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    Eric "Sleepy" Floyd

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    Today GJ Reynolds & Neil Haley will interview two NBA greats: Eric “Sleepy” Floyd, & Craig Hodges! They will discuss their great NBA careers & also talk about the foundation/company they are promoting currently!

    Guest #1:

    Eric “Sleepy” Floyd

    “Sleepy” Floyd was a standout for Georgetown University, and was recently named one of the Top Five Players in the NBA to come out of Georgetown. He was also named to the Big East’s Top 20 Players of All-Time! After his amazing college career Sleepy was drafted 13 overall in the 1982 NBA Draft by the New Jersey Nets! During his 13 year pro career he played for 4 NBA Teams: New Jersey Nets, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, & the San Antonio Spurs. Sleepy is now working with the Comfort Revolution!

    Guest #2:

    Craig Hodges

    Craig Hodges is a retired American Professional basketball player who played in the NBA for 10 seasons and led the league in 3-point shooting percentage three times! He won two NBA Championships with the Chicago Bulls, and along with Larry Bird, he is only one of two players to win three consecutive three-point contests at the NBA All-Star Weekend! Craig won the contests 1990, 1991, & 1992. Hodges also holds the Three Point Contest records for the most consecutive shots made with 19, set in 1991, and the most points scored in a single round at 25, set in 1986. Hodges was most recently an assistant coach under Phil Jackson for the Los Angeles Lakers.



  • Sleepy Hollow Addicts- "Kali Yuga"

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    Fans have been very vocal about the first half of the season of Sleepy Hollow, but I think it's safe to say that the show is back to the formula we all missed so greatly! Monday's episode, "Kali Yuga", though Hawley-centric, hit the mark as Ichabod and Abbie were front and center, clearly divided after their showdown regarding restoring Abraham.  

    Tonight find out what fans thought of the show, get info on the S2 finale party in NYC and hear what's coming up as we head towards the big S2 finale!

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    The Book Of Eric.

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    Watchtower Awareness...The Governing Body and its claim to fame.

    Millennial Party and its new movement to take back America.

    Both subjects need addressing as we see the cruelty of the two party system at work in Politics and the cruelty of those claiming to represent God when the proof shows otherwise.Nobody in America should be pacifying any political entity or Religios entity when they both have got it wrong so many times. 

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    The Book Of Eric

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    Watchtower Awareness.

    130 Years of deception unveiled for all to hear, I seriously have made this a mission of sorts to give people the education they need to decide for themselves if this is what they want.We will dive into the never ending issue of why they stopped taking vaccines and what the outcome was for so many in their organisation. The flip flop on transfusions and why they changed their thoughts on the subject after years of ruining lives of so many. 

    Titus 1;1-3 discussion.


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    The Book Of Eric.

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    I think we will just play music and have fun.

    Its all good.

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    The Cornermen talk pacquiao vs floyd

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    WE discuss pac vs floyd update,rios vs alvarado,etc

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    The Book Of Eric

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    The 3rd verse of The Book Of Eric.Forgive and Try to forget.

    Politics...The New Movement.


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    The Book Of Eric.

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    Time to settle this crazy question we all want to ask

    Question one... The Real God and his meaning for you.

    Question two...The Politics of America revamped.

    Question Three...Stealth Jihad.

    Question Four... How to have self esteem as a woman..

    I live in a world where we all grab a little section of what I call quiet time, this show is your quiet time, so please enjoy



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    The Book Of Eric

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    We strive to learn what is right, yet what is taught may not be the right answers, so we should alway check and verify everything were asking of from others who say they know. Be a Guru of check and verifying.

    Answering Christianity is always frowned upon yet we really need to see who is actually representing Christianity and why it is a multi billion dollar enterprise of total misconception if not checked and verified.

    Stealth Jihad from Islam another small unchecked faith that silences people by the use of no education for their people.

    Single Parents roles in America, the quiet group who make it all happen.

    The Pulpit Liars revealed

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    Sleepy Hollow Addicts- "Lost Paradise"

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    We may not have another new episode of Sleepy Hollow tonight, but it is Sleepy Monday, so why not a radio show?  Fox said Sleepy Hollow would return w/a vengence and they were right!  Last week's episode proved to Sleepyheads that the showrunner and writers have listened to fans and have really thought out the next chapter of this biblical series.


    Join me tonight with my special guests, Jerome Wetzel and Barbara Martinez as we chat about "Paradise Lost", what fans think & what's coming up for the rest of S2! 

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    Rob Floyd talks Marscon !

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    Rob Floyd comes on to the asylum to talk about a convention called Marscon !

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