™ for extraordinary women with big-ass dreams who are ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo!  

    Rémy has been featured on the Business Beware Show on FOX Business, the On the Edge Show (a CBS affiliate), Smart Money Talk Radio (an NBC affiliate), and The Women’s Information Network. She is the host of the Get UNstuck Expert Café, a weekly podcast at http://GetUNstuckExpertCafe.com

    Learn more about the show host Suzanne Strisower & her life purpose courses & coaching www.SuzanneStrisower.com. 

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    "Why Black LIves Don't Matter?"

    in Education

    “Why Black Lives Don’t Matter?”

    In this multi-media presentation Imam Shuaibe will address the recent injustices which have incensed the world of people of conscience across this nation.  He will address not just the judicial branches of the tree of INJUSTICE that black men and women are being lynched on but its ROOTS.

    The potential cognitive dissonance that comes up when you read the title is deliberate. It forces you even on the subconscious level to try to make sense out of it for clarification.

    It seems to affirm that “Black lives don’t matter”.  And it does.  In the sense that the Cultural System has shown that “they don’t matter”.  This address will explain “Why?”

    It also asks the question, in an “ebonical” manner, kind of like the “slave asking his master” – “Massa, Why Black Lives Don’t Matter?”

    It can also be read like an arrogant white supremacists, like Taney, the Chief Justice in “The Dred Scott Decision”, who is insulted by the very suggestion that “Black Lives Matter”.  His reply would be an exclamation not a question - “Why, Black lives don’t matter!”

    In his decision he said,  “Blacks are regarded as beings of an inferior order, .. unfit to associate with the white race ..so far inferior that they have no rights which the white man was bound to respect.”