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    GOP Presidential Candidate Mark Everson

    in Politics Conservative

    This week we'll sit down with the former head of the Internal Revenue Service, and GOP Presidential candidate Mark Everson to discuss his plan for reforming the tax system in America. Mr. Everson will also talk about his personal experiences working under two former Presidents, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan. Author and co-founder of "People's Pundit Daily" Richard Baris will also be here to talk about the recent SCOTUS rulings. Of course we'll have all the latest political news as well. Join us Saturday at Noon ET, or listen to the archive at your convenience.

    Don Smith is a business executive, and fiscal conservative. As seen on Fox News, CBS, PBS, Next Generation TV, and heard on various syndicated radio broadcasts around the country, “The Don Smith Show” takes the complex issues facing this nation and breaks them down in an easy to understand format. Tune in every Saturday at Noon ET for all the latest political news.

    The Don Smith Show “where it’s ok to be a conservative,” brings you the most in-depth coverage of all the latest political news. While the liberal media currently dominates the airwaves, now there is an alternative. Listen to The Don Smith Show every Saturday at Noon ET to hear great interviews with people like Ted Nugent, Dinesh D'Souza, Col. Allen West, Charlie Daniels, Gov. Scott Walker, Pat Boone, Chuck Woolery, Ben Shapiro, Jon Voight, Deneen Borelli, NRA President Jim Porter, Victoria Jackson, and many more leading conservatives.

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    Episode 3: Colleen Griffen: Filmmaking & her mockumentary, "boyband"

    in Film

    The five fictitious members of Colleen Griffen's mockumentary titled "boyband" are each distinct identities drawn from amalgamations of pop stars everyone knows. Lance, Chad, Preston, Yancy and Shaun rock less facial hair but just as much naiveté as the members of Spinal Tap, though their Harrison, Illinois curfew probably means THIS boyband never goes to eleven (but maybe 10:55 if all the lights are green).

    Writer/producer/director Griffen tells Christine Wolf how she came up with the idea for boyband, how crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter could turn boyband's 22-webisode dream into reality, how One Direction's likely to poach a boyband member, and how the phrase "no big shakes" keeps Griffen and her husband, director Joe Chappelle (The Wire, Chicago Fire), anchored in Evanston, Illinois. 

    This episode was recorded in an incredible room generously donated by The Studios at SPACE on 4/14/15. With its wide array of vintage and premium gear, The Studios at SPACE may be the perfect setting for your next recording project.  Tucked away behind SPACE’s bustling live concert venue, the studios offer a uniquely inspiring environment for tracking, production, and mixing.  Please contact eric@evanstonspace.com to discuss your next project. 

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    Steve G. Jones, Mark Everson, David Baxter, Chip Eichelberger

    in Business

    Steve G. Jones board certified  Clinical Hypnotherapist.He has been practicing hypnotherapy since the 1980s. He is the author of 22 books on Hypnotherapy. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, on the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association, and director of the California state  

    Chip Eichelberger after five years with world-renowned business leader Tony Robbins as his international point man, Chip launched his own career in 1993. He has since been selected to "switch on" over 975 events for companies and associations such as Ford, Hyatt, Wells Fargo, Proctor & Gamble, Exxon and MassMutual.hip has been ranked a Top 5 Speaker by Speaking.com three years in a row, and one of only 7% of the members of the National Speakers Association to earn the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation. His new book with Jeff Davidson - The Smart Guide to Accomplishing Your Goals was just released. 

    David Baxter Senior Vice President at Age Wave, a research and consulting company focused on the age 50+ population. David develops and oversees national and global studies that reveal the unique trends and opportunities created by the growth of the age 50+ population. Age Wave, in partnership with Merrill Lynch, has just completed a study on how and where people live in retirement, entitled “Home in Retirement: More Freedom, New Choices.”

    Mark Everson has had many executive level positions in the private sector ranging from Plant Manager to CFO, but is best known as the former Deputy INS Commissioner under President Reagan, IRS Commissioner under President George W Bush, and was Commissioner of the Department of Workforce Development for Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.


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    NBA Playoffs Round 2! 2-8-15

    in Sports

    Can the Warriors, without a post presence win a NBA title?

    Can Lebron steal a ring this year!

    Will CP3 finaly make it to the finals?

    Has Blake Griffen arrived?

    Are the Bulls underrated or overrated?



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    Red Maryland Radio #214: May 7, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    It's an all new edition of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.

    On tonight's show:

    We'll unveil the results of the Red Maryland Poll;
    Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's first budget after the riots fails to address one of the key problems with city life;
    And did the right lose the culture war in the 1960's? Maybe we did.

    All that and more is why you can't afford to miss an episode of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.......and don't forget that you can subscribe to all Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes and on Stitcher.

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    EPS 134 NFL Free-Agency talk w/ TFG & Everson Griffen intvw

    in Sports

    Thanks for tuning into SportsManRadio! This mornings show will include:
    - NFC North & AFC North free-agency breakdown with Jim Saranteas from The Fantasy Greek!
    - Interview with Minnesota Vikings defensive-end Everson Griffen! Just this past season Griffen recorded 8 sacks as well as an INT for a TD!
    - NFL & NBA updates
    Have any questions/comments? Please call into the show at anytime on The Fantasy Greek hotline at (310)742-1770. Please FOLLOW Chris on Twitter @CLS722, SMR @SportsManRadio, TFG @TheFantasyGreek, & Everson @EversonGriffen. Also LIKE the show on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sportsmanradio. Thanks for tuning in & enjoy!

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    Business Matters :: A Look Inside Facebook's Thriving Culture | Carolyn Everson

    in Social Networking

    When we think of the world’s most innovative companies, tech giants and social media trailblazers are at the forefront of our minds. These businesses are revered not only for their world-changing products and services, but also for their unique and flourishing company cultures. A company like Facebook nourishes its top talent by building its extraordinarily special culture around a core mission. When all employees deeply support their company’s goals and feel that what they do makes a true impact on society, groundbreaking ideas will surface. And as consumer expectations grow and habits rapidly change, the importance of a strong, accountable team is essential for delivering outstanding customer experiences.

    This week’s guest has had a remarkable career serving in leadership positions at some of the world’s most successful companies, including Disney, MTV and Microsoft. Carolyn Everson now works as the Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook where she is known as the ad chief who has played a crucial role in changing the way advertisers and marketers view the social network. 

    Every employee at Facebook believes connectivity is a human right, Carolyn says, and the company strives to connect people all across the globe. The company works hard to leave an impact on society that goes beyond day-to-day operations. Internally, there is no hierarchy, and the company works hard to eliminate politics and encourage employees to have accountability at every level of the organization. Not a day goes by where employees aren’t challenging themselves to do things differently.

    Social networks play a significant role in consumers’ lives, and it is up to C-Suite leaders to support cultures that inspire innovation and put customer needs and concerns at the forefront. Becoming as successful as Facebook requires a core mission each and every team member can stand behind.

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    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown On Wednesday 10th December 2014 3.00pm Eastern Time 12.00pm Pacific Time 8.00pm uk Time Chat Room will be open for the show My Special Guest Today is The Healing Medium Rev Frankey Griffin  Psychic Medium Francis ( Frankey ) Griffen Hampton Road Own " Healing Medium " has been receiving message from the other  for Over 20 years as a Spiritualist it is very satisfying to know that mediumship brings great comfort to those who are grieving your love ones who have crossed over are eager to offer you healing and insight,Thus helping you to understand how they are still " Alive " and trying to Communicate with you.I Am humbled to have helped hundreds of people, using the phone-skype Throughout the world,I connectpeople to their love ones who have passed on by channeling only good and loving spirits and locally as a pastor.I Teach spiritual development,healing and psychic medium courses .I believe that every person who is gifted should share healing with the world .We will be talking about Spiritual Healing and how it works for everybody in they life Thank you for joining me today for my show

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    Will the Green Bay Packers score 50 against Minnesota this weekend? Game Preview

    in Sports

    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble; presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will preview the Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings.  In week 5, the Packers dominated the Vikings, 42-10.  That was before Aaron Rodgers decided to play, in a different solar system.  So can the Packers put up 50 points, for the third straight week?  The 4-6 Vikings, have comparable defensive stats, to that of the Packers.  The defensive may be the suprise unit.  Everson Griffen leads the team with nine sacks, and the Vikings have gotten to the quarterback 30 times.  Is Griffen the "x" factor; on defense, for the Vikings, or is it number one pick Anthony Barr.  Barr leads the team in tackles and has added four sacks.  Despite not having Adrian Peterson, the Vikings have found a way, to rush for 117 yards per game.  With Peterson, now suspended for the whole year, the Vikings signed free agent Ben Tate.  Tate was released, by the Browns, earlier in the week.  

    The Green Bay Packers have been an offensive machine.  Scoring over 50 points, in their last two home games.  In the last four games, at Minnesota, the Packers have scored over 30 points.  Aaron Rodgers is being mentioned, in the MVP talk, and rookie Davante Adams, has become a legitimate number 3 receiver, behind Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.  Eddie Lacy has beome more involved in the passing game, and this offense seems unstoppable.  Listen to the boys preview this game, and then leave your comments on twitter; @RedLightSports or @edubsrlsn 

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    We're Off to Ever-Everson, Yeah-hah!

    in Spirituality

    The 8th at 8:PM PST? Taaake maaah Haaandy! Remoting it from the Nightside of Everson with Travis Fletcher of W.A.R.N., discussing or disgusting, maybe both. Special Call-in Number, Surprise Travis for me LoL, is 360 441-2292

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    See what darkness lurks amongst "The Family Tree"

    in Film

    Learn what darkness awaits in "The Family Tree"

    Join us for Shriek Speak! This week we have Bram Stoker award winning writer, John Everson! Author of "Covenant", "Sacrifice", "Night Where," "Violet Eyes," and now "The Family Tree." 


    Shriek Speak, hosted each Wednesday at 10 p.m. by Jason R. Davis and Anita Nicole Brown.

    Support Shriek Speak and keep us ad free with only $1

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