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    Johnny Jones of ASHFALL

    in Entertainment

    Our friend Johnny Jones of ASHFALL joins us to talk about his band, beer, having an erection lasting more than 4 hours and more!

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    Man Show- Lets Talk About Our Penis

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    Can we have this talk without it becoming a cock fight?

    At What Age does Erectile Dysfunction Occur?

    Erectile dysfunction/impotence varies in its severity. Some men can have no erection at all, and others have an inconsistent ability to have erections at some times. Occasional erectile dysfunction can be the result of excess alcohol or drugs. Drugs can be legal or street drugs. The result is the same. The man is embarrassed by his inability to have and/or maintain and erection. The embarrassment leads to their not telling their doctors. This results in under-diagnosing the condition.

    There is no specific age that can pinpoint the onset of ED. While it is uncommon in very young men unless there are lifestyles that prompt it, the frequency will increase with age. It is not unusual for a man to experience some erectile dysfunction by the age of 45. Approximately 5% of men have experienced an instance by the age of 40. But there is more... The Dangers.. and we make our own ..

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    Erection Problems & Low Sex Drive - Sex Therapy Show, host Dr. Leigh-Davis

    in Relationships

    Erection Problems & Low Sex Drive - Sex Therapy Show, host Dr. Leigh-Davis. Today we are going to give you some advice on what to do if you are having erection problems or a lack of sex drive. These tips are for both men and women, and also, Dr. Ruth Westheimer weighs in. Then, Dr. Ruth Westheimer answers the question; can men and women be friends???

    Dr. Leigh-Davis is a law professor, retired attorney, anthropologist, and media personality; whose anthropological studies involved gender relations; relationships; and a natural progression to … sex. As a sex expert, Dr. Leigh-Davis helps monogamous couples keep the spark alive. "Sex Therapy Show" answers the needs of many of Dr. Leigh-Davis' fans, who have been writing her for years with questions that would put the book The Kama Sutra to shame. Dr. Leigh-Davis is the author of many books on sexual relations, including "Geisha Goddess" and "10 Best Sex Tips Ever." A FREE copy of the latter is available on her website: http://www.DrLeigh-Davis.com or http://www.DrLeigh-Davis.co.uk.

    This show is rated MATURE.


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    magar hour help line

    in Social Networking

    the magar hour boys are helping you online and in real life call in 347 215 7638
    and get your arms longer fast here we have the secret of being alone and how you can break free of the prison of unrone sexual deviancy  we like you we love we are here for you call in get your full rone reading by these top notch girls we know 
    named chizz rizz tam praps and the chazz of life dancers
    need a bigger stronger erection? easy do some  power masterbation this and many more tip here tonite on the magar hour help line

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    Achieving Multiple Orgasms With or Without an Erection

    in Relationships

    Michael Russer, cancer survivor who was rendered impotent gives his mind-blowing tips and techniques on reaching multi-orgasmic love levels without an erection.




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    Righteous Cock!

    in Lifestyle

    The Lingam never lies! The Lingam will always RISE! So why all the confusion, dilusion and misuse of the dick?! Discover the consciousness of the Righteous Cock with Rev. Goddess and let your Yang cock power grow and grow and grow and grow!!! 

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    MORNING SUNRISE/NOONDAY LIBATIONS (episode #7) The Resurrection & the Life

    in Poetry

    Episode 7 of our morning show in the month of Dec & 2nd to last in 2014! It is the time of the Winter Solstice wh. symbolically represents the Resurection. Resurection or the raised erection whether in male or female body affirms life. For those in the know THIS is an early morning poetry open MIC event. Other than being a somewhat early morning event on a SunDay our ususal focus is not just poetry it is the spiritual philosophy of sacred sexuality makes it quite unique from other poetry shows &we have just too much fun with it for some folk.

    In the wake of the most recent displays of activism I dedicate this particular episode like the last 2 episodes to affirm that ALL life matters &the greater affirmation of life is in living as an AWAKENED One. The death of our fears is not so much destruction as it is the transformation of them.Our power &sacredness lies in sexuallity. What greater power can we glean from the orgasmic throes of "the little death"? For we heal as we create &destroy.   

    A moment's passion 1st inked passively w/the pen &then spoken boldy in a circle of dope poets& lush tongues becums. So... cum join me and StarChild7 &others as we joke &laugh, speak seriously, as well as casually about such matters as inspire us to write. Call in or just listen &catch us in the archives. Either way something really wonderful will be shared with you & I know you won't want to miss it! ALL are invited!

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    Old Farts...not just old but a trending demographic for erections.

    in Current Events

    As the host of SevsDeadSerious blithely imagines all of the good that will become of the ability to ingest Centrum Silver for 50+ Men, Cialis for that always necessary 4 hour erection if only to satisfy my own need of knowing that even though it won't happen I'll be ready for the next 4 hours even if I get no takers before calling my doctor.  Better still for all of my future sex partners (my wife and everytnhing else is just a fiment of my rather fertile imagination) will have the ability, dare I say necessity, for a vaginal creme to help lubricate your partner during the "painful dryness" brought on by menopause in women and a perfect excuse when the old man comes-a-calling for a little Cialis relief...all within the specified 4 hour period or an emergency room visit.  "Say nurse I have this rageing erection and it been 4 hours..."  It's nice to know that as a marketing tool my tool has reached its apex of support and caring, not seen since my 16th year when it was the basis of everything I did 24 and 7...and failed.  Cialis and Centrum Silver with a touch of menopausal creme and I'm good to go...for up to 4 hours.

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    The Quiet Vagina and The Half Aroused Penis! What Power is there in this?

    in Lifestyle

    Quiet vaginas and 50% arousal in penises are the topics for the show tonight! Join Rev. Goddess and learn the many ways your genitles rise, throb and grow to create better pleasure and blessings in your life! Through her guidance Rev. Goddess Charmaine shares how the techniques of the quiet vagina can increse your yoni pleasures and stimulate your g-spot. She will discuss how this can help with premature ejaculation and erection difficulties in men. And learn, why in the world would a half aroused penis be the way to go for sex!  And finally, when the two, lingam yoni merges in the quietness of the vagina that's where the miracle of sex magic play a part! Explore, learn and have fun with the Goddess! 
    Goddess Blessings 

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    Justin, Amanda, Selena, Lindsay, Kendall, Kim, Kanye et.al...Why do we care?

    in Current Events

    As the host of SevsDeadSerious I am astonished by the amount of time and ink (GB in the space age I think) spent breaking down, discussing, watching, wishing (this would involve an entire spectrum of emotions depending on viewpoint and level of cynicism) and salivating over for any of a million reasons from horn dog to trophy bitch and all matter in between.  Does the public need to be continually reminded that Justin is a little douche bag; do we need to watch the further misadventures and responsibility void of Amanda; has Kim's ass changed all that much over the many years I have learned to loath her while still admitring her ability to still give me an erection; and for God's sake must we watch another episode of Lindsay in her drug-addled (you name it she either did, is doing it, or will be doing it), talentless to a degree that turns bad into a spectacle life as a cum-recptacle for anyone willing to endure her for the prescribed time.  Frankly, I love it...even when my life hits those bumps in the road I don't have to do it in front of someone like me.  Face it, the host is an asshole

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    Live: Healthy You & I : Male disorders and the use of essential oils to help

    in Health

    Erectile dysfunction is when a male cannot start, maintain, or looses an erection that is firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Occasional occurrences of this kind are not uncommon in males but if it happens frequently (more than 25% of the time) then it is termed erectile dysfunction.

    The root cause for this condition can be physical or emotional. To test if the cause may be emotional be aware of nighttime erections. Normal males will have 3 to 5 per night and if you experience erectile dysfunction but continue with normal nighttime erections the problem is probably not physical. Emotional concerns are more common among younger men and almost all males experience some erectile dysfunction with aging. Physical problems include difficulties with the nerves to the penis, inadequate blood circulation to the penis, improper functioning of veins that trap blood and maintain erection and the signals from the brain that control all of these complexities.

    Emotional causes may come from stress, depression or performance anxiety. Physical causes can be atherosclerosis or other blood flow diseases, nerve diseases, low hormone (testosterone) levels, excess use of alcohol or drugs, physical injury, scar tissue in the penis (Peyronie’s disease) or the side effects of some medication.

    Erectile dysfunction is different than premature ejaculation, is not connected with male infertility and usually is not connected with male sex drive.

    www.crsradio.com 661-467-2407 http://www.everythingessential.me/HealthConcerns/Erectile%20dysfunction.html#page=page-1