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    Warn Radio Battle Lines Prophecy News

    in Christianity

    Watchman n Warrior Battle Lines; Prophecy News Current Events on Talk Radio! Key Show Tags this segment: Army Suicidal Spray, military vet, facebook posts, handing out water, Moscow, china, syria, West, US military, race war, California Farm labor shortage, corn crop, drought, Iran attack, Israel, American Drone Strikes, UN, human rights, Warn Radio, Watchman, Prophecy News, Current Events, George Obama, Soros Marxists, Finland, EuroCrisis.

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    Dictator Obama on Freedom's Wings Thursday

    in Politics Conservative

    Barack Obama has wanted to exceed the powers deemed to him via the Constitution and he has started doing just that. Previous Presidents have used Executive Orders before to circumvent Congress in an unConstitutional way, but Obama has taken it to new heights.  We'll discuss that along with the "solution" in the Eurocrisis and much more! Conservative libertarian irreverent commentary on the current events in news and politics. Join us for some common sense!