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    Spurs huge win, Everton comeback, Rodgers hatefest, BPL parity

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    Spurs lay second loss in a row on Manchester City with impressive 4-1 win at White Hart Lane.  Was Pochettino vindicated for his Capital Cup Derby line-up?  Everton's great form continues as they come from two behind to notch another win - our evertonPhil joins live from cold England at 3:00 am his time to give up a passionate fan's take.  Is scouserCraig so anti-Rodgers that he'd rather see his beloved Reds lose to get him out? After looking like they were getting iit together, Chelsea suffers through what Mourinho called the worst half of his stint as Chelsea manager to salvage a tie against lowly Newcastle - has the Eva malaise reappeared?  We talk all this and more in the latest version of the Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show.

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    From one point to three: Villa try to build on pre-break success against Everton

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    Well let's see, what's happened since our last podcast? Rémi Garde managed his first match at Villa. And in one match he did 25% of the point total that Tim Sherwood and Kevin MacDonald had gotten in eleven. That's not bad! And then you remember that the point came against league-leading Manchester City and that becomes downright great!

    Then we had the international break, and of course with that comes injury. Usually it's not to bad, but this time it cost us left-back Jordan Amavi for the rest of the season with a horrific knee knock.

    With Villa back this weekend, though, they'll try to soldier on and build on a great performance against City. Going to Everton is never easy, but a win here could mean that Rémi Garde's team have the momentum they're going to need.

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    Has Everton R. Gittens gone mad?

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    What's going on with Everton R. Gittens the accused murderer and ex policeman?  http://nakeddeparture.com/2015/12/01/has-everton-r-gittens-gone-mad/

    St. Philip carnival, 150 people (approximately) in attendance and two dead men.  

    Lettuce shortage.  http://nakeddeparture.com/2015/12/01/lettuce-shortage-the-bjerkham-ward-and-walsh-saga/

    Talk of HARP and possible tourist attraction (what about the Cubana crash site?).  And other topics of the day.

    Books:  The Khaki Boys, Marc is Dying, The Boys in the Band, Naked Departure

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    What's up with Costa? Tough Spurs loss, Everton & WHU on the rise, Scouse banter

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    This week's Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show welcomes expected and unexpected guests from far and near.  evertonPhil rose at 3:00 local time in Liverpool, England to join the banter brigade at the Podcast Cubby via skype. westhamDave joined the show to share the surprising year-to-date results and the outlook for the Hammers' season moving forward.  Visiting from Portland Oregon and working his Everton kit with pride, listener evertonTim unexpectedly joined the show and added greatly to the goings on. We review Costa, Chelsea v Arsenal, the the Capital Cup Arsenal v Spurs Derby. The Evertonians, Spurs fans and Southampton Bob opine about their football clubs all awhile scouserCraig torments all - and absorbs blistering counter banter punches - in a way unique to resident scouse. We cover all things BPL and more in this week's show.

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    Fulham vs. Everton

    in Soccer

    This is our preview of Fulham vs. Everton

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    Win over Everton sees Aston Villa edge closer to safety

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    So close and yet so far. After a dominating 3-2 win over Everton at Villa Park last weekend Aston Villa sit on 35 points. A month ago we probably would have told you that 35 was enough to guarantee safety, but surges from teams like Leicester and Sunderland mean that we're not quite over the hump yet. 

    Today we tackle that win and the concurrent results over the weekend. To top it off, we analyze what it will take to actually ensure Premier League survival. The good news: it's not much more! We also take a look at the incoherent ramblings of Roy Keane, answer your twitter questions, preview this weekend's match against West Ham and more!

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    Talk Jamaica April 24

    in Current Events

    alk Jamaica comes your way today at 4pm Sunday

    For the first half of the show we discuss Auxiliary Fees and it being removed from schools,  we will get reactions from Mr. Linton Weir - President of Association of Principals and Vice Principals, Mr. Everton Hannam - President of the National Parent Teachers Association

    Then at 5PM:
     PNP President and Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller will join us for an exclusive interview on her service to the country, the recent general election loss and the way forward for the PNP.

    In our feature segment TALK VAULT at 5:35:
     We speak with the proprietors of Elite Club Limited, a charitable organization which has been making a positive difference in Jamaica through various initiatives.

    We'll be joined by Dave Kerr (Chairman)
     Jerome Burke (Director of Outreach)

     Talk Jamaica comes your way http://talkjamaicaradio.com/listen at 4PM.

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    Feuerstein's Fire #282

    in Sports

    This show is now a member of Once A Metro of SB Nation & on Ultimate Sports Talk .com

    Will be joined by Chris Valence who helps run Amateur club Southie FC from Boston as they discuss the history of the team and going into their first US Open Cup tournament, Patrick Quinn will discuss about the Colorado Rapids and the signing of Everton Goalkeeper & US International Tim Howard,

    NASL Segment: Recapping the second week of the 2016 Spring Season
    Red Bulls Hour: Recapping the home game against Sporting Kansas City


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    Aston Villa prepare for Everton after the international break

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    Jack and Robert are back, and so, too, are Aston Villa. After an international break that saw plenty of players out on duty (and one injured) the club are ready to take on Everton at Goodison Park this weekend.

    And after three straight goalless losses, it sure would be nice to see Villa get SOMETHING from this matchup. The good news, of course, is that Christian Benteke is back, and he should help add some potency to what has been an absolutely anemic attack. 

    So we've got coverage of all this and more on today's Holtecast! Remember, you can subscribe on YouTube, or to our audio-only feed at iTunes, Stitcher, BlogTalk Radio, or anywhere else you get podcasts. Thanks, as always, for listening!

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    The Weekly Conversation with Kyle

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    This week on the conversation white chick using white privilege to try to scare guy fliming her in chicago. People on the left make no sense christian moral are crazy moral, how is the view still on the air? Did Cruz cheat on his wife and if so who cares. Having people in your face all day even I might snap and blow up! I swear anything to try to make someone on the right look bad. Where is the country I grew up in? Who cares about the issues lets just bring there personal lives out there just to try to smear there reputation. Just like the Obama birth certificate issue, weather it is real or not you argue back and forth and they contuine to win and you loose. Roseanne Barr changing her tone from left views to right views. OK hell has froze over folks! Remember God is this nations only hope.  Hillary really says Cruz can't be trusted to appoint a justice, really I would not trust Hillary to flush my toilet. Politics in DC is turning into a circus freak side show. We are waking people in this country but we still have a way to go. It is amazing the old video's you can find from old tv shows stand up comedy that prove my point about what us going on in this nation now. Man Utd had the easter weekend off hope the time off is good for the team as they prepare to play Everton. Update on the team and other issues in the BPL.  Join me for this and much much more on the conversation yor apart of.