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    Pett Crow interview 2015

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    An all-original Blues-Rock band, Pett Crow has an up-beat sound that is all their own! Young in age but seasoned beyond their years in talent! Each member plays multiple instruments, writes and records their own music and is putting a new face on Blues-Rock. Pett Crow had an impressive 2012 year with the release of their CD – Layin Down the Blues and performing in over 35 venues, opening for 
    Grammy award winning acts and playing for audiences as large as 3000!

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    Basketball during Jim Crow

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    Scott Ellsworth will talk about this book The Secret Game, about a basketball game played between black and white college students in Jim Crow North Carolina in the fourties.

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    Eric Garner

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    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus speaks on the events surrounding Eric Garner who was killed by an NYPD officer during an arrest in Staten Island. Officer Daniel Pantaleo is seen on video taken by a young Hispanic named Ramsey Orta with his cell phone.  His death caused outrage throughout the nation. After Pantaleo was cleared of any charges, massive protests formed throughout major American cities.  Sacerdotus gives his thoughts on the situation.



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    Independent Music Showcase featuring music from '' Pett Crow ''

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    Our feature artist is Pett Crow , a blues rock trio from Columbus Ohio . Consisting of Brandon Pettiford -- 15 years old
    Julia Crow -- 16 years old , Wes Crow -- 17 years old . We will play their latest album in its entirety . They will be my guests this Saturday March 14 @ 6 pm et .  

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    "Eric Benet on The Mike Tee Show"

    in Romance

    Eric Benet visits The Love Zone USA on The Mike Tee Show.  Host Mike T will feature a lot of Eric Benet songs. Join Us! 


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    Kiler Davenport Live Interview with Eric Crow Daven

    in Lifestyle

    This episode of Kiler Davenport Live is a pre-recorded Interview with -- Eric Crow Daven:

    Writer, Author, Poet

    Born and raised in Brooklyn, East New York, Eric has seen first hand the difference between moving a product and becoming the product. Eric has spent the last few years of his life becoming the product.

    In 2002, he put his pen and his love for poetry seriously and joins a poetry troupe called “Machismo Redefined”. He became one of the founding members along side John "Chance" Acevedo and Nathan Pearson, performing at multiple poetry venues including the world-famous Nuyorican Poets Café. He has published and distributed his first poetry book and soundtrack entitled “Blank Pages”.

    In 2003, he got the chance of a lifetime to perform a poem that he co-written with his friend, Sean Pamp for the NBA All-Star game on ESPN. In 2008, he published his second poetry book entitled “Windows to my Past”, and created a soundtrack in which he made available on iTunes.com. In 2009, Eric released his third poetry book entitled “Sinning on my way to Church”.

    In 2012, Eric has set forth his fourth and maybe his final poetry book "The Search for Substance";and he has added the title of Creator and Executive Producer with the creation of his first internet show "THE CIPHER". With his eye on the future and soon to be release short story book and a series of children books, the future is merely a few words away.

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    SpokenHeard with John Crow and Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    John Crow was born in Detroit Mi. he is a blend of Native American and Kentucky Hillbilly. He has been involved with performance poetry for the past 15 years. As the founding Slam-master of Killeen Poetry Slam, he has also coached, performed and organized teams that have been in the top two rankings at The National Poetry Slam. “ Just because I’m the slam master of Killeen TX doesn’t mean I’m the best poet, it just means I’m the best poet with a plan.” Killeen as a unique one liner style of poetry that they do for fun. Crow is the Arch Bishop of One line poetry. It's kinda like Haiku but there just isn't the 17 syllable restriction. " I have been writing Haiku for awhile, I am always in awe of the poets who can inspire feeling in as few words as possible" Crow is a sound engineer and recognized as one of the top media relations professionals in the Army. "I have used my talents to help as many people as I can, I still enjoy mastering projects but I rarely have time for it." At 48 John Crow retired from being Slam-master of Killeen. " It's about time, poetry is changing plus I want to start touring."

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    Author Eric Focht discusses FOR THE RECORD on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Eric Focht to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the events in his life that led him to write the book FOR THE RECORD and what he hopes readers glean from it. http://www.f-clefpublishing.com 

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    The Book Of Eric.

    in Religion

    The battle continues over who is the correct ones to worship God. We will discuss Matthew Chapter 6 in detail today

    Awareness topic. Why Jehovahs Witnesses never answer a fact finding question.

    The real meaning of testing your faith. 

    501 c the multi billion dollar bail out. It could solve a lot of financial issues.

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    The Book Of Eric.

    in Internet

    Close Up Look... A. close up look at the congress we elect which is commonly known as Congress critters of America.

    Awareness topic. The Watchtower and  the United nations contract they signed and honored.

    Millenial Party news and information. The governemts and what we are as a nation, is it a republic or is it a Democracy, Well it might surprise you what we really are.




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         Get your ears ready, and grab your favorite flava.  (Flavor for you IDK folks).  From the crates of funk, and days when turn tables were the only wheels you ever needed to get your groove on, here he comes!!!! E MACK!  Eric McAlister.  He will reach back to some super solids that are salads of soul with a super blend.  Mr. Pittsburgh himself - he's got the music dammit to make you appreciate whatever it is you are going through.  347-205-9366

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