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    Ellington, Education and the Ethics of Ethnicity Erasure

    in Music

    Ellington, Education and the Ethics of Ethnicity Erasure

    This ACC show takes on the ideas of the burden of Black cultural institutions historically upholding as a now fading idea, the need of Black ethnicity and identity in contemporary cultural debates as a cultral forced forward agenda.  Music educator, Yolanda Willams, and host Bill Banfield explore the debate in relation to education, music and culture programming. Banfield explores Ellington as one of Ameica's greatest composers, on Essays of Note.

    Producer Rahn Dorsey and Bill continue to deal with their examination of defining the Modern Music Progressive, asking what's the current context for 21st century modern artistry.  Don't miss any of Blog Talk Radio's/ Tavis Smiley networks shows.  Hear what 30,000 listeners have experienced with ACC.Hear You There!  Be sure to follow us now on Twitter. Be a follower @accbillbanfield

    Look for Bill Banfield's The jazz Urbane, ACC show's Theme Music(s) on the Jazz Urbane UTube channel news on the music and the grooves.

     View on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/user/JazzUrbaneRecords1


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    Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn: Race, Ethnicity and Ideology

    in Education

    Carolyn Yeager looks at the difference and similarity between what is understood as Race and as Ethnicity.

    The unquestioned importance of race in determining our well-being and safety;
    The need to understand the role ethnicity plays;
    The Saker blog and what it stands for;
    Other examples.

    Phone calls will be welcome ... honest ... at 323-642-1206.

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    'Keys for Success Monday" Being a Black Entrepreneur in America

    in Finance

    Regardless of race or ethnicity, entrepreneurs always begin at a disadvantage. However, blacks tend to need to reach levels of traction with our own money, since seed money is often unavailable. Worst of all, the sentiment against business owners comes from the top. Immediately after his State of the Union speech, President Obama embarked on a shame tour, giving speeches about how American workers are paid too little. Put aside that these companies employ people at a time of disturbingly high joblessness. Rather, the president and his union allies targeted businesses by promoting policies like higher minimum wages, even though there is no correlation that higher wages lead to job growth. One can make an easy argument that the opposite is true, but business owners have become the easy target. They must be wealthy, and therefore must be hurting our fellow citizens. Successful people know that they need to start Monday on a high note, so they take time on Sunday to plan ahead for the week. Set aside some time for yourself to check in on your schedule for the week ahead so that you know exactly what needs to be done first thing Monday morning. Make a list of events, meetings, or important things you need to do to keep momentum toward your goals. Another great idea is to make an "I did" list of things that you accomplished in the last week--this will keep you motivated and excited about pushing forward.

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    Is black a color or a state of mind

    in Culture

    What defines you? Maybe it’s the shade of your skin, the place you grew up, the accent in your words, the make up of your family, the gender you were born with, the intimate relationships you chose to have or your generation? As the American identity changes. Black is "slang" for an ethnicity referring to descendants of Africans. That simple. I think you're confusing being Black with the stereotype that some folks have about Black culture. BET, Rick Ross, being lazy in school...that is NOT what being Black is, although people will tell you that. Listen, we are all individuals and we all like different stuff. People hang with others that they share common views with. There aren't two types of Black people, there are millions of Black individuals each with different likes, dislikes and beliefs. Seek out people who like the things you like.

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    in Lifestyle


    "Tie" is a highly motivated and accomplished professional esthetician and makeup artist. She started doing makeup and providing skincare services on her close family and friends. While working in the salon with her older sister, Tie discovered a natural talent for applying eyelashes and make-up; her exposure in the salon allowed her to showcase her work to experts and celebrities in the beauty industry. Although she has attained a Bachelor degree in Sociology and two Master degrees in Human Resources Management and Training, beauty and skincare has always been her passion and first love.
    Her overall passion is to offer and deliver professional services beyond her client's expectation.Tie has had the opportunity to be trained by some of the beauty industry’s top professionals. She's also demonstrated her talents on a number of celebrities, models, bridal groups to disadvantaged individuals and professionals alike. She has the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of her subject, no matter the gender, ethnicity or character portrayal.
    She is passionate about helping and empowering young girls and women and works closely with non-proft organizations. She produces annual events called Kiss & Makeup Class and Hi-BeauTea Party, which benefits non-profit organizations. She has also served on the Advisory Board for Cosmetology at Florida State College and taught makeup classes at Toni & Guy. Tie lives her motto: “It’s not about getting a blessing, it’s about being one.” Overall, she would like to be one of the leading beauty experts in the field to help women discover their internal and external beauty.


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    in Culture

    Members of a Better World is a group of State-Sanctioned Community Development advocates committed to enabling communities in need toward greater self-sustenance. We are focused on the areas of Training and Employment Services, Food Cooperatives, Social Care for Single Parents, the Elderly, Disabled Children support, and Youth Mentoring. These services are essential for equipping communities for increasing self sufficiency and an improved quality of life. MBW services are geared toward reconstituting and rebuilding the communities in the city of Arad, Israel where they are headquartered, as well as throughout the surrounding Negev (Southern) region. The organization was built by 40 families in Arad who examined, identified, and addressed core needs impacting financial and social independence within that community. After several years of research activities, our official work started in June, 2013, with our model focused on independently generating funds to support projects promoting self-sufficiency. 

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    Love American Style?

    in Romance

    It seems to be popular among American/African-American men to tout the fact that their mate or spouse is “foreign” (aka not an American Woman).  Is this a slight against American women?  In that, there is no specific ethnicity or nationality that is preferred or referenced, and the use of the word “foreign” indicates “not American”.  Is Love “American Style” (loving an American woman) a dying existence?  Is this loss of love for American women a result of equal rights for women and their growing independence? Or a poor reflection on their attitudes? What is it that US guys dig about international women so much?

    Share your stories and examples with us and the world Friday night at Midnight till 2AM!

    Tune in...Call in...(347)637-3528...

    Share your opinions with the world!!




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    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in Politics Conservative

    My program is the antidote to the "Mainstream Media" that refuses to discuss these critical topics!

    Today the focus will be on the nexus between immigration and the threats posed by ISIS and other terror organizations.  Additionally, we will focus on my most recent articles for FrontPage Magazine and CAPS (Californians for Population) that address the way that admnistration immigration policies are undermining American workers, depressing the U.S. economy and as the title of my articles for those magazines, respectively note, "Hopeless in America- Immigration lawlessness and the destruction of the American Dream" and Immigration: Supply & Demand and Rampant Greed."

    It is not "anti-immigrant" to demand that our immigration laws be enforced.  Our immigration do not only establish catagories of aliens to be excluded or removed (deported) from the United States, but also enable mroe than one million lawful immigrants to enter the United States legally every year.  (How on earth could it be anti-immigrant to support the very laws under which lawful immigrants legally enter the United States?)

    Our laws have absolutely nothing to do with race, religion or ethnicity.  This is purely about keeping our criminals, terrorists, spies, fugitives and aliens who, in one way or another would pose a threat to the safety and well-being of America and Americans!

    This is not about "Left" or "Right" but about right or wrong!


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    Connections with Jean MacDonald

    in Social Networking

    Today on Straight Talk with Carly Alyssa Thorne, Carly talks with talks with Jean MacDonald about business, connections, discover the power of speaking and more... Jean is knows for her amazing connection skills, as her logo indicates... "Connect The Dots"

    For more information on Jean MacDonald:

    Join us on the Journey with complete blog post with full info, bio & embeds to video & podcast of interview at: 

    To be a guest on one of our Shows:

    DISCLAIMER: We don't tell our guests what to say, they are expressing their own personal opinions. We do not discriminate against any one Religion, Faith, or ethnicity and are of the belief we are all interconnected. Any advice or subjects we discuss are of our own Personal experiences. Please seek proper counsel from Your own personal advisors whether it be Your Doctor for medical and or health issues, an Account for Financial Advice or any Professional you deem necessary.

    Carly Alyssa Thorne is not a licensed attorney, accountant, Doctor, or Psychologist. Before making any decisions using information contained in our Video's, Podcasts, websites, teleconferences or any other form of communication you should receive advice from your licensed professional. All information is subject to verification, errors and omissions.

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    SPEAKYAMINDS: State of Emergency: SOS/The Tale of Two Americas

    in Education

    Living in the US provides a unique experience for everyone. Those experiences are shaped by ethnicity, consciously or subconsciously. Tonite's broadcast will explore various topics and show the two-faced nation our country is and has always been. It is a tale of the haves and the have nots. We'll also be chatting about straight Black pride and the every growing propoganda machine, as well as defining racism. Why is unity so important? What do you all think? What do have to say? What do you see going in your world, the world around you, and the world in general? Share it with us.

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    Jesse Hagopian: #BlackLivesMatter and #optout

    in Education

    Don't miss this special episode of BustED Pencils as Jed and Tim talk to Seattle teacher and activist, Jesse Hagopian.  The question: Does the Black Lives Matter movement and Opt Out movement belong together?  We will talk to Jesse about the current accountability movement and its historical connections to the practice of eugenics driven standardized testing. Are today's tests serving the same purpose as they did 100 years ago—sorting and seperating according to race, class and ethnicity?