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    The Book Of Eric.

    in Religion

    The battle continues over who is the correct ones to worship God. We will discuss Matthew Chapter 6 in detail today

    Awareness topic. Why Jehovahs Witnesses never answer a fact finding question.

    The real meaning of testing your faith. 

    501 c the multi billion dollar bail out. It could solve a lot of financial issues.

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    The Book Of Eric.

    in Internet

    Close Up Look... A. close up look at the congress we elect which is commonly known as Congress critters of America.

    Awareness topic. The Watchtower and  the United nations contract they signed and honored.

    Millenial Party news and information. The governemts and what we are as a nation, is it a republic or is it a Democracy, Well it might surprise you what we really are.




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    The Book Of Eric.

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    Watchtower Awareness....

    The never ending saga of trying to Get a jehovahs witness to look up their past. I feel its a total miscalculated way of promoting what they claim to be the truth. In 1928 Judge Rutherford, who really wasnt a Judge revealed that Jesus chose the watchtower as the Earthly representation. Also The UN Involvement.

    Millennial Party a way of life we need to actually live by.It actually shows class where the other two archaic party favorites lack.

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    The Book Of Eric.

    in Music

    I think we will just play music and have fun.

    Its all good.

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    The Book Of Eric.

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    Watchtower Awareness...The Governing Body and its claim to fame.

    Millennial Party and its new movement to take back America.

    Both subjects need addressing as we see the cruelty of the two party system at work in Politics and the cruelty of those claiming to represent God when the proof shows otherwise.Nobody in America should be pacifying any political entity or Religios entity when they both have got it wrong so many times. 

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    The Book Of Eric

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    Watchtower Awareness.

    130 Years of deception unveiled for all to hear, I seriously have made this a mission of sorts to give people the education they need to decide for themselves if this is what they want.We will dive into the never ending issue of why they stopped taking vaccines and what the outcome was for so many in their organisation. The flip flop on transfusions and why they changed their thoughts on the subject after years of ruining lives of so many. 

    Titus 1;1-3 discussion.


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    The Book Of Eric

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    The 3rd verse of The Book Of Eric.Forgive and Try to forget.

    Politics...The New Movement.


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    The Book Of Eric

    in Social Networking

    We strive to learn what is right, yet what is taught may not be the right answers, so we should alway check and verify everything were asking of from others who say they know. Be a Guru of check and verifying.

    Answering Christianity is always frowned upon yet we really need to see who is actually representing Christianity and why it is a multi billion dollar enterprise of total misconception if not checked and verified.

    Stealth Jihad from Islam another small unchecked faith that silences people by the use of no education for their people.

    Single Parents roles in America, the quiet group who make it all happen.

    The Pulpit Liars revealed

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    The Book Of Eric.

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    Time to settle this crazy question we all want to ask

    Question one... The Real God and his meaning for you.

    Question two...The Politics of America revamped.

    Question Three...Stealth Jihad.

    Question Four... How to have self esteem as a woman..

    I live in a world where we all grab a little section of what I call quiet time, this show is your quiet time, so please enjoy



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    I. Jarvis Martin, Martin & Company

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    Martin & Company is a home based business providing all types of real estate appraisal services. Located in Durham, NC. The Research Triangle Park is one of the leading research and manufacturing areas for high tech, biotech, and medical research in America.

    Jarvis Martin, founded Martin & Company in 1975. Mr. Martin joined the Society of Real Estate Appraisers as an associate member in 1977 and obtained his (SRA) Senior Residential Appraiser designation in 1982. Mr. Martin was selected by the NC State Appraisal License Board to take the initial North Carolina License exam and provided feedback to the state board. As a result of this experience Mr. Martin was one of the first 50 appraisers to be license in the State of North Carolina.

    Mr. Martin operates his business with the assistance of his wife of 25 years, Norma B. Martin. Norma is a state license residential appraiser. The firm covers Durham, Wake, and Orange Counties in central North Carolina, providing appraisal services for most major lenders, local and state governmental agencies.

    The use of Appraisal Port has enabled Martin & Company to better receive, track and deliver appraisal reports.  The appraisers who are successful and profitable must be educated and equipped with the best, and latest technology to meet this demand.

    The appraiser of today and the future must be able to provide a client with more than a form appraisal report. He/she must understand the “highest and best use” concept and be able to provide land use, income, and cost analysis.

    Martin & Company - Real Estate Appraisers P.O. Box 1410 3608 Mossdale Ave. Durham, NC 27702

    Phone: 9196825506 Fax: 9194931304 E-mail: apprrtp@aol.com


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    Eric Quevedo

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