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  • Trucking News and Updates in the World of Trucking

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    A discussion of the current events in the trucking industry.  What are our lawmakers up to?  What's going on with the driver pay, accident reporting under CSA, self driven trucks, lane deviations, toll roads, IFTA, taxes, medical cards, physicals, CSLs.  FMCSA, CSA, and DOT, Rules, Regulations, Rights, News of the weird, new equipment, drivers, companies, policies, you name we're here to discuss it.  If you have a bone to pick or need to vent (good or bad) call us to discuss.   If you have an opinion we want to hear from you.  Let's talk about your concerns.

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    Anticipating the Challenges of the FMCSA ELD Final Rule

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    Among the two most discussed topics within the trucking industry, specifically among truck drivers, are the HOS and ELD regulations. There are a list of reasons why professional drivers have fought long and hard against ELD's, (EOBR's), but most likely, the final FMCSA rule is right around the corner and so are the additional costs for owner operators and fleets.

    This program will focus on some of the challenges of ELD's, including costs, with our special guest, Cory Hunt, CEO and Founder of Pivot Technology Resources, a premier source for new and used mobile communications and asset tracking equipment.

    Discussion will include how Independents, Owner- Operators and Fleet Owners can reduce their costs through the services of Pivot Technology Resources which continues to provide solutions to the trucking industry's most pressing issues such as the electronic on-board recorders.

    Comments and Questions? Come join the conversation: 347-826-9170

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    EOBR: Renaming the CSA Basics

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    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently incorporated major changes to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program, of which, most changes will take effect, December, 2012.
    Included among the changes was the renaming of the Fatigued Driving BASIC to the HOS Compliance BASIC. This change will reflect that the category measures everything from on-duty violations to paperwork violations.
    Under the newly named Basic, a truck driver could obtain as many as 24 violation points for simply writing the wrong date on his or her logs, thus resulting in unfair categories.
    By changing the Driver Fatigue Basic to the Hours of Service Basic, manual form and manner violations will count against a carrier and driver, while allowing data to be gathered to show where electronics will eliminate violations.
    FMCSA regulations expert, Richard Wilson joins us to discuss the changes to the CSA 7 Basics and why he believes that it is being done in order to achieve mandatory EOBR regulations.

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    Trucking and Safety: All about the drivers

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    Our first show post MATS and a lot went on there, and it was not just about "pretty trucks." There is also a great deal of news within trucking and it is affecting drivers in a big way:

    ELD's (EOBR's), New Entrant Testing, Increased Fuel Efficiency, and the infamous truck driver shortage!

    Tonight we'll talk about it all (time permitting), so call in and let's hear your voice to the topics on our Open Forum broadcast.

    Call In Number: 347-826-9170.

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    Is Government over regulating the trucking industry

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    Is the DOT strong arming the American Truckers?


    DOT Shuts NC Company Down


    CT company 5 years’ probation and a $75,000 fine


    Join us!

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    Trucking Mobile Communication: BYOD

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    The U.S. trucking industry is currently debating the pros and cons of mobile communication platforms as it relates to Company-Owned Personally Enabled devices (COPE) or to rely on the Bring Your Own Device platform, simply known as BYOD.
    Christian Schenk is Senior Vice President of product strategy and market growth for XRS Corporation, specializing in helping private and for-hire fleets use driver and vehicle data to improve every aspect of their operations.
    Mr. Schenk points out that mobile technology (BYOD) over traditional, bulky "onboard computers," is already here as nearly 90% of truck drivers currently have personal mobile devices in use.
    XRS is able to support more than 100 mobile devices within its portfolio, on four networks across the United States and Canada.
    Mr. Schenk joins us as our special guest to further discuss the XRS Mobile Communication platform, the facts behind the BYOD technology and why their platform is considered to be revolutionizing the industry.

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    Truckers Ride for the Constitution: For it or Against it?

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    For years truckers have been talking about a shutdown in attempts to display their grievances: Low pay, high fuel prices, CSA, EOBR’s, cross border trucking, detention pay,categorized as unskilled labor, the need for truck driver training standards, and continued increase in regulations.
    Now drivers are faced with a different situation, not a “shutdown”, but rather a convoy to Washington on October 11th - 13th.. The question is:  Why?  To display grievance within the trucking industry or to protest government corruption? 
    Truckers Ride for the Constitution is calling on a GENERAL STRIKE, asking all Americans to join the trucker convoy and stand with truckers by “doing nothing”  no commerce, no banking, no shopping.
    Will such a display help or hurt truckers? For years truckers have been trying to create awareness and get the support and empathy of the American people, but will this convoy create the kind of attention that they have sought so long for?
    Although such a strike is unlikely and the ride is now focused on political motives, join us as we discuss what may really be going on as truckers plan for a ride on Washington.

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    Trucking Roundtable - Open Forum

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    The Safety Measurement System within the FMCSA's CSA is currently designed to not distinguish State-reported crash data of Commerical Motor Vehicles based on whether they are the responsibility or fault of the carrier or truck driver. 
    If  a professional driver is sitting at a red light and another vehicle runs into the back of the rig, because a CMV is involved, safety violation points will go against the driver's PSP.
    Allen and Donna opens the mic to discuss whatever trucking isssue comes to mind on the Trucking Roundtable Open Forum. 
    CSA, EOBR's, truck driver wages, CDL training, life on the road?
    Come join the conversation.

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    Replacing EOBRs with Mobile Fleet Optimization

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    XRS Corporation is a leading expert in trucking fleet performance management. According to XRS (Xata Road Science), mobile devices are already commonly used by almost 90 percent of truck drivers.
    As the mobile revolution continues to expand, the company believes that the days of expensive, hard-wired, on-board installations such as the EOBR are over and the future of fleet optimization technology is mobile.
    Joining us from XRS Corporation are Christian Schenk, vice president of market development and product marketing and Megan Derkey, marketing communications manager.
    We will discuss their newest mobile technology, the future of EOBR's (Electronic Onboard Recorders) and hear their answers to the questions of most concern by the professional trucker.

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    Truck Drivers and Social Media - Interview with Sandy Long

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    In this first of a new series, we talk with current, professional truck drivers who are active in trucking social media and industry issues. Sandy Long began her driving career in 1972 and is author of Street Smarts and Arriving Alive in which she shares her expertise to help others in the area of maintaining personal safety while living life on the road.  She is highly active in issues where she shares her voice through her trucking blog, Just a Lady Driver. As a published poet and freelance writer for six International websites and the Canadian Trucking Magazine, we will discuss major issues within the industry such as EOBR's, sleep apnea and truck driver fatigue, all from the view of a lady trucker with 40 years of driving experience.

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    Coping with Truckers' Top Challenges

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    As the "Voice of the American Trucker" for 50-plus-years, Overdrive Magazine will be joining forces with sister publication Truckers News and quarterly Overdrive spinoff, Custom Rigs, beginning August, 2012.
    Senior Editor, Todd Dills, asked readers what they believed to be the top trucking challenges faced by owner operators. Heading at the top of the "challenges list" included: fuel prices, EOBR's, Hours of Service, uncompensated detention time and freight rates.
    Todd Dills joins us to discuss his report, along with truck drivers': small-fleet owner, Tom Blake, and Jeff Clark of Trucking Solutions Group who were two of the primary sources for his report in the August issue of Overdrive Magazine.
    Mr. Dills is also host of the Channel 19 Blog where he will be sharing more reports on these issues in the August edition of Overdrive Magazine.