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    An Evening of Erotic Open Discussion

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    Join us tonight for a juicy erotic open spontaneous discussion. Tonight anything might go.

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    An Evening of Erotic Open Discussion Part II

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    Join us tonight for an evening of erotic open discussion, where anything goes. You never know where this evenings topic will take us, or, where we'll take it. But if you want to bring up a topic, have a question or a comment, or just want to get into what we're getting into... then join us right here on Erotic Talk Radio, where we always keep it, hot, juicy, and erotic.

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    An Evening of Intimate Spontaneous Erotic Discussion

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    Join us tonight for one of our spontaneous erotic episodes. Tonight will be where we take our discussion where it takes us. So if you want to take a ride into an evening of erotic spontaneity, then join us.

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    Writing RoyaltyRadio-"Wet...And Wild....."

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    Special Guests: JL King And Robert Helm

                             Author  Nah'Sun

    JL King And Robert Helm will talk abouyt their National Writing Contest

    Author  Nah'Sun was born in Lilbourn, Missouri, Nah’Sun would later move around the Midwest before temporarily settling in Chicago. An aspiring cartoonist, Nah’Sun never gave writing a thought until him and his mother relocated to the Cabrini Green Housing Projects in the early 1990’s.Finding the gift for writing while living in the most notorious housing development in Chicago proved that anyone can prosper no matter the trials they face. His writing would lead to him majoring in Journalism with a minor in English at a 4 year university in New York.  He graduated with  of cultivating his literary talent led him to publish his first novel in 2009.Nah’Sun struck fast in his first year in publishing by winning the 2009 Best New Male Writer Award at the 18th Annual UBUS Black Book Awards for a novel written under another nom de plume. Traveling throughout the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest built up his fan base. Taking a break from the industry during the first half of 2010 blazed the eternal fire he possessed since childhood. Regrouped with a new state of mind, Nah’Sun decided to write under his current name which means “the shine through negativity.” His muse appeared in the form of the curvy and sexy as Nah’Sun’s attraction to full figured women inspired him to pen the drama/erotic novel Thick When the Chances are Slim which was released in 2011..


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    The G-Spot Love Zone Erotic Spoken Work

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    Welcome to the G-Spot Love Zone, where lovers come to listen to sensual, stimulatingmusic, to enhance, tease, and tantalize their listening senses. The G-Spot Love Zone is guaranteed to give you the kind of erotic pleasure that will bring you the ultimate eargasm.

    And what’s exciting other then the music, is that the drinks and admission here is free. And tonight’s drink special’s are...Flirtini Sex on The Beach. So relax and drink as much as you like! And enjoy this sensual evening, because tonight’s music, is on me.


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    An Evening of Erotic Witchy Tales & Magical Halloween Seduction

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    Join us for an evening of erotic witchy tales and magical Halloween seduction, right here on Erotic Talk Radio. Tonight we'll  be joined by our guest Diyah of http://OrisOasis.com and Host of Practical Spirituality, and Glammie Witch, of http://www.glammiesangels.com/ and the co-host of Practical Spirituality. We are about to get it in as we discuss one juicy, erotic, and witchy discussion. So stay tuned, this is a show you don't want to miss. 

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    The G-Spot Love Zone Erotic Spoken Word

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    Join us tonight for a stimulating juicy erotic evening on The G-Spot Love Zone. Tonight we’re going to enhance, tease, and tantalize your listening senses by stimulating your mind, body, and soul. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some sensual erotic music, erotic short stories, and juicy sensual poetic spoken words that will leave you breathless. And tonight’s erotic expression is guaranteed to give you the ultimate eargasm. So light your candles, pour you a glass of wine, and relax, while you enjoy this erotic & poetic evening.


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  • Writing Royalty Radio: The Concrete Jungle “Unfix....The Industry"

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    Writing Royalty Radio

    Topic: The Concrete Jungle:“Unfix....The Industry"

    Guest: Author Dutch



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    An Erotic Evening of Stimulating Eargasmic Poetic Discussion

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    Join us tonight for a sensual juicy erotic discussion of the hour. And tonight's topic will be just that. It will be filled with interesting dripping wet juiciness. Yes it's going to be one hot discussion. Because tonight, we'll be accompanied by our special guest James Gordon, aka G.P.A. (Greatest Poet Alive) G.P.A. is regarded as the most electrifying man in Poetry and the  most dangerous man in storytelling. So light your candles, sit back, relax and enjoy as he gives you the kind of stimulating juicy poetry, that's guaranteed to enhance, tease, and tantalize your listening senses. We'll also be discussing G.P.A's erotic work, “Revenge of the Orgasm”. So stay tuned, because this is going to be a show you don't want to miss.

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    An Evening of Indulgence Intimacy & Erotic Conversation

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    Join us tonight as we grant you this evening of erotic conversation with our special guests the host and co-hosts of It's Real Talk Radio, Tay, Nizzy, and LV. Tonight we are going to dive into a juicy and tasteful spontaneity of erotic conversation. So get ready, because this is going to be one hot and spicy show that you don't want to miss. Tonight's topic's... will have your mouth watering and you will be sensually enticed, until you get that eargasmic pleasure, and it's all going down, right here on Erotic Talk Radio.

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    Writing Royalty Radio: "Shattered Hearts...Stolen Voices.."

    in Books

    Guest Authors Nika Michelle and Kenni York

    Topic:"Shattered Hearts...Stolen Voices.."

    Author Nika Michelle her love for books started at a very young age and inspired her passion for writing. Blessed with a vivid imagination, she would share her short stories with her classmates in middle and high school. Her first novel "Forbidden Fruit", an urban tale that spins a web of love, lust and greed. Her other titles include Forbidden Fruit II: A New Seed, Forbidden Fruit 3: The Juice, Forbidden Fruit 4: The Last Drop, Black Butterfly, Black Onyx: The Sequel to Black Butterfly, Black Magic: Book 3 of the Black Butterfly Series, Black Lace: Book 4 of the Black Butterfly Series, Zero Degrees 1, 2 and 3(collaboration with Leo Sullivan), The Nookie Ain't Free, The Nookie Still Ain't Free, The Empress and Bout That Life: Diablo's Story

    Author Kenni is a sexual assault awareness advocate, and entrepreneur. Her literary works include Ask No Questions (murder mystery), A Girl's Perspective (poetry), Merrilittle: Murder in a Small Town (young adult murder mystery, 1st in a series), Striving for Happily Ever After (marriage self-help), The Girls (Urban Fiction), My Dad is an Army Man (children’s book) and the Karma series (Contemporary Women’s Fiction). Passionate about her chosen field, Kenni created her own company in 2012, Kenni Enterprises LLC, which specializes in teaching creative writing classes for youth and adults throughout the metro Atlanta area.Additionally, Kenni organizes and hosts an annual benefit event during National Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April entitled Let Your Voice Be Heard. Kenni feels it is important to get the word out about this growing epidemic in order to encourage men and women to raise their voices against this common and life-impacting crime. 

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