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    Your Prostate Your Libido Your Life

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    This week I will be examining the myriad causes of dysfunction millions of men throughout the world face as they age with Dr. Jim Occhiogrosso who is the author of Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life. we will be discussing detailed information on nutrients, herbs, and lifestyle changes that can help alleviate common problems like; erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, prostate enlargement, difficulty urinating, and prostate cancer.


    Dr. Occhiogrosso began studying natural health in the early 1990s. After suffering from prostate issues himself for 10 years, Dr. Occhiogrosso was told by his Urologist that he may have prostate cancer. Choosing to fight this naturally, he set a deadline that if he could not reverse or at least improve his condition, he would seek medical attention, including a biopsy. Five months later, in August of 2001, using nutrition, lifestyle changes, vitamins, minerals, and several herbs, he had reduced his PSA by more than half to 3.5, increased his free PSA slightly and considerably reduced his bouts of urinary urgency and erectile dysfunction. He received diplomas from Trinity College of Natural Health as a Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, along with a certificate in nutritional counseling. To this day, he continues studying natural products both formally and informally, and is a member in good standing of the Tampa, Florida chapter of the Certified Natural Health Professionals.

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    Prevention and healt recovery for prostate health and ED (erectile dysfunction).

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    The Sexy Question Show

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    In the first Sexy Question Show of 2015 Ms. P and Dr. Sue are answering your questions on:

    Sexual Performance
    and MORE!

    Send in your question anonymously by CLICKING HERE and filling out the form or 
    CALL-IN LIVE during the show to 818-495-6975

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    Cowboy Wisdom Radio

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    Freja Njorden independent hypnotist bodyworker emotional freedom facilitator and founder of Holistic Sexual Health is my guest. Websites www.thesensualist.org  My work is my passion and I am happiest when thinking breathing, feeling, and doing what I love most. I first earned my massage diploma in New York, as well as studied the original Emotional Freedom Technique as presented by Gary Craig.  In Germany I discovered and fell in love with the simplicity and incredible effectiveness of an updated method called faster EFT. Always interested in tools for change and an improved life, I pursued education in subliminal programming, quantum touch, tantric arts and studied Mindscaping and Hypnosis.  I have been working independently with the mind-body connection and sensuality for the last 8 years, and consistently am upgrading skills, knowledge and techniques. I believe we are more mature and intelligent than the sexual culture in which we are taught sexual disconnect, objectification, compulsion, dissatisfaction and violence as the way things are.  People are unsatisfied with the intimacy in their relationships and not understanding why or how to change it.
    Freja Njorden Intimacy Educator


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    Its A Mans World

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    The Show: Its A Mans World.  Where men can gather for discussion on the many areas of relationship issues of all forms, family issues, emasculation attacks, sexual issues.  And any other topic relative to male and female communication.

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    Erectile Dysfunction with Dr Marc Richman

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    Dr. Marc Richman is a board certified urologist and expert on men's sexual health.  He is a member of the American Urologic Association and has over 10 years of experience.   He is the co-founder of Obsidian Men's Health and more information may be found at www.obsidianmenshealth.com 


    In this episode he defines erectile dysfunction (ED), talks about risk factors, and shares information about current treatment.


    Disclaimer:  The information provided is for educational and entertainment puproses and is not intended for diagnosis or treatment.  Please seek the advise of your health care provider before making any changes to your health

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    Interview with Dr. Mark Perloe by Host Mark Wilhelmsson

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    Dr. Mark Perloe earned his medical degree from Pennsylvania State University, Hershey Medical Center, and served his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Perloe completed his fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the University of Minnesota and is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

    As Medical Director of GRS, Dr. Perloe has expertise in treating conditions related to infertility including polycystic ovary syndrome, recurrent pregnancy loss, menstrual disorders, fibroids, male fertility problems and endocrine and other reproductive health problems. He also has extensive experience in in vitro fertilization, the use of donor eggs, donor sperm, and gestational surrogacy. 

    Dr. Perloe has served as principal investigator in numerous reproductive health research studies including innovative IVF treatments, ovulation induction, polycystic ovary syndrome as well as investigational medications for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction.  In 1986, he co-authored Miracle Babies and Other Happy Endings for Couples with Fertility Problems. 

    He has served as consultant and a task force member to the Women's Initiative of the American International Health Association and was active in establishing the first approved endoscopy-training center in the former Soviet Union at the Russian National Institute of Women's Health. Dr. Perloe is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and serves on their Electronic Communication Committee. He also serves on the board of the Georgia GYN/OB Society and has served as an advisory board member for INCIID, OBGYN.net and the Endometriosis Association. 

    He is married, has two children and serves on the board of two local theatre companies. He also enjoys playing with computers, sailing and traveling.

    To learn more, visit: http://ivf.com

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    The Owners' Manual for the Human Body--HEALTH SOLUTIONS: Erectile Dysfunction

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    ''As much as I try this subject is just one of those subjects that attracts a great deal of comic fodder. However, for those men that have erectile dysfunction or impotent it is no joking matter. This condition has ruined relationships, caused great mental/emotional suffering and worse.

    No wonder the highly toxic drugs and Cialis do so well but what is truly the reason Percy won’t Perform?

    In this show we will use humor melded with truth to make the real reasons available for all and what you can do to remedy this. We take this very seriously but want it accessible whilst we share with you all the dangerous underbelly that this condition is possibly a symptom of and the need to remedy this.

    We will listen to our resident specialist on this matter, Dr. Darko Velcek --who is now infamous for giving many men erections (sorry Darko, Just couldn’t resist putting it this way), and the rest of the panel add their knowledge and experience to this very impotent – sorry, important subject. =D

    Rest assured, if your suffering from this or know someone who is then listen in, share and follow our suggestions and see how things will soon be LOOKING UP!!''
    -- Jeremy Ayres

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    Eating Vegan and Healthy Soul Food Cooking - Why Vegan is the New Black

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    Can a diet free of meat, milk, eggs, butter and cheese actually taste good? Deborrah Cooper, author of the new cookbook WHY VEGAN IS THE NEW BLACK: MORE THAN 100 DELICIOUS MEAT AND DAIRY FREE MEAL IDEAS YOUR WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE says the answer is "absolutely!"

    Her goal for this book was to help change the perception that healthy foods look weird and taste bad. The typical American diet is full of greasy high sodium fast food that really packs on the pounds and sets us up for serious health problems. Reducing the quantity of animal protein and upping the plants we eat has been proven to reverse heart disease, normalize blood sugar and lipids, and lower both weight and blood pressure in just a couple of weeks. 

    Statistics support these concerns, especially in the black community. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 78.6 million Americans are obese, which directly impacts the health and longevity of nearly one-third of the U.S. population. Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. High blood pressure and arteriosclerosis impact the sexual health of Americans as well, reflected in erectile dysfunction in men, and reduced desire and blood flow to the vaginal area in women.

    These are largely preventable afflictions, directly related to what we put in our mouths. Reality is, what we're putting on our plates is killing us. Find out more about how you can begin changing your diet for the better in this broadcast. 

    #whyveganisthenewblack #veganrecipes #blacksgoingvegan

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    Bryant Draper MD, Southeastern Kentucky Appalachian Cherokee Descendant

    in Religion

    ?BRYANT DRAPER M.D. M.R.O., Tribe of Judah and Cherokee Descendant, is an amazing person.

    A gifted seer and healer, he was reared in Southeastern Kentucky amongst traditional Appalachian hill folk. In his youth, he spent a lot of time in caves with his prospecting grandpa, and discovered Hebrew, Ogham and Celtic cave writings. 

    He eventually put himself through medical school, beginning in the Caribbean and eventually at Yale University School of medicine.  He will be discussing Low Dose Naltrexone at length.

    He has many years of work in multiple medical fields from general practice to critical care medicine.

    Specialties: Emergency Medicine, Erectile Dysfunction, Addiction Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Gestalt Therapy, Hormone Clinics, Pain Clinics, Urgent Care, Critical Care, Inpatient and Outpatient Acute and Chronic Care, Tropical Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, Trauma, Bioterrorism, Neural Plasticity Research, Neuronal Ischemia/Chemical Neuronal Injury and Regeneration, Vagus Nerve Mediated LES Pressures Secondary to Neuronal Blunt Trauma, Naltrexone Policy and Procedure, Naltrexone Mechanisms, Gene Mapping, Neuroimmunobiology, Cellular Mediated Transport Systems, Bioengineering, DME, Respiratory Therapy Policy and Procedure, Medical Business Start Up.

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    Daryl Mooney Talks Tantra, Limp Lingams, Ejaculation vs Injaculation and More!

    in Spirituality

    This week's Talk About it Tuesday has turned into Tantra Tuesday, thanks to Mr. Daryl Mooney! The Handsome Mr. Daryl Mooney will be discussing Tantra Secret, Limp Lingams (Erectile Dysfuntion), Ejaculation and Injaculation. What is Tantra? Where did it Originate? How can Tantra IMPROVE my love life. Do you need some NEW tricks for your OLD DOG??? Why do I suppress my Sexual Desires? Have we been brainwashed into thinkin sex is bad,why?? For all your answers tune in Tuesday @ 9pm. Put the kiddies to bed as this will be an EXPLICIT ADULT SHOW you won't want to miss, the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your BEDROOM LIFE!!!

    Daryl Mooney, CLC is a comedian, certified Life Coach, new thought leader and motivational speaker. One half of legendary comic duo The Mooney Twins, Daryl is the eldest son of renowned comedian and comic writer Paul Mooney, as well as the protege of the legendary comedian and activist Dick Gregory. Daryl's life for over 2 decades has been devoted to empowering people, inspiring them to embrace their personal and spiritual power. Daryl as shared the stage with the likes of Rev. Michael Becwith, Dick Gregory, Paul Mooney, Iyanla Vansant, Jewell Diamond Taylor, Minister Farrakhan, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Stevie Wonder, and of course Dwayne and Paul Mooney He teaches techniques and coaches individuals in the areas of Mind Science, Sacred Sex, Laughter Therapy , Prosperity and Personal Power. You can often see him on stage doing standup or leading Transformational and Prosperity Seminars.

    Daryl is based in North Hollywood, California, and serves clients around the world via telephone and internet.

    Call in to the Goddess Suite 516-453-9075 Press 1
    Have a question? Email us @ GoddessSuite@gmail.com


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