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    Meeting The Nate Maloney...

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    Meet Nate otherwise known as Skate on Twitter. This boy with his amazing blue eyes adn boy next door good looks is more than a gorgeous face..he is talented beyond words.  A rapper with good moves and even better connection with his fans..Nate ( skate) is for sure to b ethe newest Boy Of Social Media. Best friends with Sammy Wilkinson fans already have their fandom down to Nammy ( short for Sammy and Nate lol) and Jack/Jack this young mand knows what it will take to go to the top of Fandom.

    Join us and learn about Nate....and follow his road to YOU ..his fans




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    NBA Basketball 2013 Mock Draft Lottery Selections

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    As we inch closer to the NBA's Playoff PostSeason play, shortly after, 14 young men will have an opportunity to make dreams come true, and approach the podium to shake NBA commissioner David Stern's hand and take a photograph, put on a hat representing their new home team in the green room of Downtown Manhattan New York City's Madison Square Garden @ 7pm est broadcasted live on ESPN Wednesday, June 27th. The preview will showcase the top 14 players selected guaranteeing a 3-year contract into the National Basketball Association. Who's names will be called upon entry? What are the best fits for the teams? and who ar ethe biggest sleepers entering this year's draft? These questions answered tonight on the MINOR sTATEment basketball edition of 2013 NBA Mock Draft

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    just testing

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    The 7 Spirits of Elohim/Seven Stars

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    What signs are the planets transiting through today and what difference does it make?  If you dont't have an answer, I pray you know someone who does.  " And Elohim said, Let there be lights in ethe expanse of the heavens to separate the day from   night, and let them be signs and tokens of Elohim's provident care; and to mark seasons, days and years."  Genesis 1:14
    "For that which you send out shall return to you again and be restored, therefore, the word restoration more fully condems the sinners and justifies him not at all."  The Book of Morman  Alma 41:15
    "As to the hidden meaning (mystery) of the Seven Stars which you saw on My right hand and the seven lamp stands of gold:...." Revelation 1:20 (Amplified Bible). Revelation Knowledge is the Key that opens the door to the Kingdom radiating within us--an inner Universe. "As Above So Below" Know Yourself so that you may be True to Yourself.

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    Celebrating 4 years on the air!! LOTS of cool music and news!

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    I cant beleive I have been doing this for 4 years and my fan base has skyrocketed! I cant thank you enough for being there with me so I am going to play every artist I have featured on her ethe past 4 years. Every type of music from Christian to living room mosh pit! I've not only have had an eclectic mix of music, I've had some great gusts as well talking about music, film, plays, writing, all kinds of cool stuff! Please join me as I celebrate 4 years of cool stuff!!!!
    Peace and love, Meggy Moon