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    When Things Don't Go My Way

    in Lifestyle

    The host of Let's Talk Truth will explore the many changes in a person's personality when things don't go the way they want it to or the way they have planned it. How do I  react to situations that don't go my way? Is there a particular reaction a person should have and are everyone's reactions the same? I suppose the word we all look for when things don't go our way is disappointment. We are only disappointed when the outcome of a certain situation is very different from what we are expecting. We will attempt to discuss in detail that personality changes affect more than you as it physically and emotionally drains everyone it touches. Please join us today, Tuesday, 11/3/2015 at 7:30pm (cst) and share your thoughts and your story by dialing 347-843-4945. We will be waiting.

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    Everyone has Insecurities...Don't They?

    in Spirituality

    Everyone has insecurities...Don't they?  Join Nicole Smith as she talks about insecurities and how we can use them to propel forward into our greatness.  Nicole is a Soul Integration Accelerator, who helps individuals and groups transform into their fullest potential.  Please contact Nicole for further information or to schedule a session. http://www.chenergy.us   che@chenergy.us


    Special thanks to the amazing lightworker Janene Cummings of http://www.myinnerharmony.net for the intro music.

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    LUwJC#029 Holidays Are NOT Easy For Everyone

    in Self Help

    LUwJC#029 Holidays Are NOT Easy For Everyone

    Some of the toughest times for people are Holiday Gatherings or that lack of them. Whether you are facing the upcoming Holiday Season alone, with people you don’t enjoy, after a major life change; like divorce or death of a loved one this show is for You!

    Today on Lighten Up with Jen and Cheri we are talking about the Holidays and how Not Easy they can be. With years of Holiday Seasons that have been filled with heartache and stress Jen is sharing tips and tools to that got her through them and even created some happy memories along the way.

    Have a situation you want advice about? Call into the show today (646) 200-0825 for support!

    Not able or ready to talk live? Send questions before and during the show to https://www.facebook.com/JenHaltermanNow

    Learn more about Jen Halterman

    Learn more about Cheri Gillham

  • Naked To Be Noticed!!!

    in Lifestyle

    The host of Let's Talk Truth and her guest, will discuss why females are naked in certain public forums. Do females think that the only way to get attention is to shed themselves of all of their clothing or to have on as little as possible without being charged with indecent exposure? Are females so desperate for attention that they will be a willing participant of the negative attention. Everyone already knows the answer to this age old question, MONEY and what it can buy. Why do females feel that they have so little to offer they will choose to make their living naked. Nudity is not restricted to strip clubs anymore as anyone can be exposed to it on prime-time television and other places. Please join us on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 7:30pm (cst) and give us you take on the situation by dialing 347-845-4945. Does pulling it all off equal success.

  • What In Life Is Enough?

    in Lifestyle

    Everyone will not believe in the Creator, but without a doubt, there is one! So with that in mind, were we created inadequate to the extent that we must seek other inadequate beings to fix what we don't have enough of? Are we created with less than what we need to function and to be the best we can be? Let's explore this with the Host of "Let's Talk Truth" along with her Guest(s) to find some order within our own minds that will assist in our catapult to greatness. Dial 347-843-4945 today, Tuesday, at 7:30 pm (CST) and share your thoughts!

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    Reiki Radio: Everyone Is Spiritual

    in Spirituality

    Everyone Is Spiritual:  Join Reiki-Master Teacher and Intuitive Mentor, Yolanda Williams, for this interactive episode of Reiki Radio!  To join the conversation, call 323-679-0953 or join us in the online chatroom!

    Don't forget to sign up for Yolanda's newsletter at yewchi.com and receive access to FREE webinars (including the introduction to Reiki webinar), FREE meditations and your FREE Manifesting Workbook!

    To learn more about YOU and your chakra energy, be sure to sign up for Yolanda's online course, Be Your Own Energy Healer, available on dailyom.com

  • SEX-A Private Matter Made Public

    in Lifestyle

    The host of Let's Talk Truth along with her guestk, will discuss the wide open spaces that society is experiencing with their sex lives. Intimacy is not a sacred place to be anymore. It seems that the more partners you have, the greater you are in everyone's eyes. We will explore the statistics of the number of teen virgins to determine if that number has increased or decreased. How old are the majority of males/females before they have their first sexual encounter and do they do it for love or popularity. Our discussion will explore the greatest impact or the greatest influence toward what is considered our moral decline. Join us today. Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 7:30 pm (cst) by dialing 347-843-4945 and let your thoughts become your voice.

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    Is Marriage For Everyone on Chatting With The Village by Moji's World

    in Relationships

    Welcome to our show Chatting With The Village on Moji's World with me your host Moji Solar - Percy, co-hosting this show with me are Sam Homer (UK) Patricia Sparkle (US), Missis Robinson (UK), Matthew Kirkwood (US), Taiwo Lawrence (US), Missis Robinson (UK).

    This week we are discussing if 'Marriage is for everyone' with our special guests Dayo Adenekan and Tai Abeleshindogba.

    This show will also be streamed live on Ustream Tv.  Looking forward to having you join us tomorrow November 22nd, 2015 at 5pm (EST), 10pm (GMT - UK) and 11pm (+1GMT - Nigeria).


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    Everyone Loves a Bad Guy: Movie Monsters

    in Movies

    This week Robert goes from talking about the invisible and the unseen to the in your face as Everyone Loves a Bad Guy looks at some of our favorite movie monsters.

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    The DIFFERENCE Between Successful People and Everyone Else

    in Entrepreneur

    Let’s face it, there is a HUGE difference between successful people and everyone else. It is easy to assume that it has to do with their background, pedigree or maybe even genetics. However, those assumptions are not only false, they are way of the mark! The difference between successful people and everyone else goes far beyond their “lot in life”, or event what they do.

    It has everything to do with one specific quality they have, and JT is going to share that with you in this impactful episode of The High-Altitude Mentorship Show.

    Tune in and listen up…your ticket to success is about to get punched.

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    Just How Many Leg Ups Do You Need???

    in Lifestyle

    We have heard all through life that we should be helpers one to another and most of us try to accommodate that request. We strive each day to give our family and friends "a leg up" so that they may become established in whatever they are purposed to do. The host of "Let's Talk Truth" along with her guest, will discuss just how many leg ups does one person get. Maybe a leg up is not really what some people need. Maybe some people need a mind change before you can give them a leg up. We are interested in hearing your thoughts and your views so call in tonight, Tuesday, 11/24/2015 at 7:30pm (cst) by dialing 847-843-4945. Come on, call in, you know that you have plenty you want to say as we determine just how many legs does one person have.