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    Tonight we are going to explore that Eureka moment. Do you need a Eureka moment? Do your children need a Eureka moment? Do your children need you to have a Eureka moment

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    Saving the NRHS and the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railroad on LTT

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    This week's Let's Talk Trains we will reach out to our friend Skip Waters to discuss the proposed changes that are being voted on in a few days. We will also discuss the John Hankey Blog on TRAINS.com. We would also like to hear from you on the issue, please call 646-716-7106 to discuss it. 

    Then for the second half of the show, we talk with Brain Waller, who is leading the effort to save the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railroad.

    Great show, so won't you join us?  



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    Meet Urban Novelist Eureka

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    From Dutchress - Elana Dolvan, a high profiled attorney, fought her way out of the cold street life in Chicago and achieved one of the most impressive careers in her family’s history. As she works her way up the ladder of success, her double identity crosses over into her very modest, and high profile life. It leaves nothing but murder and mayhem in its path. 

    Elana, known as one of the most ruthless female bosses in the United States, can't believe she's being tested. Her name, Dutchtress, speaks loudly in the streets. 

    She finds it hard to let one soul breathe another ounce of air after they have taken her most precious possession. With her most trusted solider by her side they perform a bloody symphony across the city. 

    ~None before we Death before Dishonor~ 

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    Look What the Tree House Shook Out .. Eureka!! :)

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    Pending the big changes coming next weekend, Kim will be pinch hitting (road weary from just getting back from vacation) with open mic, Indie Music, and maybe some surprises. Hmmmmmmm...

    Like perhaps John Lewis Barrella, who will share his experience with Cognitive Remediation. It's made a huge difference in his recovery, and believes it's under used and seldom spoken of. John is convinced all brain injury survivors would benefit, and tells us why.

    Next Saturday night (16th), Joey Giggles will be starting in this slot regularly, Miss Shannon our past year's Saturday host in this slot .. Will be moving to the early Saturday platform before this show (5pm pac/8pm est), and Matt Duffin will be back in his regular Sunday slot on the next night, Sunday the 17th.

    In the meantime, I will sit in and hope that you will help keep me awake and party on this Saturday night!!


    Hosted by Kim Justus, author of In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond found at www.inaflash.org. Be sure to like all of us at Brain Injury Radio at www.facebook.com/braininjuryradio .. And me at www.facebook.com/inaflash.org  Thanks!!

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    RealitySpirituality Radio with Guest Jim Young

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    Jim Young is an award winning spiritual author, poet and photographer, applying spiritual perception in all aspects of his life’s calling. A ministerial graduate of the Pecos Benedictine Monastery’s ecumenical school for spiritual directors and the Minister Emeritus for the Creative Life Church in Hot Springs, AR, Jim was also a co-founder and facilitator for the AR Metaphysical Society in Eureka Springs and The Aristotle Group in Hot Springs, AR. Dr. Young also served with distinction as a teacher and distinguished professor of higher education, and in a variety of leadership positions, including President of State University of New York at Potsdam and Chancellor of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Author of 16 spiritual books, Dr. Young is an inspirational teacher who takes participants to the threshold of their own Truth. He is available for workshops, seminars and presentations: www.creationspirit.net. Contact: creationspirit@gmail.com

    Host: Rebecca L. Norrington has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, along with decades of education on topics from Spirituality to Human Behavior. Rebecca is also a Radio & TV Personality, Author, Speaker, and Fitness Instructor. Rebecca is available for workshop seminars focusing on Happiness. 

    RealitySpirituality Radio focuses our moment by moment experience and how to add to your happiness - regardless of your circumstances. RealitySpirituality Radio is heard every Saturday and Sunday at 7 AM PST.




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    #226 Dave the Mystic with Guest Intuitives Anne Salisbury and Greg Meyerhoff

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    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, May 4th at 8PM MDT with guests Dr. Anne Salisbury and Greg Meyerhoff of GoIntuition.com. Anne and Greg are intuition experts who give hypnotherapy sessions and psychic readings by phone to improve your Relationships, Career and Life. They also give pet psychic readings and talk to loved ones who have passed.

    Their passion is to help clients access higher wisdom to understand their life path. The more people who connect with their own intuition and higher wisdom, the better the earth will be.

    The founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, Norman Shealy, MD, said: Anne, whom I have known for over 25 years, is an intuitive who is among the most clear visionaries I have experienced. She has the unique ability to see to the heart of the issue and channel appropriate solutions.

    In this show, we will discuss intuition and accessing higher wisdom. 

    Their website is GoIntuition.com. They are located in Golden, CO and see clients worldwide by phone.

    You can find their 2 books at GoIntuition.com and purchase them on Amazon:

    1) Eureka! Understanding and Using the Power of Your Intuition.

    2) The Path of Intuition: Your Guidebook fo Life’s Journey


    Dave the Mystic



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    Goodbye Eureka! Darn you SyFy!

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    It's a sad time in Geekdom!  The hit SyFy show Eureka is in its final season.  Join us as we talk about the show and say our final farewell to the characters we love!

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    Paranormal Frequencies: Live from the Crescent Hotel

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    Our show will be held from the infamous Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ar!  We will discuss the history of the location as well as documented accounts of the paranormal and will have a special guest interview with Keith Scales.  Keith is the hotel historian, hosts the ghost tours, and also is the writer and director of the play "Not A Door".  

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    Roto-Rooter Eureka, CA

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    In this interview with Cutter the Owner of Roto Rooter, he is going to share some information about his start with Roto Rooter and what all Roto Rooter has to offer.

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    Welcome to the Post All Star Break ABL Radio

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    Welcome to the Post All Star Break ABL Radio

    I am Colin Mayhem and this is the ABL Bottom line. Lets get to the Bottom line.

    A few teams have come out of the break on fire. Cabo at 13-4 lead the league but Playoff bound Montreal is only a half game back with SoCal, KC, Vegas and Duke City all within 2 games of Montreal. The race is on to the playoffs.


    Speaking of teams trying to get in the race Eureka is now 56-50 but this team is so very close!

    The bottom line for Eureka is they would be a lock for the playoffs if they could win the close games. At a dreadful 1-8 in extras and 11-21 overall in 1 run games. All other games this team is 44-21. So keep in close on Eureka, ABL. And that’s the bottom line.

    Have a bunch of Left handed pitching? Don’t face SoCal, MTL or KC. So cal is 23-8 against lefties, Montreal 25-11 and 22-11 for KC.  If you are facing these guys, find your righties and that’s the bottom line.

    Some teams have trouble reading the financials. 12 teams are projected to end the year with a negative balance. The list is led by all in Duke City at -15.4 Mil. Dallas and Pax are also in double digit negatives with Brooklyn, Man, Mtl, Washington, Portland, Jersey, South Carolina, Eureka and Mile High all in single digit negatives.

    On the other side Socal, San Diego, Maple, Cabo, Jacksonville are all expected to clear over 30Mil, NY, Min and Seattle looking to clear the 20Millions.


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    28th UFO Conference preview next Spirit Seeker

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    March 31: 8-9 pm CT 28th UFO Conference-Eureka Springs featured speakers www.ozarkufoconference.com

    Thom Reed will recount his childhood ET/UFO encounters from the 1960’s. Several of Thom's childhood sketches from 1969, depicting what he witnessed first-hand, are displayed at the Roswell UFO Museum in New Mexico, and the Great Barrington Historical Society of Massachusetts will also include Thom’s extraterrestrial encounters in their collection. http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/reedabduction.html

    Richard Dolan, internationally renowned UFO author, investigator, researcher and reporter. Host of the Richard Dolan Show on KGRA Radio. Richard is a frequent guest to Coast-to-Coast AM, and is featured in the new television documentary series, Hangar One. http://www.richarddolanpress.com/

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