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    Real environmentalism VS False environmentalism

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    TONIGHT!! on paulbot radio JASON DANGER SNAKEARM weeds out the good from the bad, exposing false environmentalism used against you as a system of control.
    with this show i hope to
    1 show you how fake environmentalism is used against you to pass unjust laws that benefit corporations that reek of corruption and don't care about the environment, props up the police state AND tricks you into buying needlessly overpriced products
    2 show you how real environmentalists who are trying to make a better world literally for you and your children, but are discredited in the media, treated and labeled as terrorists, and blocked from actually getting work done that would benefit us all
    3 show the repercussions the establishment has brought upon themselves because of their treatment of individuals who love the world we are in, and some of the battles we have won!
    thanks guys hope you all enjoy

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    Fake Environmentalism w/ Ben & James

    in Radio

    A discussion about how our enemies have been able to make massive profits and political gains by playing on our natural tendencies to want to preserve the environment.

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    Environmentalism is a religion

    in Politics Conservative

    The enviromentalists are at it again.  Today, we will talk about the enviromentalist movement from the global cooling in the 70's to global warming to climate change today.  

    Sorry for the poor  start to the show. I had poor internet connection and I was hearing static.  I hope the static didn't come over the air.

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    PMP: Ecology & Environmentalism

    in Spirituality

    Join RevKess and KaliSara as they talk ecology and environmentalism from a Pagan perspective. Joining them on the air will be several guests including Shauna Aura Knight, Lupa Greenwolf, Arthur and perhaps more.

    Learn how you can effect your local ecology and environment. Learn how to peserve and protect the same.

    Shauna Aura Knight is an author, artist, teacher and activist. Find out more on her blog site: shaunaaura.wordpress.com

    Lupa Greenwolf is an author, artist, teacher and activist. Learn more at her site www.thegreenwolf.com

    Arthur has a degree in ecology with a background in enivornmentalism.

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    Special Guest Jeff Ostrom on Environmental Awareness Part 1

    in Environment

    Special Guest Jeff Ostrom on Environmental Awareness and Consciousness Conversation

    Jeff Ostrom is an Environmental Activist, seeker of sustainable living, and actualizer of potential. He has worked locally on environmental activism as well as nation wide.  Ostrom Loves higher level conversation on subjects of consciousness, wellbeing, and the Healing Arts.  He is also one of RemBrandt’s Students and working on becoming Certified as a Kyat Healing Arts Practitioner.  

    “Be the Change you Want to See” Ostrom would say

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    Who Am I Really????

    in Relationships

    Exploring our different behavior patterns and why we are predisposed to certain behaviors

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    From Doing to Being with Adam C. Hall

    in Entertainment

    This week, millionaire businessman turned environmental activist, Adam C. Hall, returns to Guy's Guy Radio, to discuss his book Earthkeeper: Undeveloping the Future, and how to shift from being a DOING man to a BEING man through spiritual guidance and leadership.

    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

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    The Vegetarian Myth With Lierre Keith

    in Vegetarian

    I often hear about the controversy around vegetarianism primarily focusing on the moral issues surrounding eating animals. Then I found this fascinating book called "The Vegetarian Myth" that takes a new spin on the issue, as it takes a controversial examination about the destructive history of agriculture. 

    I invited the author of the book, Lierre Keith to come on my show and share some of her insights including: 

    The rarely discussed moral questions of vegetarianism (that goes far beyond eating meat)
    Why food must come from inside living communities
    The real risks of a vegan diet


    Lierre Keith is a writer, radical feminist, food activist, and environmentalist. Her writing and lectures focus on civilization’s violence against the planet, male violence against women, and the need for serious resistance to both.

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    Voluntary Environmentalism

    in Environment

    Gene Basler discusses Rothbard's "Law, Property Rights and Air Pollution." Time permitting, we'll also finish Walter Block's paper on Market Environmentalism.

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    The View Up Here talks Harper foreign policy with Kyle Farquharson

    in Politics

    There is no area of reputation or esteem that Canada has suffered more from the Harper junta than Foreign Affairs. Canada used to be on the UN Security Council. Canada used to be in the UN Human Rights Commission. Canada used to be known as a peacekeeper nation, a fair broker, an honorable player. Like so many things to Canadians, those days are gone. Emperor being in New York the very day of a major summit at the UN, and he chooses to lunch with corporate elite and drop more information about Canada than he does when in Canada. Minister of Bellowing and Foreign Affairs John Baird addressing the General Assembly's empty chairs. Minister of Unemployment and Multidivision Jason Goering being himself, tweeting manufactured facts. The plain truth is, the world doesn't care what these hacks have to say.

    Now we have a chance for Emperor to play the "at war" PM, since he was so disappointed we missed out on Iraq in 2003. Polls having nothing to do with it, of course. The dichotomy of the Harper position on Ukraine, Sri Lanka, China, West Africa, the list goes on. Without even mentioning the "Likud can do no wrong" position from this gang. Where do these decisions lead Canada? And where are the other parties on this?

    Kyle Farquharson is an independent journalist, freelance writer, and photographer from Vancouver, B.C., with a master's degree in journalism from the University of British Columbia. He wrote his graduate thesis on the Occupy Wall Street movement, and has a keen interest in social movements, political theory, environmentalism, and international relations. You can follow him on Twitter @kylefarq.

    Foreign Affairs has been a subject not delved into on the show adequately. Join Kyle and myself and we will look into the damage done to Canada on the international stage by this rogue administration.

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    How Can Tiny Norway Afford to Buy So Many Teslas?

    in Business

    The Norwegian government parleys massive oil wealth into huge subsidies for electric cars. Is that carbon laundering or just pragmatic environmentalism?

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