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    Time Travel

    in Paranormal

    TMV Cafe Radio presents Pairanormal with special guests, Stephanie Osborn (NASA Rocket Scientist and Author) and Allan Gilbreath (Snarky Sceptic and Author), together with hosts EW Bradfute and Pam Jones. Find out if time travel is actually possible and who says it is. Follow Pairanormal on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PairanormalRadio

    Catch all the past shows of Pairanormal at https://archive.org/details/Pairanormal and listen to new LIVE shows on Fridays at 11pm EST on www.tmvcafe.com We hope to see you there! 

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    Interview with E.W. Brooks -The Rise of a Female Boss on 10/27 @6pm CST

    in Blogs

     E.W. Brooks. Brooks is the Author of one of Amazon fastest and best selling e-books series entitled “Mafietta -The Rise of a Female Boss” and Screen Writer/Executive Producer.

    Recently, attending Damon Dash’s Poppington University Seminar changed the life of this Army Wife forever.  Summer of 2015, Damon Dash Directs Pilot Episode for EW Brooks’ Mafietta. Dash brings to life the characters from Brooks’ Amazon Best Selling titles in a way that only he can. Handpicking most of the cast to include Deelishis, the radio host who rose to fame on her quest to be Flava Flav’s, Flavor of Love Season 2 and Murda Mook, the battle rapper that makes Drake’s camp shudder.

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    Israel's Ten Days of Hell & Counting, Truth Of The Bush Tax Cuts & Global Warmin

    in Politics

    David Rubin-The former mayor of Shilo, and author reports "Live from Israel" on the Ten Days of Hell and counting over the latest intifada.

    Tim Carney-Excuse me, Democrats: Bush's tax cuts made income taxes more progressive.  Are you really saying that in the face of the facts?   Carney is the Senior Political Columnist for The Washington Examiner and he explains.

    James Hirsen-Global Warming Leftists Seek To Criminalize Criticism says the law professor, media analyst and New York Times Best Selling author.

    Sari Feldman-President of the American Library Association discusses new report highlights, Libraries’ Expanded Role in Communities From health insurance seekers to students, plus libraries leverage expertise, and digital services.

    Mary Claire Kendall-Is back with a follow up discussion of her latest book, Oasis-Conversion Stories About Hollywood Legends.  Mary Claire  is a Washington-based writer, with a special focus on Hollywood.


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    Paranormal activity, ghost, poltergeist and more.

    in Spirituality

    I love the ew and ah of ghost stories! Join Jessica and I chatting about  creepy ghost stories, haunted houses, poltergiest and paranormal activity. I have some great ghost stories of my own!! I can also see ghost and chat with them.


    I will share about children brining in polterigiest and what not to do to bring in a ghost in your home.

    Call in with your own ghost story or have me tune in to your home to see if you have a ghost.

    Creepy Ghost, goblins, poltergist and more what a great show!







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    30 Minutes of Psychic Awareness

    in Spirituality

    Laura Schwalm-Anthony is a modern-day Spiritualist who incorporates holistic and spiritual practices to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit. Laura was named Laura the Voice of Truth by her clients, for her accuracy and authenticity. Laura is a psychic medium and certified Holistic Health coach, master healer, Conscious wellness Coach and Metaphysical speaker and educator in the art and alchemy of healing. She specializes soul readings and removing emotional imprints that cause energy blockages. She helps clients achieve optimum balance in all areas of their lives by bringing the body, mind, and spirit back into alignment.

    Laura  is certified by The American Association of Drugless Practictioners in New York. She performs many different types of  psychic readings and Spiritual Healing and Clearing rituals. To read more about Laura, her services, testimonials and upcoming events and showings go to-  www.pureenergyhealer.com. For classes and workshops Laura teaches, go to meetup.com/holistic-and-spiritual-transitions/


    EMPATH AND SENSITIVES WORKSHOP AT FLOW LIFE HOLISTIC LOUNGE AUGUST 9 FROM 12-2:30 call the shop to reserve your spot at 917-517-0715


    GLYCOBIOLOGY WORKSHOP JULY 13 7:30PM-10:00PM For details go to http://www.meetup.com/holistic-and-spiritual-transitions/

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    The ew social media

    BETWEEN THE EARS SATURDAY" (feat.music 4 the head)

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    Tugaruke ku Rufatiro rw'Intumwa n'Abahanuzi( Abefeso 2:20)

    in The Bible

    Itorero ryatakaje Iyerekwa, icyerekezo, ingamba, Ryagiye gufatanya n'isi ndetse rirashaka kuyicaho, kuyirusha! Ariko Umwuka aravuga yeruye ati: Torero!! ''GARUKA KU RUFATIRO EW'INTUMWA N'ABAHANUZI''!

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    Show #58- The No Fear Zone

    in Motivation

    1st Guest: Cristina Loving, Healing Artist


    Cristina Loving has a Masters of Science in Psychology from the University of Oregon.

    She is an international speaker, has worked in Fortune 500 companies as a consultant, and has over 25 years experience in the human potential field.  She developed the spiritual psychology methodology in the interest of helping individuals attain self transformation.

    2nd Guest: William (Bill) Weil, Relationship Coach, Author, and Founder of LovePong


    William Weil is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, writer and relationship coach. In his coaching, writings and seminars he offers practical wisdom for self-discovery and transformation via interpersonal relationships. Bill is the author of New Earth Relationships: a Guide for Couples in the 21st Century, and he created LovePong, an interactive web and iPhone app supporting couples in elevating their consciousness and communicating more powerfully.

    3rd Guest: Lisa Mohr, Author, Speaker, Thought Leader on Positive Perspective.



    Lisa is here to share strategies for how we can live in the no fear zone.

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    "The New Heights Show on Education" Host Kathy Woodring

    in Education

    The New Heights Educational Group, Inc. promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services. Such services include assisting families in the selection of schools, organization of educational activities, and acquisition of materials. We promote a healthy learning environment and enrichment programs for families of preschool and school-age children, including children with special needs.

    This week's topicis “American Exceptionalism”.

    Links/references used in this show are listed below.

    1. http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2015/04/the-good-of-corporations

    2. http://www.purgecongress.com/content/american_exceptionalism/

    3. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/newheightseducation/2014/04/28/the-new-heights-show-on-education-host-kathy-woodring


    http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2013/09/11/03blodget.h33.html - Brains and Schools: A Mismatch –

    http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/82499 - Seven Steps to Absolute Monarchy

    http://www.polisci.wisc.edu/Uploads/Documents/Ceaser.pdf - ‘…President Obama appeared to embrace views along these lines early in his presidency. Asked by a reporter in Strasbourg, France, whether he subscribed, as his predecessors had, “to the school of American exceptionalism that sees America as uniquely qualified to lead the world, “the president began by observing:“I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” His words were a far cry from a “Lincolnian” rhetoric depicting America as “the last best hope of man on earth. “

    Kyle-Anne Shiver, “Deconstructing Obama,” AmericanThinker.com, July 28, 2008 (at: http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/07/deconstructing_obama.html


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    EFG 308 - The Mothership EFG Saturday Nights XTREME Edition

    in Wrestling

    El Gringo Loco is joined by David James who runs XTREME Championship Wrestling! Also EXCLUSIVE NEWS from EW Planet, and big news from FWrestling, and EWC!