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    Gita Curniffe - Replay

    in Women

    Director of Professional & Personal Development.

    At the helm of the practice is experienced consultant, Ms. Gita Curniffe. Gita will be leveraging her professional expertise as a qualified Intervention and Change Management coach for the benefit of individual and corporate clients. Gita possesses specific expertise in Management Consulting, Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Advanced Emotional Freedom Therapy techniques.

    Gita’s experience in the corporate arena spans over a decade with specific expertise in change management intervention, project management, business and project co-ordinating whilst working for renowned and esteemed organizations including KPMG for over 6 years.

    Gita is a consummate professional with great intra-personal and inter-personal skills to effect change in others. Her expertise and training programme has equipped her with an abundance of easy to apply and extremely effective ways to lead and manage even the most complex change management projects.

    Location:             Denver, Colorado

    Website:             www.quantumchangeconsulting.com

    Email:                   info@qauntumchangeconsulting.com

    Phone:                 720 508 0330

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    Welcome Anthonette Klinkerman - Replay

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    Anthonette Klinkerman, CEO – Chief Etiquette Officer – of Colorado, USA.

    Anthonette has taught middle school Language Arts and at a community college, and now teaches at an alternative high school.  She entered the public speaking circuit in 2009, which she actively continues today, and since then, she authored a book: Courtesy Bootcamp – A Not-So-Gentle Reminder To Live By The Golden Rule.

    It is her belief that we can all learn how to revive those common courtesies that are becoming all too uncommon. She will be sharing some common courtesy reminders that will help make our lives, as well as the lives of others around us, easier.




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    Marcy McKenna - Inventor, Entrepreneuer & Designer

    in Entrepreneur

    Marcy McKenna, the first winning inventor on TLC’s 'Homemade Millionaire' television show, is the product innovator and energetic entrepreneur behind Simply Solved Innovations. Born into a family of inventors, Marcy knew since childhood that inventing was her calling. Inspired by problems she encounters as a female, a business woman, a homemaker and a mother of three, she began creating solutions that make life easier, better and a lot more fun. One such solution garnered the attention of Kelly Ripa and her TLC television venture, Homemade Millionaire. Beating out thousands of other inventions, Marcy’s Style and Go™ (formally The Styling Station™) went on to become the winning product on the premiere episode. As a result, she signed an exclusive contract with the home shopping power house, HSN.

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    Become a More Effective Entrepreneuer

    in Business

    Women in Business Radio is proud to bring you, Ms. Kimberly Reyes to talk on our segment: Transitioning: Challenges and Pitfalls. She and Dr. Cottle will be chatting about what are some things that entrepreneurs need in order to make more effective and meaningful connection, and the role that authenticity has on the relationships that you forge. While passion is an important and great strength for entrepreneurs and entrepreneur's success, getting lost in your passion can also occur and impact your business negatively. Dr. Cottle and Kimberly will also be examining the role that support plays in the success of a business? 

    Kimberly Reyes is the owner of Kimberly R. Lifestyle by Designs and has been in business for 6 years. She offers coaching services, consulting, teleconferences, webinars, workshops and events and works primarily with women who are extroverted or introverted and have a hard time working with the public.

    Kimberly's number one advice to a woman starting a business is that they collaborate with others and identify your strengths and weaknesses. She also strongly believes that you should learn to appreciate and accept support from other entrepreneurs while making authentic connections.

    Host: Dr. Cheryl Cottle
    E-mail: drccottle@gmail.com
    Guest: Ms. Kimberly Reyes
    Sponsor: Crafted Spaces

    Women in Business is about Education, Motivation and Inspiration and Empowerment!

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    Sexy N Biz (Topic: Forgiving Your Haters)

    in Entertainment


    Forgiveness: How to Get Pass the "Haters" and the Competition



    Imani Rose dives into a common denominator that limits the success of Sexy Entrepreneurs, misunderstanding Haters. Today Imani will identify ways to overcome the fears that create haters and competition. 


    To personally develop new habits for success, learn more about Imani Rose's coaching by applying for her FREE Strategy Session on her website, SexyNBiz.com. 


    Stay tuned to SexyNBiz Radio featured on www.DollhouseRadio.com every Wednesday at 4pm PST/7pm EST

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    U.K. Author Jenny Garret of "Rocking Your Role: How To Guide For Success"

    in Entrepreneur

    Awarded APCTC Women's Coach of the Year 2014.  She is a sought after executive coach and the author of "Rocking Your Role" a how to guide to success to female breadwinners, speaker and founder of Reflections Associate Leadership Consultancy.  She mentors women entrepreneurs and executives internationally for the Cherie Blair Foundation and ASPIRE Program and was a finalist for the PRECIOUS Mentor of the year 2012.  She is a selected SAGE Business Expert.  She has been a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, featured in Magic FM’s Book Club and been quoted and written articles for numerous publications, most recently quoted on the front page of The Daily Telegraph on the rise of stay at home fathers being fuelled by the growth of female breadwinners.Jenny was honoured to be listed in LinkedIn Uk’s Top 10 Power Women 2013 and is Vice Chair of the TwentyTen Club, an award-°©-winning organization and website committed to connecting, supporting and inspiring Black female entrepreneurs and the  enterprising women of the future.  

    To find out more.  Visit here:


    @jennifergarrett                                        www.rockingyourrole.com                                  +44(0)8447764744

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    QTI Power Hour: Getting Away From it All - The Importance of Down Time

    in Business

    No matter how much you do at the office, how integral or essential your roll is on a day to day basis.  A vacaction or down time is vital to your stress relief, overall health and productivity, but sometimes when you're the boss its difficult to get that time away.

    On today's QTI Power Hour, hosts Jason Lofton and Steve Kucharski talk about vacations and how important it is to have key personnel on board while you're away from the office.

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    Raising Future Philantrepreneurs With Brittany Zimmerman

    in Business

    Join Hosts Dr. Victoria Boyd and Heidi Anderson as they talk to Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Life Coach, Mother, Children’s Book Author, Daycare Owner and Operator and Modern Day Mystic Brittany Zimmerman about raising the next generation of Philantrepreneurs

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    PMP: The Kitchen Witch: Making magic through food and family

    in Spirituality

    Join RevKess & Kalisara talking with Joni Rae, a Kitchen Witch, Pagan mommy, blogger and more.

    From her blog ( http://jonirae.com ): "My kitchen witchery focuses on hearth and home.  It deals with the everyday magick involved in caring for your loved ones.  The magick in making a home, in keeping your family healthy and safe.  Part of that deals with making yummy food, baking, crafting- that sort of thing. I’m a stay at home mom, writer, and artist.  I’ve been married to the huz since 2002.  Our life revolves around our four children. I want to grow and become a better mom, a better wife, a greener, crunchier person, a better artist and a better writer."

    As part of her online repertoire, Joni Rae creates coloring books, here: http://jonirae.com/coloring-books/

    She and her husband are embarking on a new adventure - opening a restaurant! You can support a Pagan entrepreneuer by contributing a little to their indigogo campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/our-own-place-bringing-the-azores-to-the-ozarks

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    Leisa Ruiz - Personal Growth With Productive Learning

    in Self Help

    Leisa Ruiz is a presenter with Productive Learning, a unique personal growth company that was founded in 1992.  Productive Learning supports their clients to create and live they life they truly want.

    Since 1995, Leisa's mission has been to inspire people to make a positive change in their life.  She has carried this mission from her time as an Instructor at Cal State Fullerton through her years in Sales & Management and as a Small Business Owner.  Now, as a member of the Productive Learning Team, Leisa speaks to audiences who want to close the gap between what they currently have and what they truly want in life.



    Don't forget: 50% OFF first workshop!! Just meantion "KICKASS"


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    Marie Walker Riddle & #Team Marie ~ Fighting Breast Cancer with Friendship!

    in Entertainment

    Join us today as Marie Walker Riddle shares her thougts on how her online and offline communities are supporting her as she faces a recent diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  

    Marie is a wife, mom of two and a supportive friend to many.  As an entrepreneuer, Marie is the Owner and Operations Manager at Information Networking Company and the creator of Mom Between, an online site that supports the Mom and Tween Relationship! 

    Marie is also the creater of Livin Lime and believes life is like a lime ~ tangy, sour or sweet and that we should all live in the moment as we enjoy the sweet times and laugh at the tangy and challenging moments. 

    You will be inspired by Marie as she tells her story and learn invaluable inforamtion about this rare form of Breast Cancer and how Marie plans to survive it!

    Join the conversations during our interactive show! Simply TUNE in and TWEET us on Twitter!  It's easy ~ follow our host @DabneyPorte, our guest Marie @LivinLime and our #SmGirlfriends Community Hashtag!