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    Ellington, Education and the Ethics of Ethnicity Erasure

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    Ellington, Education and the Ethics of Ethnicity Erasure

    This ACC show takes on the ideas of the burden of Black cultural institutions historically upholding as a now fading idea, the need of Black ethnicity and identity in contemporary cultural debates as a cultral forced forward agenda.  Music educator, Yolanda Willams, and host Bill Banfield explore the debate in relation to education, music and culture programming. Banfield explores Ellington as one of Ameica's greatest composers, on Essays of Note.

    Producer Rahn Dorsey and Bill continue to deal with their examination of defining the Modern Music Progressive, asking what's the current context for 21st century modern artistry.  Don't miss any of Blog Talk Radio's/ Tavis Smiley networks shows.  Hear what 30,000 listeners have experienced with ACC.Hear You There!  Be sure to follow us now on Twitter. Be a follower @accbillbanfield

    Look for Bill Banfield's The jazz Urbane, ACC show's Theme Music(s) on the Jazz Urbane UTube channel news on the music and the grooves.

     View on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/user/JazzUrbaneRecords1


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    Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn: Race, Ethnicity and Ideology

    in Education

    Carolyn Yeager looks at the difference and similarity between what is understood as Race and as Ethnicity.

    The unquestioned importance of race in determining our well-being and safety;
    The need to understand the role ethnicity plays;
    The Saker blog and what it stands for;
    Other examples.

    Phone calls will be welcome ... honest ... at 323-642-1206.

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    Choices in Childbirth - The Doula Report

    in Moms and Family

    Today I will be joined by Executive Director, Michele Giordano and Director of Policy and Research, Nan Strauss of Choices in Childbirth. Last fall, CIC introduced an important piece of research. The Doula Report identifies the value of doula support in achieving critical improvements in maternity care in line with the priorities identified in the Affordable Care Act. The report examines the landscape of birth in NYC including health disparities based on race, ethnicity and income as well as challenges for doula work.

    Choices in Childbirth is a non-profit organization focused on ensuring that all women have access to maternity care safe, healthy, equitable and empowering. Their mission is to promote evidence based, mother-friendly childbirth options through public education, consumer advocacy and pioneering policy reform. They seek to improve maternity care by providing the public, especially childbearing women and their families with the information necessary to make fully informed decisions relating to how, where and with whom they will give birth. www.choicesinchildbirth.org

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    KTL RADIO presents ETHER ON THE HORIZON ft Bro Hashar & Danyahla

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    JOIN KTL RADIO as we welcome back Bro Hashar & Bro Danyahla to the platform to do a brief presentation in preparation for their upcoming lecture in Brooklyn, at Nicholas Bookstore this coming Sunday, March 1. 

    The nature of that lecture, as well as tonight's brief dissertation, will be to address the claims of King James ethnicity and sexual orientation. Bro Danyahla will be bringing forth some compelling info to counter claims to the contrary in regards to what we "think" we know about this historical figure heavily steeped in controversy. 

    Bro Hashar will be joining him and introducing information outlining the presence of Hebrew Israelites on the Trans Atlantic slave routes. He will be kicking down the doors of the Vatican and unearthing these truths for all to bear witness, once and for all. 

    Tune in tonite to this explosive presentation as both of our guests set the record straight. 


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    America Can Choose The Best President With Write-In Ballots

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    The Presidency!  Hear me In and Out, every day, on what can and will make us better, good and well. To get there requires attention, accountability, responsibility and caring about a lot on your part.

    I offer to serve as President. Where is the equality in ethnicity, gender, law, living, opportunity, taxes, work.... I can lead us and deliver our expectations. I can do this by being your voice and partner in the White House. You have been the silent lobby for so long. Enough of this, use you write-in ballot and not be trumped by the money and say of others


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    Ms.P Chat With The Lovely Ladies of ROCKit Convos

    in Women

     As women, we share in the same struggles no matter race, age, religious background or ethnicity.” Keishana, Jenna and Marvalis bring you inspired conversations where women can gather, learn and grow from each other. ROCKit Convo’s title derives from the idea that women grow the most from conversations had with other women they can relate to. Those conversations are what propel us into newer heights, “it give us the encouragement we need to try new things, to leave bad relationships and to simply trust our struggles” said Keishana. Although we’re targeting women aged 24-50, we realize the impact of this show will grasp the younger demographic of women audiences as well. Having said that, this show will not only be a brand or a community, it will be a force of power where being enlightened and inspired leads to action. Our mission is to explore life and to continually grow through the struggles that women can relate to. We aim to have an “at-home” feel for our audience. Having them feel a part of the conversation is vital as we provide insights, laughs and encouragement. 


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    Ask Dr. Applewhite About Disability and African-Americans at School and Work

    in Education

    ATTENTION: ASK Dr. Applewhite in person at the African-American Symposium on Disabilities on February 27, 2015 in Phoenix. Learn more at www.abil.org

    This show is an appreciation of Black History Month every February. The staff and students of White Apple Institute, anticipate that people of every ethnicity will continue to experience the reflections of success and the fulfillment of "impossible" dreams by our ancestors of African descent. Adult Learners/Students and Employees ASK Dr. Applewhite about "What it "REALLY" means to be labeled as African-American and Disabled". Dr. Applewhite and Guests will discuss ways to overcome the emotional stress and rehabilitate from the psychological, educational and social impact of being labeled. Also, hear and share TIPS on Legal Advocacy and maintaining Healthy Minds and Bodies for success, at school and work, with Lenora Arnold. Our show closes with Vet2Vet Talk with Mitch Caviness, and fellow Veterans, discussing their views on the topic, and sharing updates on benefits and events.
    Listen to our archived shows 24/7. Thanks for making your donation of $5 or more one time or monthly to www.whiteappleinstitute.org to keep this radio show operating.

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    Religion Means Alive

    in Religion

    discussingthe re-education of black people 

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    Religion Means Alive

    in Religion

    discussingthe re-education of black people 

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    Black Love Part 2

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    Some people think that the words "Black love" are just another way to label love and relationships. After all, they reason, everyone regardless of ethnicity desires to have healthy relationships and experience love. What's so different about Black love? The term "Black love" is not about exclusion, but about knowing our worth, uplifting one another, and supporting each other especially when we've been taught that everything about us is inferior. Join us as we discuss the ingredients of Black love--what do we need to do to have healthy relationships? Believe it or not, there are examples of Black love--the media, couples we know personally, etc. Sometimes we need to stop listening to the negativity that the media feeds us and open our eyes and look around us

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    Religion Means Alive

    in Religion

    discussingthe re-education of black people 

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