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    American Daily Review: Even Here, Even Now, We Give Thanks

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    Common Core's effect on home-schooling; Abortician returns child to pedophile; Mexico moves back towards centralized authoritarian tyranny; EPA "clean air" jihad against U.S. economy & jobs escalates; Iran openly celebrates Obama's latest nuclear capitulation as Israel prepares for the war only they realize is coming; Chuck Hagel fired as SecDef for daring to dissent from Obama's ISIS party line; More consequences of ObamaCare - for Democrats; “Anti-government” shooter with a “political agenda” fires upon government buildings, Mexican consulate in Austin, Texas; Mass riots erupt in Ferguson and nationwide following grand jury decision exonorating Officer Darren Wilson; The illegal alien madness is just beginning; and even here, even now, we give thanks.

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    Minister J and D.A. back at it again at the end of this very exhausting 2014th year. Are you a racist and not even know it? Is racism something every human is born with or is it something that's learned? Can we fix racism or learn to except racism? In recent events there has been several cases of Police Brutality all across America. Some have eluded to the cause of racism being the fuel of these recent events. Tonite at 10pm eastern time the discussion will be on the very contraversal issue of racism. Come join us as we discuss this very interesting topic. You may be a racist and not even know.......!!!!!!!

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    The Ins and Outs of Even Keel Funds with Matt Zimmerman

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    Today Matt Zimmerman, Natinoal Sales Manager for Milliman Financial Risk Managment and I discuss the strategies deployed with the Even Keel family of mutual Funds.  The Even Keel Managed Risk Funds are actively managed mutual funds that seek to provide investors access to broadly diversified global markets, and the Milliman Managed Risk Strategy—an intelligent risk management process that seeks to create a smoother investment experience and defend against losses during sustained market declines.


    Not a Deposit | Not Insured by any Government Agency | Not FDIC Insured | No Bank Guarantee | May Lose Value

    Full Discalimer can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/ChuckHammond/milliman-podcast-disclaimer

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    THE DARK SPACE IS GOOD.....even though EGO screams NO!!

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    Join BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO Tuesday Oct. 28th for a look into WHY THE DARK SPACE IS GOOD for you.  So often we try to run, deny, or find a way to NOT deal with THE DARK and I AM going to share with you  how THE DARK SPACE for me has created freedom, peace, joy, abundance, and ALL good things from the Universe.

    We will have an excellent meditation to still ourselves before the conversation so that way we will be able to hear what it is that we may need to hear!

    And coming out the other side Angels, has shaped, molded, and helped me become a more loving women towards myself and others. And Angels, that is what I believe life is about. LOVE. Loving yourself and Loving others. What a different world this would be.


    So, I look forward to you joining me as we explore why it is that THE DARK SPACE IS GOOD.....even though EGO screams NO!


    Tuesday 4pmPAC/7pmEST @www.blogtalkradio.com/buzzardskorner-of-love



        bringing people back to themselves


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    Real Talk With Mark Angelo: Dishonored Even At Death

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    Many of our families direspect us while we are alive, misgendering and simply not seeing us as we wish to be seen. Can you imagine if you died suddenly, and your family buried you in the opposite gender that you transition to. Well this happend to Jennifer Gable.

    This is incredibly sad, Jennifer Gable passed away suddenly on October 9, 2014 while at her job at Wells Fargo Bank. But what is even sadder is that her family did not honor her even at her funeral. They cut her hair and buried in a suite. This is her face book page https://www.facebook.com/kinipelainpink If you read the memorial the family created, total disrespect and lack of acknowledging her truth. http://www.magicvalleyfuneralhome.com/sitemaker/sites/parkes0/obit.cgi?user=1435181Gable

    I wonder how many of us will endure this? Home many of our families will respect us even as we lay in a coffin? I am going to cover this on next week radio show and would love to have all of you call in with your opinions, and if you think your family would honor your gender when you die. What can we do to prevent this from happening?

    In the Trans News: Transgender military personnel from 18 countries where open service is allowed gather to discuss whether US military could lift ban





    Every week Mark Angelo will bring you up to date information regarding the LGBT community, Spirituality, and  health tips, I will open the chat room and take calls so you can share your opinions and concerns. Letting your voices be heard. Let us grow and learn to understand one another.

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    I Can Be Whatever I Want To Be- Even Plus Size Me (Ann Danner)

    in Lifestyle

    Would you Stop Being my Friend because I Gained weight? 
    Would you want a Divorce just because I got a little heavier? 
    I am getting fired because I am Fat?

    Our Special Guest tonight is Ann Danner of Atlanta, GA... and she is putting it down lovely...

    How many of you remember when you were thin or smaller? Remember when you started gaining weight and all the comments your friends and family would make?

    Now you know Auntie has not always been the thick chick in the room... I was bodied baby... but I never lost who I was even with the weight gain.  Don't take that to mean that I did not feel down and out ever now and again.  I hated looking in the mirror. I knew I had gained... gained and gained some more, but I was still my confident, fun loving self. Some of my model friends use to ask 'Don't you hate being fat'? I never really knew how to answer that question... I knew what FAT was to me and I never considered myself FAT. Being in the plus model industry I now understand and can answer that question with ease.  But whats easy for me can be debilitating and life changing for others... We are talking to Pastor Ann Danner tonight... we will hear her story... This lady is living the life and she is making no apologies... Tune In or listen to the archived show(s)... 

    Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/curvesin3d

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/curvesin3d

    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/curvesin3d

    AUNTIE: http://m.facebook.com/auntieiam 

    SWAN: https://www.facebook.com/SwanIam

    KAYANN: https://www.facebook.com/Imkayann

    SELENA SONG: https://www.facebook.com/IamSelenaSong

    The House Of Zip... http://www.houseofzip.com/


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    Birthing Your Book Even If You Don't Know What It's About, Mark David Gerson

    in Spirituality

    Do you have a piece of writing that's gestating? Do you find yourself in a state of writer's block? Is your spirit calling you to write? Is your internal dialogue getting in the way? This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will be chatting with the prolific author, Mark David Gerson, about the connections between creativity, spirituality, authenticity, inner wisdom and writing.

    Mark David Gerson is the award-winning author of the popular Q'ntana Trilogy of visionary fantasy novels (The MoonQuest, The StarQuest, The SunQuest), of four critically acclaimed books on writing and of two memoirs, Acts of Surrender: A Writer’s Memoir and Dialogues with the Divine: Encounters with My Wisest Self. His newest book for writers, Birthing Your Book…Even If You Don’t Know What It’s About, will be released in October 2014. Mark David's screenplay adaptations of his Q'ntana novels are on their way to movie theaters as a trio of epic feature films. He is currently working on a trio of stage musical adaptations of the fantasy trilogy. As a creativity catalyst and workshop facilitator, Mark David has guided writers and non-writers to connect with their innate wisdom, open to their creative power and express themselves with ease. He is also a popular speaker on topics related to creativity and spirituality, as well as an accomplished artist and photographer. Mark David's books are available on Amazon and most major retail sites.

    Matthew Engel is an Intuitive Channel, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Spiritual Teacher and Writer. He has supported thousands of people in actualizing their highest potential for 18 years. For info and his popular newsletter, matthewengel.com

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    My Heart Beats for Love, Eternal Love--Yea, Even Conjugal Love Forever

    in Religion

    20. The Gods who dwell in the Heaven from which our spirits came, are beings who have been redeemed from the grave in a world which existed before the foundations of this earth were laid. They and the Heavenly body which they now inhabit were once in a fallen state. Their terrestrial world was redeemed, and glorified. and made a Heaven...

    21. These Gods, being redeemed From the grave with their wives, are immortal and eternal, and will die no more. But they and their wives will be supremely happy. All the endearing ties of conjugal love which existed in their bosoms, when terrestrial and Fallen beings, are now greatly increased and perfected which serve to swell their souls with feelings of rapturous delight, and unbounded love towards each other, and with joys that are everlasting. How beautiful--how interesting--how inexpressibly lovely will they appear in each others eyes! Full of virtue and goodness, knowledge and intelligence, affection and love they shine forth in all the brilliancy and glory of these Godlike attributes, inspiring each other, and all Heaven, with a fulness of Eternal joys.

    But can several wives love one and the same man as their husband? Yes, if he treat them in a way to merit their confidence and love. There is no more difficulty in several women loving one husband than there is in several persons loving our Lord and Saviour. God is the Author of sexual or conjugal love, the same as He is of all other kinds of pure love; and if He unites several women to one man in the sacred bonds of matrimony, it is their duty to cultivate and increase the heavenly principle of pure love to their husband, until they love him with all their hearts, even as they love God; and he should love them in return, even as he loves God. There is no evil in love; but there is much evil resulting from the want of love. The Seer; Orson Pratt

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    Moving Forward In Your Business (Even When Things Are Tough)

    in Entrepreneur

    Welcome to At Your Service Yes Radio! This broadcast is all about moving forward in your business, even when things are tough.

    In your business you will have times when things might be stuck, or even times of difficulty. This broadcast will share about the importance of moving forward in your business.

    Of course we also share a couple of news items from the day and also an encouraging word for you!

    Thanks for listening to At Your Service Yes Radio!

    We look forward to helping you with your business

    At Your Service Yes Radio

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    Ladies and Gentlemen Shane O Mac is happy to announce the return of The Even Flow Show LIVE yes LIVE next tuesday at 9pm!!!Topics: What happen to Big Tone, Shane O Mac replies back to the Middleva.com's Goodbye to Shane O Mac show, news in Sports & Entertainment, Shane O Mac introduces the New Co-Host of the Even Flow Show and of course the best Hip Hop music in the land!!!!!

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    How to have a happier life even with a painful past with Kingsley Grant

    in Lifestyle

    This week I interviewed Kingsley Grant around how to to have a happier life even with a painful past.

    Many people find the pursuit of happiness to be an elusive task. They go from one thing to another, one relationship to another, one job to another, one drug to another … seeking to find happiness. 

    Some do experience those momentary feelings of happiness and wish that it lasted longer than it did. 

    Why couldn’t they “hold” onto that happiness feeling? What interfered with the process? 

    What gets in the way of them having longer lasting happiness? 

    Is it fear? 


    Drama in their lives? 


    Past painful experiences? 

    Frustration with their current situation? 

    These are just some of the hindrances that gets in the way of longer lasting happiness.

    Thanks for listening and find out more at www.TheIronJen.com/KingsleyGrant.




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