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    Introduction to Email Marketing

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    Today we'll dive into the basics of email marketing. You'll discover how email marketing can help your maintain your client relationships while also reaching out to bring new peeps into your tribe. You'll hear some of the best practices in email marketing, how to intice peope to opt into your email marketing and a few of the things you don't want to do.

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    Turn a Hobby into A Money Proposition Entrepreneurs

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    The Entrpreneur Conversations Radio Show with host, Christine Monaghan

    When Sheira Stallings founded shesoars.com she envisioned inspiring women to turn a hobby into a money- making proposition! She is doing exactly this and much more. Based in NYC, Sheira and her team are creating a world-wide network of women with a united focus - empowering youth in the education school system to become intentional about the choices they make and the relationships they build.

    To learn more about Christine Monaghan and Daily Life Mastery, go to http://dailylifemastery.com

    Connect directly with Christine - ckmoyp@gmail.com



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    January Jones meets A'nary Bellamy

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    Meet A’nary Bellamy- the backbone to entrepreneurial success. She started her first business in the living-room of her home, while balancing the responsibility of being a wife and a stay at home mom. Now 8 years later she has grown an enterprise that specializes in helping other entrepreneurs to create their own business success.

    Her Failures Are Your Success

    It’s simple, over the years A’nary has made note of the challenges entrepreneurs face when growing a business. It is from these challenges she has created proven solutions to help entrepreneurs become successful.

    Whether you’re a season business or just opening your doors, you are getting ready to learn strategies and secrets from “The Entrepreneurial Success Coach”. 

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    $Money$: How to Get & Keep More w/ Travis Keeton

    in Education

    "Simplify, Unify, Multiply" with special guest, Travis Keeton, Financial Educator.

    Before he turned his attention to the industry of finance, Mr. Keeton had already made a name for himself in the Bay Area of California and in Europe and Japan as a Hip Hop entrpreneur in music and fashion. He'll tell us how everybody else has a group of otherwise ordinary folks who are getting it in and how overcoming our own anti-blackness can provide the same astounding results for us. He impressed me so much in our conversation that : 1) I did business with him, and; 2) I invited hiim to my radio program to offer this constructive information. Mr. Keeton is quite the innovative thinker.

    Phone in with your question and we'll chop it up.   Every question is valid and none too small.  From a seed does a mighty oak grow.

    Contact Travis Keeton 2077 gold street, suite 260, Po box 3178 Alviso, CA 95002, US 408.957.7626 510.815.0416 Facebook Twitter YouTube



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    Bravo Reality Star- Thicker Than Water- Dr. Jewel Tankard @ 6pm-CST

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    Check out my interview with Jewel Tankard, as she gives out some Inspiring words and Advice to individuals that are trying to be successful in life.  Jewel explains the necessary essentials to what you really need to succeed as an Entrpreneur,and  Business Woman.

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    A True Renaissance Woman- Yvonne E. Mikulencak

    in Women

    Mark your calendar for January 7th at 8:00 am 2015 as we interview one of America's pioneer and entrpreneur.  Yvonne was selected as  The National Association Professional Woman of the year for 2011/2012.  Yvonne is fine art, advocate, wildlife, rancher, scuba diver, actress, and retired college art professor. She honeed these skills at both West Texas A7M University, where she received her Master of Arts and Master of Fine arts in Studio Art & Art History.Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 56, she created Asperger Women association, the first worldwide organization for women on the autism spectrum.


    Yvonne will discuss with us regarding her entrepreneuirial career and the effects of Autism. Yvonne is fluent inmany languages, established the Czech Languagae Department at the University of Houstoin in 1974. Tune in to hear this great pioneer and developer. Go to our website for her full bio.

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    Challenging the Rhetoric With Anita Stewart & Cheri Roberts Show #11

    in Current Events

    Join Anita Stewart & Cheri Roberts along with this week's #theGRILL guest, Cannabusiness entrpreneur Terry Taylor, for an engaging analysis of current news and events; including, #LiarOfTheWeek.

    Challenging the Rhetoric (CTR) is a news analysis show covering timely stories with relevant discussion and listener participation. CTR hosts take calls and run an active chat room during each LIVE broadcast in addition to posting on social media. All shows are archived.

    Regular CTR hashtags are:


    TWEET at @rhetoricvsFACTS or post to the Facebook page.

    Please "LIKE," "SHARE," "TWEET", "PIN" or otherwise share our work. 

    If you would like to contribute your time or work to CTR, suggest a GRILL guest, submit your pick for Liar of the Week or even vie for your shot at co-hosting the show, please email challengingtherhetoric@gmail.com or use the contact form found at www.ChallengingTheRhetoric.com.

    If you would like to donate to help keep the show alive, every $5 helps and your donations are not only needed, they are appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    T.E.A Time- The Slice Bakery Cafe in Stockbridge, Georgia

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    This Week: We Speak with Audrey & Carlos Lawrence & The Slice Bakery Cafe in Stockbridge, Georgia, a bakery that specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, desserts and the convenience of a party room to bring your special treats to life. Choose for a hearty selection of bars, brownies, cookies, pies, traditional cakes and made from scratch pound cakes that will have you wanting for more. Find them online at http://theslicebakery.net and Facebook: http://facebook.com/theslicebakery

    T.E.A Time- A acronym for The Entrepreneurial Academy -slogan "Thrist For Enrichment & Achievement For Your Small Business Development is a interactive project developed by LouddMouth Radio Producer Sabrina Sonny Jones-Smith to provide tools & resources to new & existing entrepreneurs throughout the world through the LouddMouth Media Brand. LouddMouthradio.com reaches listeners online on http://stitcher.com & http://tunein.com two dynamic podcasts platforms reaching over 50 million+ active monthly listeners & 4 million in car dashboards. 

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    Woo the customer, become rich

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    Whether you are a doctor starting a new practice, an acupuncturist, a florist, CPA, jeweler, selling cosmetics…an entrepreneur selling just about anything…an author. Perhaps you are producing webinars, CDs, or seminars.

    How do you fire up your business and sell through the power of the Internet, with low costs?

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    Interviewing The Divas ... with Guest Candice Smiley

    in Women

    Join Diva Candace Gish, from Interviewing The Divas, each week as she speaks with other entrepreneurial women. Women who have chosen to be a Woman of Business, all while managing households, families and community.

    Today Candace Gish will speak with Candice Smiley, Event Manager and Entrepreneur.  

    Candice began working for herself over 6 1/2 years ago. Starting out as Wedding planner with a lot to learn, she was introduced to network marketing. Through mentorship, discipline and hard work Candice has been able to grow, learn and excel at both of her business ventures.  Now, working on her first book and expecting her first baby in April, Candice is once again relying on the skills that got her this far to take her through the new exciting challenges and changes that lay ahead for her as an entrepreneur woman and soon to be mom.

    Candice will be sharing on one of her favourite topics - goal setting and discipline. How do you finish the year out strong?


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    Tuesdays Talks Oct. 14 - Len Carroll - Affordable Business Websites

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    Len Carroll talks about the importance of frequent and effective communication in his business and shares an effective strategy he uses for this. Our listeners can take that strategy and use it in their business as a way to provide value, show great service, build relationships AND grow their business all at the same time. To learn more about Affordable Business Websites  go to: www.affordablebusinesswebsites.us


    Lee Munch - the host of Tuesday's Talk - facilitates the interview in an inviting and enjoyable manner which engages the audience and provides real (and FREE) business strategies in order to further her company - Monarch 13’s mission to positively impact 13,800 or more small businesses by December 31st, 2017.

    Please tell us what your taking away from our discussion and provide feedback below!

    For more information and to find out how you can be a guest on our show contact us at guests@leemunchgrowsyourbiz.com