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    The ETS Sports Podcast : Episode 7

    in Baseball

    On this episode of The ETS Sports Podcast we will be joined by Ironton St. Joe Baseball Coach Brent Wirzfeld to discuss some St. Joe Baseball.

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    The ETS Sports Podcast : Episode 6

    in Sports

    On this Episode of the ETS Sports Podcast we will be joined by Chesapeake Head Basketball Coach Ryan Davis to discuss some Chesapeake Basketball.

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    The ETS sports podcast : Episode 2

    in Sports

    On episode 2 of the ets sports podcast we will discuss some tristate sports and try to have Fairlands girls basketball coach Jonathan Buchanan as a guest and we will also try to take some phone calls.

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    The ETS Sports Podcast: Episode 5

    in Basketball

    On this Episode of the ETS Sports Podcast we will be joined by Symmes Valley Girls Head Basketball Coach Brandon Walker to discuss some Lady Viking's Basketball.

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    The ETS Sports Podcast : Episode 4

    in Football

    On this episode of the ETS sports podcast we will be joined by Alex Gleitman from elevenwarriors.com to discuss some Ohio State Football Recruiting.

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    The ETS Sports Podcast : Episode 3

    in Basketball

    On this episode of The ETS Sports Podcast we will be joined by Shayne Combs from svcsportszone.com to discuss some Ohio Tournament Basketball.

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    ParaTruth Radio Episode #6: Don Donderi, "UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions"

    in Paranormal

    This week on ParaTruth Radio, we will be talking to Dr. Don Donderi about his book, "UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions".  Don Donderi was educated at the University of Chicago, which he entered at 15. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree at 18 and a B.Sc. in biological psychology at 21. He began his professional career as a research psychologist with IBM where he helped to develop radar navigation displays for the B-52 bomber. After graduating from Cornell University with a PhD in experimental psychology he joined the Faculty of Science of McGill University, where he taught undergraduate psychology, trained PhD students and served as Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. He retired from McGill in 2009 after a career of 47 years. He has written over one hundred basic research papers and technical reports dealing with the science of human visual perception and memory, co-authored one textbook and edited another. He co-founded a Toronto-based ergonomics consulting company and has carried out applied research and development projects for private and government clients on topics including flight instrumentation, flight simulation, marine navigation in ocean and arctic environments, nuclear safety and chemical process engineering. His entire career has been in the mainstream of science and engineering. He is a dual American-Canadian citizen and lives in Montreal.  Join us for a great show.  Hop in chat and hit us up or call in on our guest call in number.

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    Into the Light w/Seth Michael & Teresa Kleve-(Ron S. Past life-Annie P. ETs)

    in Paranormal

    In the first hour, join mediums, Seth Michael and Teresa Kleve, as we welcome the winner of our, “Be a Guest Co-Host,” contest, Annie Palmer. Our discussion will be a speculation of various topics of extraterrestrials and their motivations.

    The 2nd  hour we will be speaking with, Ron Sohler, Author of, Journey of a reluctant Shaman, and Returning to Peig Sayers (My prior life.) He will be sharing events around his magical trip to Ireland in the quest to uncover a past life.  Ron’s website at www.ronsohler.com

    *Into the light is designed to enlighten and inspire those who are interested in learning about their own abilities and connecting with the other side of life.

    Seth Michael is a professional, natural born Psychic Medium/Spiritual Advisor with over 20 yrs. of experience in giving readings. His passion and intent is to assist others in reaching their higher-self.

    For additional information and to make an appointment for a reading: http://sethmichael.wix.com/sethmichael

    Teresa Kleve is a Spiritual Medium, Empath and Mentor with 50 years of experience and who became aware of her spiritual gifts at age 4. She specializes in bringing messages from loved ones through.
    Email: teresakleve@yahoo.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mediumteresakleve

    Featured song: "Moon Guides my Way"  by Soul Distraction 

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    Positive ETs Have Our Backs!

    in Spirituality

    Ari discusses her personal experience with the positive ETs, also known as Ultra-terrestrials. She presents different scenarios where she had encounters with them and the telepathic communications that occurred including meeting onboard the translucent ships of Light. She points out how these Ultra-terrestrials are watching and being the guardians, holding the Light so that the dark forces don't take over the planet/humanity. The message being that it is us, humanity, who has to step up to the plate and create the "shift" in consciousness and break free of the Matrix.
    The message is that yes there are dark forces, negative aliens that are trying to further enslave humanity, but despite all the horrific things that are happening on the surface and underneath the surface with respect to humanity, there are much greater forces that serve the Light that are here to watch our backs and to hold the Light and to prevent a total take-over by the dark forces.
    Stay Tune to this candid talk on this subject matter, that gives us hope that all is not lost and that amazing, beautiful and loving beings, in service to humanity and all life are watching us every minute, making sure that The Light will be victorious!
    Join our free website: 2012Emergence.com

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Look Up: Encounters with ETs & Angels

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Medium Melinda Carver introduces Devara ThunderBeat, author of "Look UP!  My Encounters with ETs & Angels".
    This amazing TRUE STORY about ThunderBeat's life long Journey with ETs and Angels will shatter your views of the world, as you know it.  ThunderBeat and her Mother were transported on board a spacecraft when she was 4 year old. These benevolent, loving, beings have been in contact with her ever since. They have relayed stunning information about the future of our Planet and have been helping us for centuries. The Angels and Star people have guided her with divine messages and revolutionary ways of healing which was part of the plan she... agreed upon. Find out what is in store for us and our planets future!
    Devara ThunderBeat is an International multi – award winning composer, author, teacher, motivational speaker, 22 DNA facilitator and a pioneer in sound healing. She resides in the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ.
    Twitter: @PsychicMelinda  

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    Exploring Angels & ETs with Dr. Ruth L. Miller and Susan Wiley

    in Self Help

    Join Ruth L. Miller, cybernetician and metaphysician, as she explores new ways of thinking and acting in our world today. The questions we ask determine the answers we can find, and, with her background in anthropology, ecology, religious studies and the systems sciences, Dr. Miller always has interesting questions to ask and find answers.

    The new concerns in Iraq and Pope Francis' invitation to the heads of Israel and Palestine for "dialogue and prayer" provide fodder for Ruth's opening remarks in this show.

    Then the focus is on interdimensional beings, whether they're experienced as angels or e.t.s or leprechauns or devas. Susan Wiley will be joining Ruth for this intriguing exploration of the "others" that so many people have encountered. Together they'll explore some of Susan's adventures with both angels and ets - and explain some of the science that can help us understand these phenomena.

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