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    From "Job" to Legacy: Move from Employee, to Owner, to CEO of Your Business

    in Entrepreneur

    You have an idea & take the entrepreneural road to start your business. You make good progress with admirable success. Yet you can't seem to get to the level you envisioned at the start. Why? What can you do to break the barrier to the next steps? Or do you alter your original vision? Join Tassey Russo, Business Strategist (LevelUpSolutions.com), as she shares how to create more influence & build a greater platform to make your ideas - and business - soar!

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    The Star Maker for Speakers, Elizabeth Bachman, joins Kori on the Back Porch

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    Speaker, author and trainer, Elizabeth Bachman is known as The Star Maker for Speakers. She is passionate about helping people shine on ANY stage. Using her 30 years of experience as an International Opera Director, directing such luminaries as Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo, now she works with business professionals, authors and speakers to find their unique voices, close more sales and become known as a Star in their Field.

    Fluent in 5 languages, Elizabeth has directed over 50 operas around the world, giving her a wealth of tools to help business professionals become Star Presenters. She is the creator of “Taking Your Show on the Road: How to Get Booked as a Speaker” – the ultimate guide for getting more speaking gigs, and the acclaimed Virtual Mastermind Series: “Speak For Succe$$.”

    A sought-after speaker, Elizabeth has presented to the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, E Women Network, Women in Consulting, the Sacramento Speakers’ Association, numerous radio shows and telesummits. Founder and Artistic Director of the Tyrolean  Opera Program (TOP Opera), a summer opera training program in the Austrian Alps, she continues to support the opera community. Whether working with you to jazz up your act, punch up your pitch or polish your presentation, Elizabeth helps you stop procrastinating, get past your blocks and take your show on the road.


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    The Re-Education of Black People on Government & Economics

    in Radio

    Based on 'Unlimited Education' Research many of the problems that plague Black People and other minorities in the United States is the overwhelmingly low understanding of the value of understanding and participating in the Political Process, as well as the value of understanding and participating in the Economic System on an Entrepreneural level.

    The value of Government Education, Political Science and Economic Education must not continue to be underestimated, if Black and White People are to solve the problems of Black Poverty, Lower Quality Education among Black People, Drugs, Alcohol, Crime, Violence, Police Brutality, Mass Incarceration and others... 

    All of thise problems, in part, are directly or indirectly related to Black People, as a whole, not asserting their political and economic might to influence public policy and their inability to fund and support their own endeavors, due to low Entrepreneurship and a lack of understanding of basic Economic Principles. Way too many Black People fail to pay adequate attention to what is going on in politics and economics and way too many simply don't believe in the Political and Economic Systems. They don't believe they were designed for Black People, consider them corrupt systems or systems of White Supremacy.

    These beliefs are, of-course, the product of conspiracy theories that have some, but very little basis in fact, as I will point out in this rather short broadcast, which is designed to deliver some very basic, yet valuable information on the structure of our government and economic systems in America, as they affect African-Americans and their relationship with White Americans. 

    Just click this link to listen to the archive.

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    Making Your Big Idea A Reality

    in Business

    Tips To Secure Funding from The Angel & Venture Capital World.  You've got that great idea and you're ready to take it to the market or maybe you've launched it but are looking to grow and expand but there is one major obstacle standing in your way...money.  Join Loretta McCarthy, Managing Partner of Golden Seeds, an investment firm dedicated to funding successful female lead entrepreneural ventures as she guides us through the process and tells us what they want, what they don't want and how to close the deal.

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    Who Says Urban Fiction Doesn't Fit Into Mainstream?

    in Writing

    This week's topic is centered on what makes Urban Fiction unacceptable in Mainstream Outlets. Though the genre has taken off and literally keeps the lights on in some establishments, it is still not thought of as worthy of shelf life. Learn ways you can make your books more 'Mainstream' while still keeping your edge. 

    Follow along with K.C Baylor and special guest Co-Host Santiago. An author and entrepreneural minded powerhouse about to take the urban fiction genre by storm. Click the Follow button to be reminded of upcoming shows. We'd love to see you here!

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    Building Your Empire

    in Entrepreneur

    This episode of ISH on Demand is dedicated to business and career. In a world where almost everyone has an entrepreneural ambition. Wehave some relevant information needed to starting your own empire. DREAMCHASERS ONLY!

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    What's Your End-Game? What Do You Do When It's Time to Shut Down & Close Up?

    in Entrepreneur

    We've had a great run with our business, from idea to implementation to income. Now what? What should we be considering for our end-game...the last chapter of our business? Join Lori Saitz as she shares her entrepreneural - and end-game - experience.

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    CREATING YOUR ADVENTURE (Entrepreneurship)

    in Culture

    Host and Crisis Dramatist Phyllis Helene will interview LYNAN SAPERSTIEN. CEO of The Big Factor.

    Lynan is fiercely devoted to turning her clients into Trailblazing Entrepreneurs globally and into the CEOs of their innovative companies.


    An Entrepreneural Path can lead to Excellence.

    "Entreprenership is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't."

    "As Long as you're going to be thinking anyway, think big."

    "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you every where"




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    Do you desire younger looking skin and more energy at the end of the day?

    in Motivation


    Good Deeds presents Donna Potts -  beauty and wellness advocate.

    Do you desire younger looking skin, more energy at the end of the day to do the things you love, or a slimmer figure? Donna can coach you to uncover the MOST GORGEOUS YOU!

    My passion is giving to others and I do this by educating, empowering, and supporting YOU and sharing my knowledge of living a healthier lifestyle. I teach YOU how to make informed, healthy, non-toxic personal care and wellness choices without compromising on fragrance, results, or quality. I partner with and support you in making every day health choices to improve your quality of life.

    Perhaps you are seeking another means of income. We have great full or part time entrepreneural business opportunities with many amazing perks like the fabulous Mercedes Cash incentive program or the yearly all-expense-paid exotic vacation at a five-star destination. If you are ready for a change, l'm always available to help you build the life you desire and find the happiness you deserve.

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    The ABCs of Becoming a Momprenuer - Part 1

    in Women

    When God genetically implants you with the entrepreneural DNA, even motherhood can't flush it out.  But not having a clue where to start frustrates many moms burning with the mom biz itch.

    Prudently pressing forward while listening and following sound, Godly advice prevents your journey to mom-biz ownership from being a bumpy one.  Here's the first of two parts on the ABC's of how to become a momprenuer.

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    L' Acceptance de Succe

    in Spirituality

    Accepte le bonheur dans notre vie!!