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    Fierce Foxes February....Andreia Solomon Burke & Celina Johnson

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    Co-wrote for an indie short film titled: The Shift which will be shown in the Wandsworth Festival and well as a few small cinemas about London.

    I'm working on a feature film (script) remake of a sports classic with an up and coming young producer from LA.

    And most importantly I would like to discuss my new organization called: F.A.D (Families Affected by Deportation) My family life's were shattered when my husband was abruptly taken from us and we're still dealing with the daily effects of it. It's only because God has blessed us tremendously that we haven't suffered as much as most.

    What FAD is designed to do is assist families, wives and children on particular to help find the appropriate services to ease the burden of their odeal.

    Celina Johnson....I own a residential cleaning service that uses only green products. I have been in business for about a year. I am the only person in my family that owns a business. 

    I guess it started when I was a child. My mom made me responsible at a young age. I was 10 when she had me cleaning and running errands. As a teenager it just became a habit. My mom is a neat freak and it rubbed off on me. As a adult when I would get stressed or mad I would clean..lol.. I really enjoy cleaning its like a release. Also I got tired of working two jobs ans figured why not make extra cash doing what I like best.



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    Woe unto our nation who has removed God - Steve Quayle & Pastor Lankford

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    Many people are sensing a gathering darkness overtaking our nation. The political and economic skies are ugly, as are the ubiquitous clouds of societal distress that are spreading across America and all Western countries that seem to indelibly cover us with a nebulous, oily-black spirit of distress. This unsettled feeling is growing among many “conservative” Christians, who see our freedoms being eroded by an increasingly antagonistic agenda of the power elite on both sides of the political spectrum.

    We feel “something wicked this way comes,” yet many cannot put their finger on exactly what awaits us. It seems as if we are living in a state of mental confusion, although we have become quite adept at containing our own uneasiness just below the surface of our normal existence.

    While we might acknowledge its presence during the quiet times we manage to steal from our otherwise overburdened and hectic lives, we are often quick to dismiss our ominous feelings as artifacts of unsubstantiated paranoia. Too many overstated claims from the internet, perhaps, or wild notions without any basis in fact, we might attempt to reason.

    After all, life is generally good as we can still hit the drive-thru at Starbucks for our morning dose of designer coffee to carry us through the day. We can still insert our ATM cards into a bank kiosk and withdraw cash for our needs. As we drive to work, transport our children to school, run errands and busily perform our unremarkable daily tasks, we look around us and see people, just like us, traveling about, working and engaging in the normal activities of life in the twenty-first century.

    Join Pastor David Lankford & Steve Quayle tonight as we look at our nation under judgment.

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    Sarah Gerard juxtaposes chaos and control to craft narrative in first novel

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    *** UPDATE #2 - AFTER THE SHOW ***

    This episode is filled to capacity with awesomeness.

    First, you'll hear the rest of Associate Senior Editor Roxanne K. Young's interview about her work at the Journal of the American Medical Association and Dr. Andrew Bomback's essay "Errands" which ran in the "A Piece of My Mind Column" in JAMA. (BTW: His episode was named most popular writing episode by BlogTalkRadio. JAMA generously has made Andrew's episode available at no cost of a limited time.) 

    Next, we go behind the prose with Sarah Gerard, MFA whose novel Binary Star is blazing through the literary universe. SARAH GERARD WAS NAMED TO EIGHT BEST BOOKS AND WRITERS LISTS FOR 2015!!!

    Finally, her publisher and editor, Eric Obenauf of Two Dollar Radio, talks book numbers and how his company keeps on picking winners.

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    In Home Skilled Nursing Rancho Santa Fe, 619-220-7600

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    In Home Skilled Nursing Rancho Santa Fe http://firstatofsandiego.com Best In-home Care in Rancho Santa Fe including Homecare, Home Nursing, Caregivers. Trained, Certified, Licensed Nurses, 92067, 92091

    How To Stay Healthy Through The Golden Years
    For many seniors, staying healthy and active is an achievable goal.

    With the right nutrition, regular medical care and professional assistance, staying safe and happy while reducing risk of illness or injury is easy. 

    Regular Medical Check-ups are a Must 
    Seniors who maintain periodic check-ups stand a better chance at lessening risks associated with age-related conditions.

    Proper nutrition is even more important with age as nutrition related problems can lead to a wide range of age-related disease. A diet filled with protein, fresh fruits and vegetables is a proven strategy for ensuring proper nutrition.

    Safety First: Professional In-Home Nursing Services Can Help
    For many seniors, day-to-day activities can become difficult, even dangerous. From assisting with housework, running errands, even administering medications, the right in-home nursing service is a smart way to reduce stress and increase safety.

    People wanting to learn more are encouraged to pick up a copy of our  free report… “Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire a Home Care Provider" Just give us a call at 619-220-7600 or visit our website at: http://www.FirstatofSanDiego.com

    In Home Skilled Nursing Rancho Santa Fe

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    Round Rock Texas adventures

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    Has I get ready to leave Round Rock Texas, I just share a few thoughts about the adventures I had here.  We spent Christmas day with my son and his family. Having a grandson with special needs make life a bit more challenging but still does not lessen my love him.

    Christmas is so much more special when children are there.

    The day after Christmas My son and I took the Boys over to Austin to Harbor Freight and Fry’s to run some errands. Then I took one of my Grandsons over to Piranha records trying to find some Willie Nelson music for a future show. Normally they carrying everything but today was not one of them.  Shopping with my Grandson makes me a proud Grandpa

    Saturday Morning my wife went to visit some of our favorite haunts The Book Spot, Half Price Books, because both were having sales and of course we had to go

    Saturday  afternoon my son  and took the boys out one a mini-history  trip around Round Rock, First we went out to the White –Lime  Mc Neil Post office because Richard had never been there

    While we there a train passed by which gave Brandon a big thrill, From there we actually found the Round Rock in Rock Texas, and then onto the Round Rock Memorial Park because they have a WWII torpedo one display to honor all the Submarines lost in that war, of course this leads me to this question “Why a Torpedo in Central Texas honoring lost submarines”?  Perhaps a research question for another show

    We also got a picture of the Christmas Ornament at the Water Tower

    Every time we come out to Texas we always have a new set of adventures highlighted by the time we get to spend Richard, Sara, Brandon and Ryan

    I would be Remiss if I did not mention this  but Sara made homemade Cinnamon rolls that out do anyone or any chains, or independent bakery  they are the simply the best


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    For Your Image, LLC Friday Show interviewing TuchPoint

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    Hey ya'll tune in today at 6pm for another interview. Yes, I will be live today on a Friday interviewing artist TuchPoint. I know, I know its Friday and everyone will be driving around getting some extra errands done today so 6pm maybe too early for some of ya'll however its cool. Remember you can check out the show no matter what time just click on the link. Once again thank you to all my supporters! business email address foryourimagellc@gmail.com

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    Fun Car Accessories for Women

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    Women love their accessories and women also spend a considerable amount of time in their cars.  Between trips to work, traveling on vacation, personal errands and going back and forth with activities for the kids, women clock a lot of time on the road. This week we'll talk about fun car accessories for women, with our guest, Suzy Wagnitz of CarDecor.com.

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    iDropped Franchise Meets with Franchise Interviews Weekly Radio Show

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    We are meeting  with Charles Hibble, CEO of the idropped franchise opportunity.  iDropped provides fast, on-site mobile device repair for the most popular brands of mobile devices with a specialization in Apple and the Samsung Galaxy series. The main reason that iDropped has been so successful is that consumers don't want to be without a cell phone for long, so they'll gladly drop it off for an hour to get fixed while running other errands.

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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch in spite of the storm talks about errands he had to run, Going backstage at RAW, collaborating with Tyson Dean, recaps Monday Night RAW with his buddy Elvis, Dominos' CEO Apologizes For Saying That If Lord Voldemort Were Real He Would Give Him Free Domino’s Pizza For Life, and 17 Times Obama Did Things We Absolutely Do Not Agree With. 







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    "He Says, She Says: Deciphering What A Man Says Vs What He Means"

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    This Saturday's B.O.S.S.CHICKS RADIO promises to be one that you will not soon forget. It will be CONTROVERSIAL and EXPLOSIVE. Coach Nanci Deed and Dr. Carolyn Hall will join forces with Calden and Alden, famously known as Good Twin, Bad Twin. These men are talk show hosts and political commentators.

    On this show, B.O.S.S.CHICK hosts will uncover, debunk, and discuss SEX, RELATIONSHIPS, and MYTHS ABOUT DATING. YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW. We also want you to call in with your opinions and issues.

    Remember, YOU CAN LISTEN TO SHOW ANYWHERE YOU ARE. Turn it on in your car, beauty shop, while your running errands, jogging at the park, etc. Just make sure that you're listening...


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    24 Hours In A Day, what are you doing with them???

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    What is your opinion? Do you really feel that you're ready to do the following for the next 20 years of your life? Wake up at 7am. Leave your house at 8am. Get to work at 9am. Get off of work at 6pm. Run errands until 7pm. Get home at 8pm. Say hello to your kids/spouse, eat dinner until 9pm. Get things prepared for the next day until 10pm. Go to bed at 11pm or 12am. And you do this for 5 or 6 days a week, 50 or 51 weeks a year (depending on how much vacation time you have). Here is the better question, is the money that you make on your paycheck worth this for the next 20 years?


    I will be talking about this in different aspects. Not looking for callers, but if I get some I'll be glad to hear what you have to say.

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