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    excitement at E3

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    talk about the biggest excitement at E3 and the lowest at E3 and who won E3 sony nintendo or Xbox

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    Lana Bos - Making a Living by Following Your Excitement

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    Join guest host Lana Bos as she discusses how to make a living - a really good one at that - by following your excitement! www.lanabos.com



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    The Excitement of Giving All for Christ on Let's Talk with Larry Bruce

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    Join host Larry Bruce for a conversation with Charlana Kelly about Ephesians 1, which is foundational to our faith in Jesus Christ. We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing because God chose us before creation! Tune in to hear this Spirit-led conversation about living a victorious life in Christ.

    Connect with Larry Bruce on Facebook fb.com/larrybruce & Twitter @larrybruce1979. Connect with Charlana on Facebook & Twitter fb.com/charlanakelly or @charlanakelly. If you are close to Kennard TX join us at the Fellowship at Larry Bruce Gardens for Bible Study and brunch; starts at 11am.

    Let's Talk with Larry Bruce is sponsored by The Fellowship at Larry Bruce Gardens. Broadcast locally on KIVY 1290 AM / 92.7 FM covering East Texas and internationally on Voices of Truth Radio Network, a SpeakTruth Media Production © 2015

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    Bringing The Romance Back To Your Marriage: Can It Help Children Behave Better?

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    Relationship counselor Bilal Stroud, of the website www.romanticmuslim.com is back with Part 2 of the discussion on bringing romance back into the marriage. Lovemaking is an art that begins long before the intimacy of the bedroom. It starts with the sound of your voice when you greet each other in the morning all the way to the embrace when you come home after a hard days work.  How does a woman create a romantic mood in her home? It's the melodious music in the background as you walk in the door. It's the scent of your perfume, the creative design of your hair, brightness of your smile. It's the soft lights in the livingroom, the smell of delicious food in the kitchen, the warm bathwater waiting to soak cramped muscles after a day of perspiration in the hot sun or cramped office. How do children respond when they see signs of romance between their parents? Does it give them more anticipation for marriage? Does it give them a greater sense of security, as opposed to the tention created by constant arguments between parents? Does it create a more peaceful household? Many adults never express affection or desire for each other in the presence of children, therefore, children grow up not knowing how to be romantic wtih their own spouses.   Can we prepare our children for happier marriages by exhibiting a little more excitement in our own?

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    Bored With Your Mate? Bring Romance Back Into Your Marriage!

    in Religion

    Sometimes we get so "religious" that our relationships become little more than a ritual. We forget how to "woo" that special person in our lives that we married, and settle into the routine of work, home, children, cleaning, paying bills. At home, we don't dress up around each other, we don't wear cologne or perfume, we don't comb our hair, we don't shave. We just figure our spouse will love us anyway, just as we are. We may not even make an effort to put that sweet tone in our voice when we speak. After a time, the marriage becomes boring. And although our morals may keep us from looking outside our marriage for excitement, we feel like something is missing. Well, it is. We forgot to keep the romance in our relationship. Today's guest, relationship counselor Bilal Stroud,  helps us remember how to rekindle that fire that may be slowly going out, so that we can once again enjoy that special person in our lives.

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    A Look into How Did Solomon Prayed

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    This the end of our 6 week course on prayer.  Harmony maybe a key to how we get prayer answered--Pastor Cymbala says that prayer should be in our life like a cord is in a song.  We all should be a temple of prayer praying with all different kinds of prayer.  Do we pray like we should?  This question should be pondered on to the degree of what our attitude is when we pray.  We all have a different style of prayer, no two people are the same when they pray, but what should be the same is the fire in our hearts we have for God.  God is listen to us and He is excited to answer us.  Do we go with the same excitement and love in our hearts to God?  There should be a fervant excitement and love in our hearts to give our request to God and have an excited hope that we will see answers manifast they way God spoke it will be.

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    MISS GUY is a wild and raucous (on stage of course!),supertalented singer, songwriter, music producer, enrmously successful internatonal DJ, performer, stylist, fashionista and all round FABULOUS human being! Miss Guy Performs with band THE TOILET BOYS and often records and collaborates with Debby Harry(Charm Alarm) and 'Stay away From Pretty Boys with Boy George! Guy creates wonderfully provocative music videos like Dumb Blonde, Sometimes, Don't Stop and Take It Off are just a few of these. With a band and DJing all over the world Miss GUY has been to Europe and Asia and toured the US extensivelyLooking forward to catching up on all the excitement with dear friend Guy! Rick Hunt will monitor and referee and Life is .....what? GOOD!

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    The Week In Reviews - Exovex

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    The Prog community is buzzing with excitement about the new release by progressive rock ensemble Exovex featuring members of Porcupine Tree, NIN, Devo, Sting & Steely Dan!  Radio Silence is the project's debut album and features Josh Freese (NIN, A Perfect Circle, Devo) and Keith Carlock (Sting, John Meyer, Steely Dan) on drums. The album also showcases two members of Porcupine Tree, Gavin Harrison on drums and Richard Barbieri on keyboards and synthesizers. All songs on the album were written, performed and produced by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dale Simmons. 

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    * Day 5 | A 40 Day Journey | Prayer! Praise! Power! After The Flood-Covenant *

    in Prayer

    The Heavens Declares the Glory of God!

    Heavenly Father I Thank You...I Praise You and I 

    Glorify Your Most Precious and Awesome Name for

    You Oh LORD are Worthy to be Praised.

    Thank You Dear LORD for Jesus Christ our Messiah.

    Our Savior. Beloved as we Pray, As we Praise.My Prayer

    is that His Glory; His Power come down and rest upon us.

    And Empower us to walk in His light, in His Will for our lives.

    Beloved as we read the Word together may our eyes be open

    to the Divine nature of Our Heavenly Father. As seen in Genesis

    9 after the Flood, Jehovah-God entered a Covenant with

    Noah, His Family, All Creation and the Earth. And the Sign

    of this Covenant beloved is the Beautiful, Colorful Rainbow. Have your

    kids ever screamed with excitement at the sight of a Rainbow?

    No matter how old we get Rainbow's gives us Joy. How

    Joyful it is to know that Jehovah-God gave the Rainbow as a Sign of His

    Covenant to never destroy the Earth with a Flood again. Isn't Our Heavenly Father

    Awesome? He created such a Beautiful Masterpiece to remind Himself of His 

    word and to remind us of His Promise to never destroy the Earth by Flood.

    Beloved on Day 5 of a A 40 Day Journey; let us Remember

    The LORD's goodness towards us in that He sent His Son to die for us. He who knew no Sin became Sin for us that through the acceptance of Him-Jesus we have the forgiveness of sins. Beloved I know Jesus loves us...I believe 

    His Blood is sufficient for all that we may be going through. And I am encouraged Beloved to share with you;that no matter what you may be going through;a Rainbow is Promised to you. 


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    Conscious Parenting and Personal Growth part 17 with Nazim Rashid

    in Self Help

    Life Coach, Personal Development Specialist, Author and Radio Talk-Show Host Nazim Rashid is the guest speaker today continuing his series on Improving, Repairing and Preparing for Relationships based on his book Reconnected-How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self.  In the media reports, reality shows and among friends, you hear a great deal about weddings; the feelings; the glow, the friends, the gowns, suits, the wedding venue, the biggest diamond ring, the fun, the excitement, etc. You don’t hear anything about what it takes to have a committed, long lasting, healthy, happy marriage. You don’t hear about the joy attained from a spiritually connected relationship. You don’t hear about how commitment carries over the challenging hurdles and how loving the spirit inside connects you to each other, no matter how the exterior changes over time. You don’t hear about these things because it is not in the fun and exciting category. There are tools provided in the book Reconnected that speak to the areas of longevity, happiness, health and real bonding that is needed for a long term relationship to exist. Nazim will continue with Identifying and Managing Emotions in order to have the happiest, stable marriages. www.cloudsofabundance.com