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    Environmentalism and The Limits of Growth

    in Politics Progressive

    A week after the People’s Climate March in NYC, we discuss the impact of the growing environmentalism movement, how capitalism is destroying the environment, and how a real socialist transformation must be a system that works for both the people and the planet. We must seize the momement for real change.  

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    PWN 2015.4.4: Preservation & Environmentalism

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    Wednesday April 22nd was Earth Day. For 45 years people around the world, especially in the United States, Canada, and Europe, have celebrated April 22nd as a day to remember the Earth and what She means to us. Often times those who participate in Earth Day celebrations go through the rest of the year not even thinking about the damage that they may be causing to the very planet they celebrate once a year. In this week's edition of PWN KaliSara and RevKess will be talking about Earth Day and how to celebrate it year round.

    In the beginning of the show one of the collaborators on "A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment", David Dashifen Kees, will be joining the hosts to talk about that Statement. David is a contributor to Pagan Activist. On Wednesday David shared the press release from EcoPagan announcing the statement's final draft - which was released in time for Earth Day. Many notable Pagans have already signed onto the Statement, which is open to any and all to sign. It is a statement from the Pagan community, but not the ultimate statement. Some will not agree with it in its entirety. Tune in to PWN and read the Statement to help decide for yourself.

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    United Nation's Environmentalism a Cover for Depopulation...

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    Let's Talk! MediaFighter is a 100% Ad Free - Commercial Free listener driven broadcast. The focus of the broadcast surrounds news, current events, politics, religious issues, geopolitics, science, philosophy and everything in between... it is a true thinking person's show - we go straight for the truth in the most unbiased way that we can, so...

    Call in at (646) 716-9430 between 10 to 12 CST to discuss your ideas, opinions, insights or just to talk - I will be fair to all concerns, all viewpoints. I will get the ball rolling with news of the day, informative clips, special guests or what's going on in my universe but will freely take all callers as they come and I will give you ample time to speak.

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    Real environmentalism VS False environmentalism

    in Politics Conservative

    TONIGHT!! on paulbot radio JASON DANGER SNAKEARM weeds out the good from the bad, exposing false environmentalism used against you as a system of control.
    with this show i hope to
    1 show you how fake environmentalism is used against you to pass unjust laws that benefit corporations that reek of corruption and don't care about the environment, props up the police state AND tricks you into buying needlessly overpriced products
    2 show you how real environmentalists who are trying to make a better world literally for you and your children, but are discredited in the media, treated and labeled as terrorists, and blocked from actually getting work done that would benefit us all
    3 show the repercussions the establishment has brought upon themselves because of their treatment of individuals who love the world we are in, and some of the battles we have won!
    thanks guys hope you all enjoy

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    Bill Martinez Live-Now On GCN-

    in Politics

    Guests today include:

    Michael Rubin-is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). He is author of Dancing with the Devil: The Perils of Engaging Rogue Regimes

    Vann Hipp is Chairman of American Defense International, Inc.; former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army. Author of The New Terrorism: How to Fight It and Defeat It

    Dante Scala is Political science professor, University of New Hampshire. He is also Co-author of: Four Faces of the Republican Party,

    Phyllis Schlafly is a 91 year old American constitutional lawyer, activist, author, and speaker and founder of the Eagle Forum. She is known for her successful campaign against the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Her 1964 book A Choice, Not an Echo sold over 3 million copies as a push-back against Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller and the Eastern Republican Establishment. Not too bad-liberals would have preferred a meeker and more submissive Mrs. Schlafly.

    Bonner R. Cohen is a senior fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, a position he has held since 2002.  Prior to joining The National Center, he was a senior fellow at the Lexington Institute and the Washington editor of the Earth Times.  He currently serves as senior policy analyst with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.

    Lauren Kitchens-Steward is a hometown girl & holds two undergraduate degrees in Music & Communications from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa OK where she was Homecoming Queen, Dean's List, music ministry director & worship leader. Lauren also holds a Master’s degree in Radio, TV, & Film from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA.

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    Guest: KEN PENTEL (Director of The Ecology Democracy Network, Former Candidate for Governor of Minnesota, Political Strategist) Ken is committed to creating the Tools and Strategies needed to change our Political System. His Non-Partisan approach to Political Organizing is a breath of fresh air in the current Political chaos. Ken illustrates how we are all interconnected with one another and our planet. We have to take care of our planet first and foremost, because our Eco System is in a state of Great Imbalance, putting All LIFE at RISK. Ken gives us an overview of the Fundamentals of Organizing and how to be successful when dealing with Group Dynamics.Ken says that we need our Healers and Artists NOW more than ever, and he Encourages ACTIVE and CONSISTENT PARTICIPATION on all Levels of LOCAL POLITICS. Ken Biked across MINNESOTA, going door to door and creating solid relationships with the community.Ken says that we must focus on STRUCTURAL CHANGES such as changing our Model of Economic Growth from The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to the GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator). He also is adament that we MUST get BIG MONEY out of POLITICS and change the system to a PUBLICLY FUNDED system. He also stresses that we must change the WAY that we vote to a system that is PROPORTIONAL, so that everyone gets a VOICE and a REPRESENTATIVE that reflects their VALUES. He discusses INSTANT RUN OFF VOTING as a vehicle to change the 2 Party system on the NATIONAL LEVEL.Ken says that it is IMMORAL to keep Leaving our Problems for FUTURE GENERATIONS and that we need to WAKE UP and get to WORK, before it's too late.Ken Reminds us to STAY ENCOURAGED and to REMEMBER that Small Groups of People, Facing HUGE ODDS...Have been able to CHANGE THE WORLD! kenpentel@yahoo.com
    CONTACT THE SHOW: e.mandisa@gmail.com 206-600-2730

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Eileen Flanagan

    in Writing

    Talk about courage! Dorit Sasson, of Giving Voice to Your Story, will interview Eileen Flanagan of the memoir Renewable: One Woman’s Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope is the story of a spiritual writer and mother of two who, while trying to change the world, unexpectedly finds the courage to change her life. With wit and wisdom, Eileen Flanagan shares the engaging journey that brings her from midlife spiritual crisis to fulfillment and hope—and, briefly, to jail. 


    Specifically, we'll talk about the journey that led Eileen to become a leader of a group that uses civil disobedience and similar tactics to fight climate change. The book starts with my first act of civil disobedience, when I handcuffed my wrist to the White House fence along with 47 other people (including Daryl Hannah). You can read an excerpt: http://eileenflanagan.com/renewable/excerpt/

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    Voluntary Environmentalism

    in Environment

    Gene Basler discusses Rothbard's "Law, Property Rights and Air Pollution." Time permitting, we'll also finish Walter Block's paper on Market Environmentalism.

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    EPA Spends Millions on Military-Grade Weapons for 'Special Agents'

    in Politics

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is spending millions of dollars on military grade equipment, according to a report published by Open the Books (link below).

    The funds are being used to outfit the agency's 'Special Agents' with guns, ammo, night vision, radar, amphibious assault vehicles and more. The agency is building it's own militia of sorts.

    In this report, we cover some of the latest EPA raids and legal action against ordinary citizens. We also discuss Obama's use of the agency to shut down 200 coal plants in the United States.

    Watch on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/YPdLWAKZFPM

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    Fake Environmentalism w/ Ben & James

    in Radio

    A discussion about how our enemies have been able to make massive profits and political gains by playing on our natural tendencies to want to preserve the environment.

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    The Pope, John Boehner, & the Religio-Governmental Socialist Agenda

    in Politics Conservative

    Bards Logic welcomes American Freedom Watch Radio host, Founder of AgEnders http://agenda21today.com , Director of the Florida Panhandle Patriots, Journalist and Blogger Karen Schoen. Discussing the Pope's visit, Agenda 21, and Boehner's resignation. Uncovering UN Agenda 21's (aka Agenda 2030) Implementation through Church, school, government, illegal immigration, and the military.

    We will have audio from the Pope's address in front both Houses of Congress.

    Want to be Heard on National Radio? Don't like waiting in a Queue to never get onto the show? And if you do get in, not being able to get out all you want to say. Want to be able to stay on the air with the Host for more than just a few minutes?

    If this is YOU, join us on Bards Logic and BE a Part of the Show.

    Remember this is Your show, the People's show. As part of WE the PEOPLE, it IS Important for YOU to Stand Up and BE HEARD. Your Voice Matters. Call in with YOUR thoughts on the issues of today. CALL In and you can stay on the line and Be a Part of the Show. Join Our Round Table Discussion.

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    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show.