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    CloseUP- Say NO to Bullying!

    in Motivation

    On April 2nd, 14 year old high school freshman from McKinney, Texas, Raymond Howell, Jr, was found dead in a drainage ditch from a gunshot wound. He killed himself. Why you ask would a 14 year old beautiful boy waste his life like that? Police say it was a result of bullying. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people, estimating around 4400 deaths a year. Victims of bullying are 2-9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims. When you start digging a little deeper into someone's past, most likely you'll find that they were the victims of bullying at some point in their lives.  eWomeNetwork 2014 Humanitarian of the Year, Dr. Audrey Newsome, founded the Bully Suicide Project, in hopes to eradicate bullying. She has worked with school districts to create anti-bullying programs and is about to launch another. This time her program will use the star athletes in the schools to help stop bullying. Listen in and find out why as well as what YOU can do to help prevent your child from being a victim.

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    Liberia And Sierra Leone, Estimating Ebola Cases 8.000 by end September.

    in Christianity

    CDC: EBOLA COULD INFECT 1.4million in Liberia and Sierra Leone the end of Januery 2015. The virus could potentially infect 1.4 million people in Liberia and Sierra Leone by the end of January, according to the statical forecast by the Center for Disease Control and prevention published Tuesday. That number came just hours after a report in the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE warned that the epidemic might never be fully controlled and that the virus could becoms endemic, crippling civic life in the affected countries and presenting an ongoing threating of spreading elsewhere. This is man report, if we all work together, we cao beat this Ebola Virus. Let us put God first in firghting this Ebola Virus.

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    MORGASMS "The Ultimate Climax" Make It Better

    in Relationships

    Climax, the discharge of neuromuscular tension at the height of sexual arousal. Nearly every aspect of the climax-- what's required to have one, why some people can't seem to achieve one, why we have them at all -- has been the subject of much research and debate. What happens to the body during climax is pretty well-known, and it's no surprise that the brain plays a big part in reaching one.

    Both men’s and women’s perceptions of their partners’ ideal duration of foreplay and intercourse were found to be more strongly related to their own sexual stereotypes than to their partners’ self-reported sexual desires, suggesting that people rely on sexual stereotypes when estimating their partners’ ideal sexual scripts

    Sex Let's Make It Better™ Website 

    Sex Let's Make It Better™  Group

    Sex Let's Make It Better™  Page 

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    Nate Silver and Reality

    in Politics

    "Political science tells us that campaigns are about driving elections towards or away from a natural outcome. When modelers make models, they are trying to predict a ‘natural’ endpoint. There is always the possibility of biasing your actual calculation. Adding in assumptions like fundamentals could be right and could be wrong, but what they represent is basically a hypothesis about where the race ought to be. Making a model like that is a good political science experiment, but we should be clear that we are adding assumptions on top of the polls."Dr Sam Wang

    "That model is wrong(Dr Wang's) — not necessarily because it shows Democrats ahead (ours barely shows any Republican advantage), but because it substantially underestimates the uncertainty associated with polling averages and thereby overestimates the win probabilities for candidates with small leads in the polls. This is because instead of estimating the uncertainty empirically — that is, by looking at how accurate polls or polling averages have been in the past — Wang makes several assumptions about how polls behave that don’t check out against the data." Nate Silver
    "Political science is Not a science"former President Nixon


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    Landscape Business Basics with Marcus vandeVliet of MV Enterprises

    in Business

    Tonight, Marcus vandeVliet will discuss landscape business basics. 

    Even though many landscape contractors have been in business for 5, 10 or even 20 years, they still overlook the fundamentals when it comes to running their businesses. This causes them to improperly price work, month after month and year after year, not knowing whether they made money or lost money until the end of the year.

    Whether you're new to the green industry or a seasoned professional looking for a business basics refresher course, you must listen in tonight as Marcus Vandevliet walks us through the five business necessities that you must have to remain competitive and profitable - both now and in the future.

    Tonight we will discuss such topics as

    Why you must have a business plan
    How to create a realistic budget
    The importance of an accurate estimating system
    Job costing basics
    What is an information management system

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    Watching Your Wallet Aug. 25, 2014

    in News

    Jennifer Kushinka on estimating health care expenses in retirement.

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    VMN Podcast LIVE! Episode 1 - Attack of the News

    in Politics

    This will be my first live show with VMN, where we'll discuss today's news about the Fiat-Chrysler merger, the new sanctions that the EU has placed against Iran, and what they're estimating for how long it'll take to rebuild Gaza. This AND I will be taking live callers to get their opinions on the matter as well as discuss any topics or answer any questions YOU, the caller, have for me.

    As always, if you'd like to guest co-host or sign on as a permanent co-host to the show, send me a message at any of my handles or just outright message me here on blogtalkradio! If you'd also like to have any ad placements for your music, business, or your services, hit me up at my handles and I'll put you on for absolutely, 100% free of charge! It can be a one-time thing or we can talk about having it on for a certain length of time, but let me know, all the same!


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    Do What You Want

    in Self Help

    So many of us spend our lives low-balling and under-estimating our potential and matches. We end up staying at places of employment too long, staying n relationships too long, and especially staying in our own protected identities too long. I, for one, tend to get scared and look to others for approval as soon as the inspiration shows up to move on, expand, elevate, grown, and go. We make idols of others in order to separate from the love of God within us, our greatest source of self and strength, and take flight. Today, let's discuss our call to action. 

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    Wild out Wednesdays

    in Entertainment

    6-time winner of the Tout Wars experts league and a winner of the USA-Today sponsored LABR league Larry Schechter. He’s written a book called Winning Fantasy Baseball: Secret Strategies of a Nine-Time National Champion, which is Amazon's #1 Best Seller for Fantasy Sports.

    With almost two decades of experience, Mat Roy is responsible for all Living Color Operations. Utilizing his extensive background in aquarium engineering, estimating and fabrication, Mat leads a very talented group of individuals. His leadership responsibilities include managing all aspects of the custom aquarium and cabinetry departments as well as new product development . From conception to installation, his experiences range from large residential, commercial, and yacht aquariums, to massive landmark projects including Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Universal Studios Japan.  

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    Federal government at war with a Nevada farmer

    in Politics

    The federal government is at war with a Nevada rancher including activating a no-fly zone over the ranchers branch.

    Rancher Cliven Bundy, 67 was lived in the Clark County Nevada ranch for several generations has been fighting the BLM for over 20 years over usage fees for the land to grace his cattle.

    "We are surrounded," Carol Bundy said. "We are estimating that there are over 200 armed BLM, FBI. Because surveillance cameras at her house, and they're probably listening to me talk to you right now."

    The BLM defends her actions in removing the "trespass cattle" since Bunny did not voluntarily move the cattle after refusing to pay back fees for the land.

    In order to appease protesters, the BLM set up "First Amendment areas"
    Nevada Governor Brian is Sandoval commented, … To that end, I have advised the BLM that such conduct is offensive to me and countless others and that he First Amendment area should be dismantled immediately.

    He continued, "milk cow justifies the spear of intimidation which currently exists or the limitation of constitutional rights that are sacred to all Nevadans. The BLM needs to reconsider its approach to this matter and act accordingly."


     Rory Reid, son of Nevada senator Harry Reid's is behind efforts in a $5 billion solar plant to be built in the county by a Chinese company.

    Update: rumors have it that the Bureau of land management (BLM) have called in Rangers from out-of-state was apparently been described as "Blackwater special ops" who are threatening escalation of the situation is local citizens do not back down.

    Local militia however calling for more citizens in Mattila to conjugate in support of the Bundy family.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    4 PM Pacific 646-721-9887 talk@KRBNradio.com

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    Bless You Boys Podcast 105: Miguel Cabrera is a very rich man

    in Sports

    In an episode all about the Benjamins, Al and Hookslide cover the fallout from the Tigers' historic contract extension with Miguel Cabrera, Max Scherzer's contract negotiations ending in futility, the acquisition of ancient shortstop Alex Gonzalez and Forbes estimating the team's worth at $680 million.

    Bless You Boys Podcast 105 has a running time of 1:03 and features Al Beaton and HookSlide. Kurt Mensching will be back next week.

    Tigers, Cabrera formally announce 8-year extension, commit to 10-years and $292 million overall.
    MLB execs disgusted over Miguel Cabrera extension.
    Fans of advanced metrics are calling the Cabrera extension the worst contract ever. What a surprise!
    But is it really that crazy of a contract in retrospect? $30 million may look like chump change in ten years.
    Tigers were between a rock and a hard place. Let Cabrera walk in free agency, the fans get upset. Sign the best hiotter in the game to a contract locking him up for the remainder of his career, the fans get upset.
    Tigers' GM Dave Dombrowski contended it's better to extend a pending free agent early on the process, believing a player is more likely to leave the longer you wait.
    The Tigers may not be all that worried about the long-term ramifications of a contract extension thanks to the ridiculous amount of TV money MLB teams earn.
    Max Scherzer and the Tigers cease contract negotiations.
    Scherzer's agent Scott Boras claims it was the Tigers who rejected a deal.
    Tyler Collins makes the team as a left fielder.
    Tigers obtain shortstop Alex Gonzalez from the Orioles for utility man Steve Lombardozzi.
    Forbes values Tigers at $680 million, 15th overall in MLB. Anyone else think that figure sounds low?
    Doug Fister will start the season on the DL. The Tigers win the trade!