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    YHYC S1E001 The 7 Essentials for Health - Matching Your Supply with Your Demand

    in Health

    In Season One, Episode 001, host Michelle Pearson introduces listeners to the first step in developing life-changing, perhaps life-saving, perspectives on… Your Health, Your Choice!  Tipping off our March Madness series with The 7 Essentials for Health, todays podcast includes important tips for fueling the supply and choosing the demands along with inspiring teaching that helps you make the changes that bring healthy beliefs in line with healthy bodies.

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    The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast Ep.27 - Spring Koi Pond Water Garden Essentials

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    Hey, check out this Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast episode 27 on Spring time koi pond and water garden care essentials. Your host Mike Gannon will be joined by his guest expert Jason Turpin from Turpin Landscaping and Pond Source. Spring pond care is an important part of successful pond management, find out what the pros suggest!

    Call into the show with questions or comments at 914.803.4557

    The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast is "In The Pursuit Of All Things Aquatic"

    You can find more of The Pond Hunter at:






    All content from The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast is solely owned by Mike Gannon.

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    Inflammation: The Health Benefits of Turmeric

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    Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Erin Stokes, ND, will discuss inflammation and the health benefits of turmeric.

    Dr. Erin Stokes, ND, received her naturopathic degree from Bastyr University in 2001. In her current position as Medical Director for MegaFood, she combines her experience as a naturopathic doctor with an extensive background in the natural retail products industry. Erin believes education is a key to making positive changes, and her personal mission is to empower people with the inspiration and tools to change their lives. Erin practices naturopathic medicine in Boulder, CO.

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    The Ultimate Survival Kit for Parents on the Go

    in Moms and Family

    Are you a working mom or dad?
    Are you a grandparent?
    Are you the Nanny or the Babysitter?

    If you have any contact with children - this is one show you want to listen to!

    My friend, Dezharae Robinson, host of Blog Talk Radio's Just-4-Moms Show, will be my guest! This Mommy has a ton of incredible ideas to survive parenthood no matter if you are a stay-at-home mom/dad, working mom/dad, grandparent, nanny or the babysitter!

    Join me as we chat about the Ultimate Survival Kit for Parents on the Go. You will learn how to prepare a pack that will contain all the essentials to survive, a long wait at the doctors, stuck in traffic, long drives and more. Why deal with a grumpy child when you can have the Survival Kit ready! One thing you don't have to worry about leaving home!

    One more way, Wise Woman Radio helps you to create a better version of yourself! Join us and learn how you can get your free Ultimate Survival Checklist to prepare your kit before YOU NEED IT!

    Welcome Wise Woman 

    Are you ready to become your most powerful resource - to be understood and respected for who you are, what you do and your personal contribution to the whole? Get your free copy of "Beginning Your Inner Journey to the Wise Woman Within". 

    Get your Daily Dose of Donna each day on Facebook - stay connected for the tips, tools and suggestions to help YOU create a better version of yourself so that you can live a ridiculously amazing life!

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    The Power of the Universe in the Palm of Your Hands

    in Self Help

    Ever wish you had the Power of the Universe in the palm of your hands? To Balance, Heal, and Manifest whatever it is you desire? This is your day! Today, we'll discuss and share a five thousand year old technique for self healing. Talking about the least spoken of and developed chakra's, and yet the most beneficial in a healthy and harmonious life.  Learn to release energy blockages, balance the body’s Energy Centers (Chakras), and how to increase energy flow through the body’s systems, bringing health and vitality.  The power of healing hands is one of our greatest gifts and yet, unknown to many.  This healing ability and the Universal Life-force which brings the healing, is not only available to the healers and masters of the day. But this force is available to you, NOW, and you can use it.  Activate your innate healing power today! 

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    The holistic Sinus Survival program for treating, preventing, & curing sinusitis

    in Health

    Dana Laake and her special guest Dr. Rob Ivker will discuss the holistic Sinus Survival program for treating, preventing, and curing chronic and fungal sinusitis, allergies, and colds.

    Dr. Rob Ivker developed the Sinus Survival program to treat allergy problems while addressing the root cause of the symptoms. He has made tremendous breakthroughs over the years to help his patients, readers and internet audience around the world. He is the best-selling author of Sinus Survival: The Holistic Medical Treatment for Allergies, Colds and Sinusitus, and a leading authority on integrative medical treatment for acute, chronic and fungal sinusitis.

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    Your15Minutes Radio - Special Edition - Dave Ramsey-Smart Money Part 1

    in Goals

    Join us as we learn the essentials of money management with Author Dave Ramsey.  Join the conversation @your15minradio

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    See the effects in communication of your kids with Texting and Tweeting

    in Self Help

    “Our whole way of communicating one-on-one has drastically changed due to Tweeting and Texting.  It changes the way we talk with one another. I’m dedicated to helping couples and families break this cycle of frustration.Tonight's show will discuss the ways to regain  communication with your children.  We will discuss social medias affect on our youths. The computer, commercials, and the messages handed down to our children. Call in tonight, I would like to hear from you and how your  dealing with these challenges in your home.


    My name is Tom Gagliano, and I am a life mentor, key note speaker, published author, with an MSW. My book is called, “The Problem Was Me”, with Dr. Abraham Twerski.

    I fixed what was broken in me I decided to help others who suffered from negative childhood messages as well. I realized the messages we receive in childhood impact ever part of our lives, from the intimacy we have, to our parenting’s skills, even the careers we choose. I followed those who had what I wanted, a healthy relationship with spouse, children, and the most important relationship of all, the relationship we have with ourselves. I started to facilitate groups in schools, churches, and in my home,free of charge, helping people silence those intrusive inner voices so they can take their life to a new level.

    Today, I facilitate 4 groups a week helping people enhance their lives. This journey is paved with three essentials; Awareness, Action, and Maintenance. In the group process, we first strengthen our self-awareness, enabling us to understand what actions we need to take to fortify our interpersonal relationships. 

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    Get Your Body Into Balance Ageless Essentials

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    Isagenix home business opportunity offers not just wealth but health too. Ageless Essentials™ with Product B® IsaGenesis® is a foundational product for your best health, wealth and longevity. The more people with whom you share the Isagenix business opportunity and the Isagenix Ageless Essentials with Product B, the healthier and wealthier you’ll become.  The Isagenix Ageless Essentials™ with Product B® IsaGenesis 30-day health wealth system includes superior healthy aging and whole-body nutritional support. Featuring 4th generation Product B for greater cellular and telomere support, a full spectrum of vitamins, two mineral sources, diverse and balanced omega-3-6-9s and antioxidants for complete whole body nourishment.

    These efficacious natural plant derived science based ingredients:

    • Target the root causes of accelerated aging

    • Combats aging at the cellular level*

    • Specifically formulated for men or women

    • Provides nutritional support for total-body health*

    • Easy-to-use A.M. and P.M. to go packets

    Twenty Seven Scientist aren't wrong.





    Thanks you,

    Michael & Theresa Rothberg



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    Bert speaks with Matt Thornhill, Adriane Berg, Gail Evans, Dr. Peter Kongstvedt

    in Business

    Matt Thornhill founder of the generational think tank, the Boomer Project, is considered the nation's authority on marketing to older Boomer Consumers. He wrote the book on it, called Boomer Consumer

    Gail Evans best selling author of Play Like A Man Win Like A Woman, an informative business guide to the secrets men know about success that women need to learn. The book was listed for several months on the New York Times, Business Week, and Wall Street Journal’s bestseller lists. Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman has been translated into 18 languages and has been a bestseller around the world 

    Dr. Peter Kongstvedt independent consultant and a Senior Health Policy Faculty member at George Mason University in Virginia. He is a well-known national authority on health insurance and managed care, with over 30 years of industry experience as both a senior-level executive and with global consulting firms.He is the primary author and editor of The Essentials of Managed Health Care and Health Insurance and Managed Care 

    Adriane Berg leading expert and advocate for successful aging and an expert on the boomer, older adult and family caregiver. She has designed hundreds of keynotes, seminars and acted as event consultant for top corporations, profit and non-profit organizations

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    The Divine Goddess Essentials with Beth-Let's talk about oils!

    in Spirituality

    This show is a venue that provides educational information on the health benefits of using Young Living Essential Oils.  Young Living is an organization that uses therapeutic grade oils that are carefully controlled from the seed to seal process.  Join Host Beth Jacobson as she provides educational information on the variety of uses of the oils.  Each episode she will be discussing a different oil, what to use it for, and how to use it.  Take control over your body and health by tuning in and listening. 

    Beth Jacobson is a Young Living Essential Oils member and has been using oils for many years.  She shares her experiences and knowledge of the oils. 

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