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    I Won't Be A Victim Forever!

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    Basically everyone has had something to happen to you that was unfavorable at one time or another. How long does it take you to get over it or do we ever. Have we become stagnant in life and continue to blame a particular situation that has happened to you as to why you have not moved on? Join this live broadcast with host, Loyce Bullock and listen to the guest as they attempt to shed the weight of being a victim of circumstances.  Dial 347-843-4945 at 7:30 pm (cst) on 1/20/2014 so that you too can say "I Won't Be A Victim Forever".

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    Run Forest - Run!

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    Join the Joy Doctor tonight at 8pm (CST) as he expounds on this heartfelt episode - Run Forest - Run?"  The “Joy Doctor” asks this resounding question - Why are you standing still? During this time of year - everyone seems to be in Run Forest - Run mode! Full of Joy, Cheer, Love and Hope and year long expectations!   However, by the time you listen to the show, many resolutions will have been broken, resolved, or just forgotten. Why is it so complicated? These are heart to heart talks that concern health, life, family, and friends. These statements echo across boundaries in regards to race, creed and religion throughout America. Tune in and share by dialing 347-843-4945, where you can Listen, Laugh, and Learn

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    Everyone Has A Story Presents: Harvey Stelman

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    On Friday, January 16th I will be sitting down with Harvey Stelman to discuss his book Eyes of Emerald. Set in New York City during the 30s, the book follows a young woman is the first person to graduate high school in her family. This was no small feat for the ecinimic times were not good, and still some unbelievable things happened to her. Was there any truth behind this tale? Tune in to find out.

    Phone lines will be open. Feel free to call in with your questions or comments.

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    Are you easily offended by everything you hear or see? Have you always been that way or can you actually remember when it started? Tonight Loyce Bullock, host of Let's Talk Truth will explore this new way people are choosing to sound the trumphet to let others know that they are no longer going to be silent.  It seems that in society today, everyone chooses to protest and one way is to say "I AM OFFENDED".  Please join us by dialing 347-843-4945 at 7:30pm (CST) and let us hear your thoughts. If I say that "I AM OFFENDED" then I can easily stop others from talking all together.

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    Sacred Sunday~Romans 3/Everyone Sins-Everyone Needs Jesus

    in Christianity

    Good morning church! Thank you for joining us today! Today we are reading:

    Romans Chapter 3:

    It's not that Paul's saying that being a Jew who follows Jewish law and is circumcised is not a big deal, because it totally is. It's great actually! Twenty points to the children of Israel!

    Paul tells us that the Jews were the first people God shared his wisdom and laws with, so he knows they're cool in the Big Guy's eyes.

    Sure, it's true that some Jewish people have been unfaithful to God over the years. For example: there are all those Jews who still stubbornly refused to believe Jesus is the messiah. (Not cool, according to Paul.)

    But everyone lies. Everyone sins. No one really knows God. Way to bring us down, Paul.The good news is this doesn't make any difference to God. The crappiness of the world just reveals how awesome God actually is. Sweet.

    Again, Paul stresses that Jews and Gentiles are on the same footing. No one gets a head start in the race to salvation.

    This is basically because God sent Jesus to save everyone in the entire world. Only he can help us stop being so sinful and jerky all the time.

    Yes, Paul says, Jewish law tells us what sin is and that's super important. (So, don't chuck out those Torahs just yet, guys.)

    But the most important thing now is that God has sent Jesus. This is the natural continuation of Jewish law, but it's also outside of it. Whoa, Paul's blowing our minds.

    Look, basically, God is going to save everyone who believes in Jesus no matter what their background was before they came to believe. Everyone sins. That means everyone needs Jesus. It's pretty simple. Thanks to shmoop.com

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    Text It To Me - WHY???

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    Join Loyce Bullock, host of Let's Talk Truth to discuss why communication has gone from verbal to non-verbal. What has happened to the personal touch. Do we not miss hearing the voice of our significant other and the joy that we have felt before.  Is personal communication a thing of the past? Is this where Old School drops to the level of our young people and change the way we pronounce words. If this is where we are headed, will there be classes that will teach everyone when to "hashtag", make the faces using the "colons" and "parentheses". Are there jobs in Corporate America that require these texting skills? Live broadcast begins at 7:30pm CST by dialing 347-843-4945.

  • Everyone He Called Is A Winner

    in Religion

    Many are called but only a few has been choosen by God. God can't trust everyone he can only trust a few because only a few will obey him and his word. The Called will work on what they feel is right,  but the choosen will work according to what God called and chose them for daily. Many are called and don't know what they were called to do. There is a difference between the Called and the Chosen.

    Jesus in the Morning brings a different topic or speaker daily.

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    Can We Live Without Love???

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    Loyce Bullock, Host of Let's Talk Truth will be joined by a variety of guest who may or may not consider themselves experts on the subject of Love.  They will examine if individuals can live without Love. How many of us have truly experienced "Love" in our lives at one time or the other. Is everyone entitled to experience love and how easy is it for us to recognize it when it comes knocking.  Please join us by dialing 347-843-4945 on Tuesday, November 11. 2014 at 7:30 pm cst and be reminded of the back in the day song "When Love Calls, You Better Answer".

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    Everyone Has A Story Presents: Deborah Brooks Langford & Susan Joyner Stumpf

    in Pop Culture

    Join me on this special day and time (Saturday Jan. 3rd at noon EST/11 AM CST/10 AM MST/ 9 AM PST when I sit down with two very special guests,Deborah Brooks Langford & Susan Joyner Stumpf. I am beyond honored to have the opportunity to sit down with these lovely ladies just before the official launch of their book, Nothing But Love later today. All proceeds of this book goes to benefit St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tn.

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    Conversational Gumbo: A Little Something For Everyone!

    in Women

    In a show that I had no choice but to call Conversational Gumbo, our exchange was nothing short of phenomenal, LanceScurv and his dear friend Lady R share a relaxing free flowing melding of the minds that traveled many places and touched on many deep points.

    If a deep stimulating intelligent vibe is what you crave in the ever degraded sea of foolishness and buffoonery in cyberspace, then look no further because you will find it all here.

    We talk relationships, spirituality, sexuality, emotions and those rarely revealed confessions of the soul that most are too insecure to share so openly.

    Conversational Gumbo has a little something in it for everyone! Come on in and get a taste on us!

    Connect With LanceScurv:

    Twitter: twitter.com/lancescurv/

    YouTube: www.YouTube.com/lancescurv

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/lancescurv

    Instagram: www.Instagram.com/LanceScurv

    Blog: www.lancescurv.com/

    Google +: plus.google.com/u/0/113734327170938591138/about

    iTunes Podcast: itunes.apple.com/zw/podcast/lance…adio/id642252263

    Phone: 407.924.8793

    The LanceScurv Hotline: Leave an uncensored voicemail message of your opinion to be played on the upcoming shows!

    Call anytime around the clock @ 407.590.0755

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    Everyone Loves a Bad Guy: Sir Christopher Lee

    in Entertainment

    Everyone Loves a Bad Guy is back!  This week it's kicking off a series looking at actors and acresses best known for their villainious rols, up first the iconic Sir Christopher Lee.

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