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    Does Evil Exist?

    in Christianity

    Recently, I watched a documentary pertaining to the Columbine shootings. One of the family members of the shooters claimed that she did not believe in evil. This made me wonder how it is she could say that after experiencing the effects of evil. This episode we will define evil and answer the question, "Does evil exist?"

  • Horror Play 43 (The Evil Within)

    in Video Games

    The Evil Within was supposed to bring horror back to its roots. This was the game that was supposed to be for fans of the original Resident Evil games; a game for fans of true survival horror. John, Robert, Adam, and Amber sit down to discuss their likes and dislikes for the game. Spoiler alert: There are more dislikes. But listen in to find out if they thought the Evil was Within or Without. 

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    What Makes A Ler Evil?

    in Comedy

    Have you ever watch a tickling video and/or saw a person tickling someone and thought to yourself wow that ler is so damn evil! I would never want to be tickle by him/her. What made you think that? What made you think he/she was evil? How does a ler get that title of being evil?

    In this episode Ms. Sweetpiggy and other ticklephiles in the community is going to answer that question for you with their opinions of what the definition of an evil ler is.

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    The Evil Magician GUITAR SHOW

    in Paranormal

    Evil Magician is a lifelong magician, musician and composer, and has produced and edited original music and also corresponded with established acts.

    The Evil Magician guitar show takes an inside and most personal perspective of what it is to be a musician in this field of creativity.

    Evil Magician has recorded and performed original jazz/fusion, rock and classical music for many years. All guitar, keyboard, drums, bass and midi were performed by the maestro.

    Evil Magician is a practitioner of the occult sciences, magician, radio show host, network creator and motivational speaker.


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    The Watchtower Society Evil Personified

    in Religion

    The Watchtower Society Evil Personified

  • See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil!

    in Spirituality

    Anyone who denies evil exist allows it to prevail. The mainstream churches do not teach that evil is all around us nor do they teach what to do about it. Tonight is a generalization of those things that are untrue and now becoming what is true. Also covered are the upcoming demonic holidays we should be standing against.

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    in Spirituality

    Beware of who you hire to do your psychic readings and also beware of evil clients if you are a psychic.  It does work both ways and as a psychic I have experienced this and it's not worth the money.  You must stay away from these clients because they will drain your energy just like vampire energy suckers.  I will also discuss psychics who are evil and the red flags you must look for.  Trust me this will save you.  You must stay away from these people. Don't be tempted by the money if you are a psychic it's not worth it if they are willing to pay you $1000.. for a reading....Also if you are looking for a psychic they can put a spell on you and I've had clients come to me asking if something evil was on them. This is for you and for protection. FREE PSYCHIC READINGS ON 2 HOUR SHOW!!!!  Private readings contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.  $25.00 SPECIAL FOR 1 HOUR TELEPHONE SESSION

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    Speak No Evil

    in Relationships

    Join My Rays of Light Radio and its hosts Authors LM Young and Leslie Wright (Essence of Inanna) Friday at 6pm est

    You can call in to speak to our hosts at 646-564-9708 and press 1

    or listen online at


    October is Domestic Violenece Awareness Month and the debut of the Powerful book

    Speak No Evil, a collectively written and organized book about how Domestic Violence touches , so many people.

    We have found many discussions in social media about this very serious issue.

    In discussing such an important issue...it is vital that we hear all aspects of this vile condition.

    Why does she stay?

    Where could she go?

    Are the police a help or hindrance?

    Did she ask for it?

    Are there always warning signs?

    Is this a one size fits all situation?

    We hope that you will join us and several of the co-authors of this book, as we delve into the world of Domestic Violence.

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    King Manasseh, The Chains of Evil

    in Christianity

                                            2 Kings 21: 9-11

    Many Christian's have the slightest idea where most of the idolism comes from & the Church False Doctrines, which has created an Apostate Church today. These so called Religious ideas has been witness in the Bible in Ancient time & has been brought back in vengence to be Worshiped against The All Mighty God. We The Church Of God is now in The Chains of Evil. 1 Timothy 4: 1

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    Speak No Evil

    in Family

    This TUESDAY at 10pm est; My Rays of Light Radio, with its hosts LM Young and The Essence of Inanna (Leslie Wright), will be celebrating the beautifully intriguing women of Nine Tribe and our book Speak No Evil. Nine Tribe is a collaborative effort to shine light on Domestic Violence. What started out as an optimistic hope for what could be... Has turned into an overwhelming surge of energy. This all started as a tribute to a very special woman from our tribe... What could she do to make her stand out? She took a stand against abuse. ..specifically child abuse ; and it cost her greatly. ..yet to date...she still wages against this war. What most people don't realize is that personally, she has also been fighting a war against illness. She makes it all look so effortless. It is an honor to know her...and a true privilege to love her. Who wouldn't be inspired by this? So what followed was nothing short of miraculous. While we were hoping for at least 9 women, who would be willing to not only write about abuse, but support one another. ..in a most unique way. While we hoped for Nine heroines... Instead... We were gifted with TWENTY-FIVE!

    And Nine Tribe was born... Not only have we created a great book, which will hopefully give people in violent situations hope... But we came together As Women. .. From different backgrounds, locations and experiences. .. All for the purpose of being the Light at the end of one another's tunnel. And as if all of that wasn't great enough... It has inspired our first ever...online book writing club- where new authors become active by blogging and entrepreneurs by creating and marketing their own books, affordably. We hope you will join us 646-564-9708

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    FREEDOM HOUR: See No Evil-Hear No Evil-Speak No Evil

    in Religion

    Ministers and Pastors of God's Church International will teach from specific topics each month and invite guests to share as needed. This month's topic is:  SEE NO EVIL-HEAR NO EVIL-SPEAK NO EVIL